Chapter 18 – The True Heroine and Aquasteed


Three days after the welcome party, I took a carriage to Aishira’s house.

It was quite reckless to meet the heroine voluntarily, but it couldn’t be helped because I promised her.

The atmosphere of the carriage felt heavy, but Philliane seemed oblivious to it and was actually pretty happy.

“The sea near Aishira’s mansion is very beautiful, and Elliot told me that there are some fish that can only be found there.” She said.

“Is that so? It seems fun” I replied half-heartedly.


The only good thing about this, is that lord Aqua is not with us because he is too busy with work. I wouldn’t be able to stand raising a flag between them both with my own actions.


Philliane was happily looking outside the window when Tarmo approached his horse and asked if everything was alright, Philliane answered she was very comfortable.

“I’m sorry to ask something like this of you, Tarmo.” I told him.

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