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Tilea’s Worries 118 (Teaser)

Tilea’s Worries 118 Part 1

Turf War 3-34 Edim’s day of hardship



On a certain day of a certain month, Edim was going through a day so full of hardship that she would not soon forget.


7:00 AM. Gone to work at the Underground Empire.


I left the academy dorm and went to work at the Evil God’s Underground Empire. As soon as I went into Restaurant Berum at the entrance of the Underground Empire, I met with Miss Tilea. I quickly said hi to her.


“Good morning.”


“Ah, morning!”


Huh? For some reason, Miss Tilea’s face feels awkward. Usually, she would greet everyone with a big smile, but today…


Did… Did I do something to upset her?


Wait, what am I thinking? It’s blasphemy to try to guess our Lady’s feelings!


After shaking off that uncomfortable feeling, I went into the vampire corps’ barracks. Every time, as soon as I get in the barracks, the kin would relentlessly come to greet me. And they’re so noisy about it too.


Especially that Jayjay!


Their flattery and their “You look lovely today” and “The noble and great Lady Edim” are so annoying!


Huh? Could it be that Miss Tilea’s subordinates’ greetings have become too annoying for her as well?


If that’s the case, then what’s the point of greeting each other every day…? No, wait, while that may be true, subordinates can’t just go bumping into their superiors and not saying hello.


7:30 AM. At the report meeting with the vampire corps.


I listened to the report from the kin at the main seat of the room. The surroundings have been checked for any disasters or weird activities. During the last demon riot, we had suffered a severe retaliation due to a lack of intel. The mansion’s degree of fortification, the fact that that the demon was not Gordon, but Nyger… And the fact that Nyger’s strength was completely beyond our expectations. It’s very likely that it was a mistake to send several of our best kin to fight off those demons.


From now on, we will talk about improving the accuracy of our intel so as to not make that same mistake twice.


“Miss Edim.”


“What is it?”


Dalf points outside of the room.


And there she was…


Miss Tilea?


For some reason, instead of entering the room, Miss Tilea was hiding behind a window almost as if she had been peeping all along.


…Just what was she trying to do?


When I tried calling out to her to see if she needed anything, she suddenly turned her face away.



I was completely puzzled by Miss Tilea’s attitude.


“Miss Edim, what should we do?”


“Ah, right. Let’s continue with our meeting. For some reason, it seems that Miss Tilea won’t talk to me.”

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