The Taming of the Yandere

V2 Chapter 2: Mother Knows Best


I flopped on my bed, pulled up the covers, and grabbed my phone. Bright, colorful light splashed across my face.


With the peak-trend of using cell phones, most people like to play with their screens for a while before bed.


They’ll look at some news, and follow up on their friends’ social media. Sometimes they’ll open a chatting app and talk to strangers, venting their hearts’ loneliness.


Chatting with strangers online has a benefit; since the other person had zero connections or ties with you, you can openly pour out all sorrow and frustration onto them, and not worry about any repercussions.


Of course, carelessly talking about some recent, small matters or relationship advice was fine, but once things start to go in the direction of money, self-awareness was crucial in case the stranger was a scammer.


To be honest, I’m not so different. After a day of fast-paced learning, I’ll typically pick up my phone and play around a bit before going to sleep.


But unlike others, I’m not the type to look at news or scroll through social media.


As of now, I can’t change any problems with society with my current abilities. Other people’s matters aren’t of my concern, either.


Furthermore, the meager amount of people I have on social media don’t even update their feeds. Even if I wanted to, I have no one and nothing to follow.


Nor will I go chat online.


I believe that jabbering with strangers has no meaning or purpose whatsoever, it wastes precious time and valuable energy. .


Acting all familiar and friendly with all my classmates during the day is already tiring. It’ll be impossible for me to listen to other people’s troubles.


I don’t like to talk with dead, lifeless machines at all. Compared to a phone app, face-to-face communication was far more appealing. The combination of sight, hearing, and smell make up the richest conversations.


Lying in my bed, I’ll plug in my headphones and listen to some classical music to help me sleep. At the same time, I’ll read some random, peaceful articles online through a couple of media apps.


If I couldn’t sleep at all, I’ll even open a flashcard app and memorize some obnoxiously long English words.


Compared to beautiful Chinese characters, the English alphabet is like a long string of complicated code. Its dullness is more effective than counting sheep.


Today, I seem to have encountered a state of sleep-deprivation never experienced before in my life.


My classical songs have already looped a couple times around, and my articles are now digesting comfortably in my stomach. I gave up on memorizing the puzzling English words, they were completely impossible to remember.


Tomorrow marks the start of summer cramming classes. If I don’t fall asleep soon, I’ll definitely be affected during my lessons.


I’m so tired.




Because it rained for a good couple weeks beforehand, our house stayed cool even if we didn’t open the air-conditioner.


A space to sleep, a refreshing and quiet darkness, and a large comfy bed…. These all covered the requirements of a good night’s sleep, but I just couldn’t close my eyes.


The major reason was the person lying beside me, who popped out of nowhere. This person’s breath, moistness, and that special aroma steadily affected my senses.


If she was a guy, then I would have had no problem sleeping, but there’s a whole teenage girl sleeping next to me!


Although Jiang Muqing wasn’t really doing anything out of place, she was still softly dozing next to me. We were even using the same blanket.


Is my physical excitement really untameable? What am I going to do? This kind of bodily heat and mental pressure is too much.


I usually go to sleep in just a T-shirt and underwear. But to hide my awkward, biological reaction, I wore my protective armor of pajamas, shielding myself against her flammable presence.


I played on my phone, hiding the discontent in my heart. Jiang Muqing laid on her side in silence.


Is she already asleep? I peered at her from the corner of my eye, and caught the girl staring at me fixedly.


“….” There was really nothing to say at that point.


Oh my god, please just fall asleep…. Once you do, I’ll be able to go sleep in Dad’s office….


“New message!”


My phone’s messaging app rang by notification.


Strange, who’s messaging me at this hour? I curiously opened the app.


A small red “1” appeared by my mother’s cherry blossom profile.


“Idiot son, are you still awake by some stupid excitement? Your mom’s going to let you go this time, but not the next! I’ve got a lot of articles tonight, and I’ll be pulling an all-nighter in the next room.If I hear anything inappropriate through the wall, I’m charging in with a cleaver in hand.”


A “kiss” emoji followed her paragraph of words.


I was wondering how Mom could be so simple-minded. If she really let two teenagers sleep in the same bed, it’ll be like putting dry wood near a fire. If my mother actually did that, it’ll be strange if we didn’t do anything.


“Mom, I thought you couldn’t wait to hold a grandchild in your arms. If you really want, I can cook up a storm tonight, right here in my bed.”


I sent a “naughty” emoji.


“Fan isn’t that kind of careless person. As your mother, I firmly believe in that.”


Her tone was direct and confident.


“Mom, didn’t you notice? We’re in love! High-school students aren’t allowed to date, and you even sent your son’s little girlfriend to his own bed! If I don’t do anything tonight, it’s really insulting to your generous, maternal love!”


I sent more “naughty”emojis.


Hehe, why shouldn’t I get some revenge for Mom’s dumb decision? I wanted to keep her fear of “grandmother” for the whole night.




After a few moments of silence, my mother’s reply appeared.


“Fan, I know you better than anyone. You’re not the type to just bring home any girl. Besides feeling sorry, you don’t have any other emotions for her, right?”


Her response hit too close to home.


So she’s discovered that already? It really seems like Mother knows best in this world.


“Mom, you know this already? How did you find out?”


I was really surprised. Taking a girl home for the night seems romantic, no matter which way one looks at it.


“I’m not sure, either. Something just didn’t feel right, especially when you were looking at her. It didn’t look like love, at least. I believe this is just the woman’s instinct.”


My mother sent a “cute” emoji.


“It’s hard to say, Mom. She’s honestly quite a big trouble to me.”


I sighed, and sent a “sad” emoji.


“I believe that little Fan can make this right. Since you’ve taken this up, you better be responsible to the end!”


Well, that’s easy for her to say.


“I’ll take responsibility, but I’m scared that I’ll really fail. The consequences of this going up in smoke might prove to be very dangerous.”


“What dangerous consequences?!”


Mom sent a “surprised” emoji.


“It’s really nothing.” I realized that I was letting too much out, and quickly denied.


“That child Jiang Muqing, she has a very lonesome personality, possibly because of her family. If Fan can help her nicely, and let her talk with other people more, she’ll be in a better place.”


Mom’s already found a couple of holes in her heart, it seems


“I’ll try my best.”


But the truth wasn’t so simple, there was much more to her than a lonesome personality.


“I’ve said this before, haven’t I? Before Qing feels any better, she can stay at our house. I’ll help her out, and little Fan has to take care of her seriously, too.”


Mom is always so kind to others.


“Then, alright.”


My reply was lame and frail.

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