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Waiting For You Online – Chapter 128 – Use My Surname (Part II)


It was his first time sleeping on a brick bed. It was warm but really too hard to sleep on.


When he woke up, He Jin felt sour all over his body. Qin Yang didn’t feel any better either. He was complaining that he’d find the guide and convince him to change the room for the two. Although he was complaining, he was still holding He Jin and refused to get up.


When He Jin looked at his clock, it was already past 9 am. When he realized that his classmates were all having lessons, He Jin suddenly felt guilty. He pushed Qin Yang and got up first. He opened a bit of the curtain while trembling. The sun was so bright, and under the reflection of the snow, his eyes were a bit painful.


He hurriedly put on his clothes and brushed his teeth in the washroom. Suddenly, he heard Qin Yang coming in. Before he even turned his head, Qin Yang held him from behind…


Qin Yang hugged him from behind while he was half-awake, he placed his chin on He Jin’s shoulders, just like a giant dog begging for love from his owner.


“What are you doing? Put on a coat, you’ll get a cold.” He Jin blushed and tried to shove him away.


Qin Yang complained a bit, “let me be with you for one more moment.”


He Jin, “hurry up. We’re here to ski, not to sleep.”


Qin Yang let him go, and while he was walking outside, he complained, “that’s right, I’m here to sleep, since you refuse to do the same at school.”


He Jin, “…”


After He Jin cleaned himself up, it was Qin Yang’s turn. Then, Qin Yang saw that He Jin was washing his socks.


“Hey, wait.” Qin Yang took out two warm foot patches from his backpack and handed it to He Jin, “I’ve seen it online, put them on your feet.”


He Jin read the instructions. It’s something like a heated patch. After putting it on, his feet were instantly warmed up, “good stuff!” He looked at Qin Yang and saw that he put on his boots directly, he asked, “why don’t you use them also?”


Qin Yang smiled, “I’m warmer than you. Didn’t you find out last night?”


He Jin, “…”


After they got ready, they went for breakfast and followed Mr. Sun to play in the snow.


Snowtown looked very different in the daytime and the evening. The snow never melted during the whole year, and it was all piled up on the eaves, wooden stakes and the trees. They looked adorable, like a variety of pastries. He Jin finally understood where the name “mille-feuille” came from. The wooden stakes covered with snow were like giant white mushrooms, or like “Macaron”, attracting people to take a bite!


The tourists were all out, and they were making snowmen, taking photos on the snow, laughing and chatting, it was a vivacious scene.


The guide first took them to play a game named “slipping tire” to warm up. It’s similar to skiing, but the sliding tires would let the tourists sit on the tires, then they would slide down from the flat. When they reached the bottom, the speed would increase. Tourists could thus feel the same excitement as skiing.


When they reached the starting point, He Jin sat on the tire with the guidance of the staff, and slowly slid into the track.


“Slide faster, I’m behind you!” Qin Yang laughed and said behind him.


He Jin was both nervous and excited. It was his first time playing this and he had prepared nothing. He sat on the tire and slid more quickly. When the wind blew on his face, it was a bit painful. There’s snow in the wind too, and his tears instantly turned to ice!


“He Jin -!” It was Qin Yang shouting no so far away.


He Jin was sliding to the section with the steepest slope, and the speed went straight up. He Jin took a big breath and looked at the front. He felt like he was flying. He screamed, “ah!!”


The two arrived at the finishing point, and Qin Yang’s tire hit He Jin’s. He Jin screamed again, and the two giggled!


“Do you want to try again?” Qin asked him.


“Sure thing!” He Jin stood up and smiled. However, it was way too cold, he took his gloves and rubbed his face with his hands.


When Qin Yang saw it, he stopped him, “put the gloves on.” When he said so, he approached, gently held his face and exhaled some warm air to it. When he was more heated, the two went to rent the goggles, and put on their scarves, masks and hats.


The second time was exciting and cold at the same time. Both hands of He Jin got frozen and numb, and when he got to the bottom, he was so cold that he couldn’t finish even one sentence!


When the third time came, Qin Yang asked for a big double tire. Couples and families generally used these tires. The two dragged the tires back to the starting point through the conveyor belt. The staff glanced at them with interest, “are you two guys going to slide together?”


Qin Yang said openly, “yeah, it’s more exciting!”


He Jin had a feeling of being seen through, and he did not dare to look at the staff.


The two sat on the big tire one after the other. He Jin was in front, and Qin Yang was behind him. The staff tired a safety strap around their waist, and jokingly told them, “hold each other tightly!”


The two slid down again from the snowy road. They pushed even faster than the previous two times. Qin Yang wrapped his arm tightly around He Jin, while using another hand to cover He Jin’s mouth, helping him to block the wind. When they reached the steepest section, He Jin grabbed Qin Yang’s hand and couldn’t stop screaming!


After this time, the two guys kind of rolled back to the lounge. They were laughing and gasping. Qin Yang asked him, “so how was it? Are you happy?”


He Jin, “yes!”


Qin Yang, “was it fun?”


He Jin, “Yes!”


Qin Yang looked like he had attempted to do something terrible, and he succeeded, “who was angry that I didn’t discuss with him before?”


He Jin found himself ridiculous as well, and pushed Qin Yang jokingly.


After a short break, the two wandered around, played a dog’s sled and tried to have a donkey pull their car. In the thick snow, Qin Yang used his bracelet to take a picture of He Jin, who had half of his body in the snow. Afterward, he jumped in the snow to hug him, and almost got buried by the snow as well!


He Jin climbed out of the snow, and Qin Yang chased him behind him, he climbed up the shallow slope, and pushed him down on the snow. The two laughed and rolled into a ball, acting crazily like two children.


After they had fun, He Jin was lying on the ground, looking at the white sky. He suddenly thought that all troubles were gone. He stopped caring about his career and future. In this world of ice and snow, nothing was important anymore!


There was no one in the place where they were playing. Qin Yang used his frozen lips to kiss He Jin’s eyes and cheeks. He was smiling and his eyes were flashing.


He raised his bracelet and took a selfie for themselves. He Jin initially wanted to block it using his hand. Out of unknown reasons, he was afraid to take a picture with Qin Yang, as if he was worried about leaving any trace…


But this moment happened too fast, and he’d lost his rationality. Without thinking about it thoroughly, the picture was already taken! On the picture, he was lying on the snowy ground, laughing and Qin Yang was kissing his face.


He Jin turned over and sat up, Qin Yang took his arm, “let’s write on the snow!”


“What to write?” He Jin patted the snow off his body and asked with a smile.


Qin Yang, “you should write, ‘He Jin loves Qin Yang’.”


He Jin, “hey…”


Qin Yang, “are you shy? Then write ‘Qin Yang loves He Jin’.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang saw that He Jin was acting uncomfortably again, then he suggested, “then write ‘Fire loves Ah Jin’!”


He Jin burst into laughter. He removed his gloves, looked for flatter ground, and wrote the strokes of the character “Qin” on it. He also wrote “Jin”. Then, he drew a heart connecting the two characters.


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