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“Well, Elios is one of the most honored students of this academy, after all.” Agul’s reply sounded as if he was teasing.


“That’s right. We haven’t seen you have any trouble with the lessons here at the academy, right? Unlike us, who are struggling every year.” Sheila’s voice came out timidly.


“Please, it’s not like that. I know better than anyone that I still have a long way to go before I reach the top. You’ll see what I mean when Theo and Lynn come to this academy too.”


“Oh, yeah. There are many great students in this academy. You better be ready for that!”


The fickle Agul’s opinion was quite energetic in contrast to the calm Elios’.


Theo and Lynn looked at each other as if to trying to tell the others to get to the main point already.


“Umm, I’ve looked into it, and it seems that you can choose your own subjects at the academy.”


“Ah, that’s right. It would be a terrible thing to make a mistake when choosing a subject.” As usual, Agul quickly bit into the new topic.


“Like Sheila here. She did quite poorly on her first year with one of her subjects, isn’t that right?”


“Stop it! I don’t want to remember…”


“You need to be careful about subjects that have special charges.” Elios’ warning quickly changes the mood of the conversation.


“Special charges? Are there subjects here that cost money outside of tuition?” Theo asks doubtfully.


“Yeah, there are many kinds of subjects in this academy. Aside from the ones that already come included in your tuition, there are some of them that you need to pay extra for in order to be able to take them. But you need to be careful. There are many paid subjects that are rather bad for their price.”


“Huh? Really?”


“I’d recommend sticking to classes that you don’t need to pay extra for during your first year here.”


“But there are also very cruel subjects among the non-paid ones. Sheila here did poorly with one of those during her second year as well…”


“I said stop it!”


Sheila hit Agul on his shoulder.


“It’s best to start picking subjects related to basic magic as soon as possible.” Elios ignores them and continues talking.


“Oh, I see. Basic magic is important, huh?”


“Basic magic? What is that?”


“The five fundamental magical elements that govern modern magic. Light Magic, Mechanics Magic, Magical Beasts, Metal Magic, and Spirit Magic. I’d recommend picking subjects related to these first. Most of them are non-paid, too, and if these basics are solid, it’ll help you better understand other practical lessons, and you will make progress quicker. Some subjects that are related to basic magic that you can take starting on your first year are Ring Magic, Fairy Magic, Magical Metallurgy, Mass Magic, and so on.”


(Seems that I have to think a lot about it, huh?)


Lynn’s plan was to first enter the academy and then think about which lessons to take, but it seems that he would have to change her mind.


“Lynn, this is delicious! Please have some more. Theo, you’ve eaten enough already, wouldn’t you say?”


Sheila pulled the platter full of food away from Theo and serves it to Lynn.


“Ah, yes. Thank you very much.”


“Oh, look at you, Lynn. There’s sauce all over your mouth. Let me clean it for you. Theo, wipe yourself clean.”


Sheila gently wipes off the leftover food from Lynn’s corner of his mouth with her own handkerchief.


Lynn was blushing but still fawned on Sheila’s kindness. But there was no such kindness for Theo.


Agul frowned at Shiela’s blunt attitude.


“Hey, Sheila! Why are you being so mean to Theo?”


“It looks like you’re spoiling Lynn.”


Elios added his opinion as well.


“But Theo isn’t cute! Look at Lynn! He’s adorable!”


Sheila pulled Lynn’s head against her chest and hugged her.


Lynn’s face went even redder as she felt something soft pressed against her face.



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