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Waiting For You Online

Chapter 131 – Moving Out (Part 1)

When the rumors first appeared, He Jin had a bit of fever. As he was not feeling well, he stayed in the dormitory most of the time. He hadn’t yet noticed about the rumors.

Although it’s only a human nature to gossip, in colleges like Hua University, there’s still a big part of students who couldn’t care less. Most of them just lived inside their own world, such as Big Head and Brother Seven who lived opposite to He Jin.


Qin Yang took care of buying food and cooking it. When it’s time, he reminded He Jin to take medicine and sleep. He’s such a caring boyfriend. Hou Dongyan had heard about something, but under the reminder of Qin Yang, he dared not mention it in front of He Jin anymore. Therefore, when He Jin started sensing something wrong, it was already about half a month later.


One day, his counsellor called and asked him to be in the faculty office. Initially, He Jin thought that it’s something to do with him being a researcher, and he rushed there. Expectedly, it was indeed about that.


“Xiao He, so have you made up your mind of being a researcher?” Professor Li jumped right to the topic.


“I am still thinking about it.” He Jin was a little embarrassed.


“You had good grades in the last semester, and the scholarship has already been issued. Have you received it? Keep up the good work.” Professor Li checked his documents and said, “I’ve asked about your classmates about you a few days ago, and they told me that you haven’t been very active?”


“Yes, I feel a bit tired with studying.” He Jin said honestly.


“Frankly, when we look for researchers, we are looking for high comprehensive capabilities. You were pretty good at all areas, and the faculty has no objection in keeping you as a researcher. Therefore, if you’ve made up your mind, you can’t give up with studying…” Professor Li went on mumbling, and He Jin wasn’t paying full attention.


He Jin suddenly realized that, if he stayed at school, he would get in touch with the students most of the time. And he’d be doing similar tasks like those in a student club. Well, he got tired of the club, that’s why he quit. If he chose this path and had to do something he disliked, was there still a meaning?


Thinking about this, He Jin already wanted to refuse.


Professor Li went on talking, and suddenly said, “oh, right, He Jin, I do have something to remind you about.”


He Jin gathered his thoughts and looked at Professor Li seriously.


Professor Li lowered his voice and said seriously, “I’ve heard that you’ve been getting close with Qin Yang of 2nd year?”


He Jin suddenly shivered and had a very bad feeling.


“The University is not qualified to manage this kind of rumors, but the society has not yet become this open-minded, especially in this part. There’re just a few quotas for researchers. Since there’re many people who are watching, you have to be more careful with the things you do.” Seeing He Jin’s face getting pale, Professor Li paused, “you both are adults, and I won’t tell you what to do. It’s not a big deal. Ok, you may leave now.”

He Jin thought that “being a researcher” would be the main topic. After the discussion, he realized that it’s only a sub-topic, the main purpose is to ask him to “pay attention”!


He didn’t know how he walked out of the office, but his two legs were like having filled with iron. In April, the sun was not that bright yet, but He Jin couldn’t open his eyes.


He guessed that Professor Li had probably seen the photo of him with Qin Yang. But he didn’t want to put the blame on Qin Yang anymore. When the incident occurred, Qin Yang’s apology moved him, and he’s not someone who liked to cling to his anger either. He knew very clearly that he had to face this pressure sooner or later. It’s only that everything came too quickly, and he didn’t know how to handle it.


“Be more careful with the things you do”, haha! What a horrible accusation!


If he was dating a girl, Professor Li would never find him for such a discussion. However, since they were two guys, no matter how “normal” they seemed to be, they would already be labelled as “another kind” by the others!


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