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Waiting For You Online

Chapter 130 – My Heart Belongs To Someone (Part 2)



When Qin Yang went to school that morning, he was surrounded by his classmates. He didn’t tell anyone anything, only enjoying and immersing his own feelings. Everyone could tell that he’s extremely pleased.


Now with He Jin’s call, he was even more excited, he looked very gentle, “hey?”


He Jin sounded cold on the other end, “tell me when you arrive at the dormitory, I need to talk to you.”


Qin Yang, “have you had lunch?”


He Jin, “no, come back first.”


Qin Yang only thought that He Jin was so desperate for him to return, and he hadn’t noticed anything strange. He replied, “okay, I’ll be there shortly.”


The classmates next to him went shouting, “oh? Look at the way you smile! Did your girlfriend call?”


Seeing that Qin Yang was leaving, the two roommates who shared the same suite in dormitory smiled at him with evil looks, “go go. We’ll follow him so that we know who that person is!”


Qin Yang warned them jokingly, “stop guessing!”


After getting rid of them, Qin Yang first went to the canteen to order two meals, then he hurried back to the dormitory and texted He Jin, “I’m here.”


Qin Yang was waiting for him on the third floor of the corridor. When He Jin walked out from room 306, Qin Yang’s eyes were all over him. Even without seeing him for one morning, Qin Yang was already missing him so much. He just wanted to stick to him every second.


He Jin was not looking very good. At first, Qin Yang thought that he wasn’t feeling well. Once they stepped into the room, he nervously asked, “you…are you well? Do you still feel painful?”


He Jin was both ashamed and furious, “why did you post our pictures on your friends’ circle?”



Qin Yang was shocked for a while. He didn’t explain, “you saw them?”


He Jin became desperate, “if Hou Dongyan didn’t tell me, I’d never find out! You should’ve asked me before doing so!”


Qin Yang only reacted now that He Jin was pissed off. He put the food on the table and explained, “I only want to tell everyone that I’m in love…also, I didn’t show your face. They don’t know who you are.”


He Jin clenched his fist, “but they would guess! What if they make the right guess?”


Qin Yang argued with him, “so what if they know? Let them do so. I like you. I’m in love with you. Isn’t it a fact that we’re together? In what era are we living in? Why are we still hiding?”


While he was talking, he tried to comfort He Jin, but He Jin was pushing him away.


He Jin stepped back and looked at him with pain and despair, “you don’t know how much pressure I’m having being with you!” Especially what had happened the previous night, and when Qin Yang was on top of him, and he was acting like a woman…when He Jin thought of it, he felt so ashamed that he wanted to slap his own face.


Qin Yang opened his mouth and called “He Jin”. This “hiding” thing made him feel bad, but what he was going to say might make He Jin even angrier.


He Jin was gasping, “hurry up and delete the pictures! And never tell anyone that we’re together or we should break up!”


Qin Yang’s facial expression changed instantly. He felt that his heart’s aching. Never would he have thought that He Jin would utter the words “break up” so easily. He felt as if there’s a fire inside his body. He’s trying to suppress that feeling, while looking at He Jin with confusion.


After saying it, He Jin turned and left.


Qin Yang couldn’t chase him behind. He sat on the bed and felt so horrible. He didn’t think that there’s anything wrong with it. After all, he had just posted a few pictures, and that’s it. It’s a way for him to announce that he now belongs to someone else, and so, there would be no more girls chasing him behind and asking for his attention. After posting the pictures, he even got some blessings from his friends, including Dead Water and Nine Hall His Highness, with whom he had exchanged phone numbers.


When reading the comments, Qin Yang really didn’t want to let go of the posts.


But when he thought of the way He Jin looked at him, Qin Yang felt as if he’d been dumped, and words couldn’t describe how bad he felt. Obviously, the two were so sweet together the previous night, and now they were already arguing. Is it really worth being pissed off for such a small matter?


Qin Yang waited for over ten minutes, before making up his mind and deleted all the posts, including all the comments. Then, he let go of his face too, before sending a text message to He Jin saying that he’s sorry. He called him to ask for reconciliation. Thinking of He Jin who had endured such pain the other night, he must not be feeling well. And the only thing he wanted was He Jin to be happy.


“It’s my fault”, “I was wrong”, “don’t be angry” …these sentences came out of his mouth naturally. Qin Yang thought, he’s always been a tough guy, and now he’s become a slave of his “wife”, how ridiculous.


He Jin seemed to be calmer. But after this incident, it seems that their affection was disrupted. And there’s now again distance between them.


After deleting the posts, Qin Yang’s friends all sent him private messages and asked him what it’s all about. Qin Yang wanted to complain but knew that he couldn’t. Suddenly, he thought of people saying, “you’ll die sooner if you show off too soon.” Maybe that’s what he’s going through.


However, since Qin Yang was so famous in Hua University, some people have already saved those pictures themselves and sent it to all social platforms, including “me” and within the University. Within just a few days, everyone knew that he’s dating!


The power of gossips is infinite. After some research, some people already found out that the person who went to Snowtown with Qin Yang was from Law School, with human resources as the major.


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