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Waiting For You Online

Chapter 140 – He’s Good To Me

Three years later.


He Jin was sitting in his office, and he was burying his head to review the applications for the supply of goods from various departments.


“The Technical Department just changed a batch of old computers in the middle of last month. Why do we need to change it again this month?” He handed one of the application forms to the secretary across the table, and he frowned. “Xiao Li, please check it.”


After returning to his hometown, He Jin listened to his parents’ and he joined a local cultural institution. After half a year of internships and examinations, he immediately joined the labor force after graduation. He started it by working as the secretary of the administrative office, and at the end of last year, the former director of the administrative department had retired. He then appointed He Jin to be the new Director. Since He Jin was still young, he wasn’t very popular among others to get this position, especially the people under him were all at their forties, and they just treated them as a kid. Director Xu of the external ministry was one of them. A few days before, he called He Jin and asked him to have dinner together, making He Jin doubt that he just wanted the computer for his private use.

Xiao Li took He Jin’s instructions and handed him the financial report that he had just sorted out. “Director He, I’ve already read the quarterly income and expenditure statement given by the Finance Department. There’re not any issues. Please have a look.”


Xiao Li was a college graduate. He also joined the company through the relations of his parents. However, he’s not as lucky as He Jin. If He Jin didn’t resign, there wouldn’t be any opportunities for promotion in the office. Luckily, Xiao Li wasn’t that ambitious, and he’s satisfied enough to have a stable job. His personality was similar to Hou Dongyan’s.


When he was talking, the phone on his desk rang, and He Jin picked it up, “Minister Wang.”


“Xiao He, the day after tomorrow, a celebrity will come to our city to meet his fans. The entertainment company would like to borrow a venue for 5,000 people. They want to hold it in the city cultural palace or the exhibition center on the 17th and 18th floors. Conference hall. You have to arrange it…and I will send you the relevant information.”

“Good.” He Jin hung up the phone, and he was thinking – it’s a celebrity. Who could it be?


“Wow, we’ll welcome a celebrity!” Xiao Li looked at He Jin excitedly.

They would be directly in charge of the performances, they would coordinate with the radio and television, press and publication units. Many of them were related to celebrity activities. And since they were only administrative personnel, they did not have many opportunities to see celebrities. He would be doing some pre-arrangement and transmission of information.


After an alert, He Jin received a new email. He opened it and was stunned by what he saw.


Xiao Li asked, “who is it?”


He Jin was silent for two seconds, he tried to answer calmly, “this is from the Eastern Emperor International…Qin Yang, have you heard of him?”

Xiao Li, “my God, there’s no way that he’s a small celebrity! These years, Qin Yang has got way too famous. What did we say again? A venue for 5000 people? Will that be big enough?”


He Jin tried to utter a laugh, “according to Minister Wang’s age, it’s normal for him to say ‘a small celebrity’.”


He Jin still clearly remembered that just before they broke up, Qin Yang had said to himself proudly, “in the entertainment circle, you can earn money quickly, and it will train you up quickly as well. I have to save my capital to start a business.” At that time, the guy was literally a “small celebrity”. But, in a blink of an eye, he had already become a famous public figure admired by millions of people. He’s no longer a two-dimensional online idol.


Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long. The once passionate lovers had already become strangers.


He Jin stared back at his screen without any facial expressions. After checking the information carefully, he said, “it’s a small meet-up. But, just to be safe, we must tell the local police department to limit people.” He called people from different departments. After organizing everything, it’s time to leave the office.

The company was located about forty minutes from his home. He Jin had no time to go for exercises. He now had the habit of walking to office in the morning, and walking back home in the evening.


When walking on the road, facing the wind, He Jin’s thoughts were brought back to three years ago.


On the letter to Qin Yang, he had explained the reasons why he had to leave. And if Qin Yang was mature enough, he wouldn’t be looking for He Jin.


Indeed, Qin Yang hadn’t looked for him. Although He Jin had kept his original phone number, and he had kept his “me” application, Qin Yang had cut ties with him entirely, and he hadn’t looked for him even once.


Qin Yang had his pride. And He Jin knew perfectly that he had hurt him indeed.


His conversation with Qin Yang on the high-speed train was their last contact. After He Jin hung up, he was squatting inside the carriage and looking at the trees and leaves outside the glass window that were leaving behind his sight, just like his youth that was leaving him.


When he went back to school, he was worried to see Qin Yang there, but he didn’t. Hou Dongyan told him that Qin Yang rarely went to school, as he’s too famous and lots of fans were waiting for him. Each time, they made a huge fuss in the University.


After knowing that they had broken up “peacefully”, Hou Dongyan was relieved. He told He Jin that Qin Yang had once brought a young, pretty girl to school, and she also had the style of a celebrity. Everyone guessed that it’s the new girlfriend of Qin Yang.


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