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Tou no Madoushi 11 (Teaser)

The Girl With The Faint Smile

As usual, Lynn and Theo had come to the cheap eatery during their break time.


Renril’s cheapest eatery “Kitchen Gumorie” was packed as always.


Lynn and Theo tried searching for vacant seats but they were not so successful in doing so.


They had completely gotten a late start to the lunch-time seat war.


“Lynn! Theo! Over here.”


A voice could be heard calling them from a corner of the eatery.


A group of 3 wearing crimson robes were there.


The taller guy was waving towards Lynn and Theo.




Lynn hurried over to the group of 3. They had secured seats for 2 more people other than themselves. Those seats were reserved for Lynn and Theo. After having passed the exam, the two of them were being taken care of by these academy students a lot.



Since they passed the exam, Lynn and Theo would be joining the lectures from April. And so apart from work, they were quite idle until then.


And so then, Lynn decided to talk to this group he sees often in the eatery, wearing crimson robes.


They frequently came down to Renril to this eatery to have meals.


Lynn, who was curious about them from before, mustered up his courage and talked to them.


“Umm, you guys are from the academy, right? I will also be attending lectures there in April. Mind if we have lunch together?”


They welcomed Lynn and Theo willingly and treated them well ever since. And even today, they saved two seats for them.


“Lynn, you sit here. Theo, you sit over there.”




Among the 3 academy students, the long black haired slender girl called Sheila told Lynn to sit beside her and Theo on the other side. Lynn and Theo did as they were told.


“But really, you guys are something else. To pass that exam with a single try.”


The sturdy looking student, Agul, was impressed.


“Not really~ It isn’t that big of a deal.”


Theo replied amiably.


“Shila and I both failed the exam two times, ya know? Only Elios here passed it at one go. Right?”


“I was just lucky.”


The calm and composed student, Elios, said with an embarrassed smile.


He seems to be the leader of the group. Lynn was drawn to his calm nature despite being so capable.


“That said, it only gets harder from here on. The lectures aren’t dealt by easily, after all.”

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