I didn't know it then but after reading the manhwa, This is the Law is now one of my favorite Korean stories. I hope to recruit a Korean translator soon...


Virtual World: The Legendary Thief


If you expect the MC to be a thief, forget it! Because, he will be a super thief. A wolf in a sheep’s skin. Ups, sorry… I meant a Thief in a Warrior’s skin. He will have the abilities of a Thief while having the power of a Warrior. Just keep reading, and you will see it.

Chapter 170 – The Beautiful NPC (Part 1)


On the early morning of the next day, when I finished my breakfast, it was already 8:30 in the morning. Murong Shanshan was a little impatient in the square at the East Gate. When she saw that I was online, she was very angry and said, “you’re too lazy. I’ve been watched by those scumbags and it made me so embarrassed.”


I laughed dumbly, ‘no way, Shanshan blushes too?”


“Do you want to be beaten?” Murong glanced at me and said, “this is your 14.46 million. Check the number carefully, don’ tell me that there’s a 0 less.”


Without even looking at it, I pressed the confirm button, and smiled, “it’d be even better, just see it as my gift for your marriage!”


Murong Shanshan’s face was a bit red, “how is there such a good thing on earth? I have high requirements.”


I lowered my head and saw her beautiful eyes, then asked, “what are the requirements?”


Her face was even redder, and she stuttered, “first, he has to be handsome enough, the kind that I can show to people.”


I touched my face and murmured, “I should be able to fit that requirement. Otherwise, the security guard wouldn’t tell me that I’d become so goddamned handsome every time he saw me.”


“Ah…” Murong Shanshan looked at me with surprise and then said, “secondly, he must be an understanding person, and he must be able to manage social connections. Otherwise, I’ll surely be despised.”


“Well that…I think I can fit that…”


Murong Shanshan answered angrily, “what do you mean by ‘should’? Look how insincere you are! The last point, and the most important point – he must be good to me only, when we are on the streets, he cannot look at other girls, and his mobile phone has to have my number only, he can’t contact other girls!”


I suddenly became speechless and I acted with surprise, “sister, this is too much to ask for, right? In that case, maybe you’d be better off having a dog, it might fit your last requirement…”


Murong Shanshan waved the sword in her hand, and smiled, “so, are you saying that you’re retreating? This isn’t Lin Fan’s style at all!”


“Let’s go, we’ll talk while doing our task.”


I was looking around and saw that many players were already looking at us, and I pulled Murong Shanshan to leave the crowd.



First, I went to the adventurer’s union in the city to hand over the head of the zombie king to complete the main task.


In the union, the little girl in her grey uniform was still on duty. Seeing me coming over, she greeted me like she knew me, “I haven’t seen you for a long time. What’s your mission this time?”


I have always suspected that this NPC was played by a real person, but I couldn’t find any evidence. Murong Shanshan carefully observed a little girl in her uniform who suddenly smiled and said, “sister, what’s the brand of your lip gloss? It’s really beautiful!”


The little girl in uniform smiled and replied, “it’s from Maybelline, it’s good.”


Both me and Murong Shanshan were shocked, this NPC is really a real person!


The little girl in uniform suddenly realized that she had exposed the truth, and she looked at us incredulously, “how did you know that I am a real person?”


Murong Shanshan said helplessly, “I think you are different from an ordinary NPC, so I tried it. I didn’t expect you to be so good at camouflage.”


The little girl in uniform looked around worriedly. She whispered, “don’t tell anyone this secret, just think of it as a favor to me.”


Murong Shanshan immediately whispered to me, “guess what her identity is?”


I lowered my voice and replied, “I think that she’s the daughter or granddaughter of the company owner of “Yueheng”. I sneaked online to play NPC, and I met the invincible protagonist. As a result, I fell in love with him and gave him many artifacts as a reward…”


Murong Shanshan said somewhat helplessly, “you’ve watched too much yy, even if that happened, you wouldn’t be the protagonist. Let me try.”


After that, Murong Yan showed a sweet smile and said to the little girl in uniform, “we won’t tell anyone, but you have to tell us how you entered the game and became an NPC.”


The little girl in her uniform looked outside and stuttered, “I am an employee of “Yueheng”. I secretly went in the machine room and wore a game helmet. Please don’t tell anyone, or the company will fire me…”


Now that everyone learnt the truth, I hurriedly asked, “if we keep this secret, what benefits can you give us?”


The little mm blushed, she whispered: “I… I am free this evening…”


I was so surprised that I couldn’t close my mouth. I was hesitating whether to ask this pretty mm to have drinks with me in the evening, then, Murong Shanshan kicked me aside and smiled to the mm, “don’t worry. We won’t say it to anyone. This is our quest item, can you help us complete the reward of the task?”


“Of course.” The mm in uniform showed a bright smile.




System reminder: You have completed the team task – the element controller’s entrustment, you’ve gained 30 million of experience, won 800 gold coins, reputation increased by +1500, and you’ll be rewarded with the quest item – the blade of the sky!


[The Blade of the Sky] (Axe – Blue Equipment)


Attack value: 210-295


Power: +34


Physical strength: +40


Flexibility: +32


Additional item: a shock back effect of 1


Level required: 52


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