Unexpected Marriage Chapter 10

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Chapter ten: An irresponsible easter egg 01


After few hours, Lin Xi asked with some satisfaction, “So you’ll give me whatever I ask for?”

Duan Shen glanced at him. “What do you want?”

Lin Xi rubbed his hands together with excitement. “No more copying?”

Duan Shen: “One extra round of copying, and an 8,000 word apology for fighting. Put it on my desk when you’re done.”

Lin Xi: “I’ll copy your mom. What you say doesn’t count.”

Duan Shen: “Cursing. 10,000 word apology.”

Lin Xi: “…”

Lin Xi: “How about this. Each kiss I give you equals one less round of copying.”

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Duan Shen. “Sure. One kiss for one word.”

Lin Xi: “…”

Lin Xi: “Can you please just punish me as a man? I’m begging you. I’d rather get plowed in the butt than write an apology.”


Irresponsible easter egg 02

The second day when he woke up, Lin Xi leapt up from the bed and began punching the main bedroom’s door, “Duan Shen, you fucking clear this up for me! What the hell do you mean, throw the tie away if it’s dirty! It’s not at all what you think it is! I never tried to steal your tie in the first place! I’m more fucking wrongfully accused than Joan of Arc!!”


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