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In order to prevent him from stumbling, Qin Yang reluctantly bent down, stretched his arms over He Jin’s knees, and carried the guy who could not even stand firmly.


…he’s so light! Qin Yang frowned deeply – has this guy ever eaten at all these three years?


The assistant waited for Qin Yang at the door of Room 1108. When he saw him carrying someone like this, she curiously looked at this person in his arms…wait…it seems like the rumors are true! It’s a guy!


The assistant paid by credit card and walked inside the room with them. She put a small plastic bag with things that Qin Yang had ordered her to buy in front of the door, and she was smart enough to realize that she had to leave. Before closing the door, she reminded Qin Yang, “brother Qin, don’t forget your flight at 8am tomorrow, you have to be at the airport at 6:30am the latest. And…you should take it easy tonight.”


After finishing the last sentence, she hurriedly closed the door, covered her face and left.


Qin Yang, “…”


After throwing He Jin on the bed, Qin Yang took off his sunglasses, ripped off his scarf and threw it aside.


He Jin was awoken a little, his eyes were slightly open, and he looked at the ceiling soullessly, his mind was still unclear.


Qin Yang looked at him and felt that his heart was burning. He knelt on the edge of the bed with one knee, pinched He Jin’s chin, he bent over and started kissing him angrily.


As he didn’t control his strength at all, even with a strong smell of alcohol on Qin Yang’s lips, he hadn’t stopped at all. Instead, he was even ruder, like a vampire who hadn’t sucked blood for a long time, as if the blood was his only antidote.


…It’s been three years. He Jin, back then, you chose to break up with me. You didn’t ask for my approval and you wanted me to quit your life. And did I ever say yes?


He Jin frowned and murmured something softly. There was an unfamiliar smell of tobacco between his lips and tongue. He was panicking and raised his hand to push, but since he’s so drunk, even though he tried to use all of his strength, it was powerless.


Even though his whole body was immersed with alcohol, He Jin’s consciousness was still yelling “danger” to him – because of that strange smell of alcohol and the rude movements…


This person could not be Qin Yang!


Qin Yang let him go, but his hand was still pinching He Jin’s chin. He slightly lifted it and forced He Jin to look at him.


He Jin was terribly weak and he had a horrible headache. He felt like his head was almost exploding, and his vision was blurred. He only heard a voice asking him coldly, “have you realized who I am?”


… Qin…Yang?


It’s Qin Yang’s voice…


He Jin’s eyes widened for a moment, his pupils contracted sharply, his adrenaline rushed to his brain, and his mouth was dry…For sure, he recognized this voice, the voice that he was thinking about day and night.


…Qin Yang, is that you?


He wanted to answer, he wanted to ask, although his lips were moving, he couldn’t finish a whole sentence.

As he couldn’t speak, he eagerly stretched out his hand and took the initiative to touch the vague figure, as if a drowning man who saw a piece of driftwood, he exhausted his whole body, instinctively struggled to catch the person in front of him, and kissed him.


Qin Yang…don’t let go of me…


Qin Yang…I miss you so much…


Qin Yang was shocked, and he quickly regained the initiative. He Jin no longer resisted, he squinted his eyes and he was responding to that kiss. With this kiss, He Jin felt that his nearly exhausted soul had been awakened again. He could not tell if it’s the reality or an illusion anymore. If he knew that he could dream of Qin Yang after getting drunk, then he would never want to be sober again…


Qin Yang…I feel so painful…


Qin Yang…please help me…



“…you chose to leave me. Now look at you, have you taken good care of yourself?” Qin Yang asked with his hoarse voice and gritted his teeth.


“Are you married?” Qin Yang’s voice shuddered, “and are you happy?”


He Jin burst into tears, and it wasn’t certain whether he heard it.


“Tell me!” Qin Yang shouted at him.


“… Ah!” He Jin instinctively held Qin Yang’s neck, he touched his face as if he was begging for his forgiveness, and his lips gently pressed on Qin Yang’s ears.


Qin Yang started crying, and he said while sobbing, “you’ve become like a zombie, so how could I let you go again…?”


How he wished he could be as cold-blooded as He Jin, so that he could walk away without turning back.


But he couldn’t do so. It’s been three years, no one had an idea how much effort he’s used to stop himself from looking for He Jin. He had worked so hard to become strong…so that he could be stronger and stronger…when he thought that he had almost forgotten about He Jin, when he saw this person again, the long-lost missing and longing took its toll on him, making him shamelessly chase He Jin and follow him again…


“I must have owed you,” Qin Yang bit his lips and said, “I must have owed you in my last life, He Jin …”






Until two or three in the morning, the two fell asleep in each other’s arms.


At 6:20am, the alarm on his bracelet went off. Qin Yang immediately opened his eyes and turned it off. He looked at He Jin with tired eyes. He Jin wasn’t awakened but he slightly frowned. He wasn’t sleeping tightly.


Qin Yang kissed the center of his eyebrows, rubbed his lips which were a bit hurt from too much kissing. Without lingering anymore, he went off to bed lightly and started getting dressed. Before his assistant came to knock on the door, he quickly took all his stuff and left. When he walked out of the door, he saw his assistant rushing to the room. Qin Yang looked at his clock and said with a hoarse voice, “ask Xiao Zhou to look for me after ten minutes.”


When he returned to his room, Qin Yang quickly took a shower and freshened himself up. When he walked out, Xiao Zhou was already there.


As he was getting dressed, he ordered Xiao Zhou with a low voice, “Xiao Zhou, stay in Q city for now. Follow the person in room 1108 for a while and check where he lives, where he is working, whether he…” Qin Yang paused and said somewhat sadly, “whether he has a girlfriend.”


If He Jin had already got married, he should have already heard it from his old classmates. Fortunately, there’s still no such news, as this would be the last thing that Qin Yang wanted to hear about.


After adjusting his mood for a bit, he continued, “also check his mother. I remember that she has depression, so check her status now. The more information you gather, the better. Each time you have something, send me a message immediately. After all the events, I’ll be free next Thursday, and I’ll come here again.”


Xiao Zhou nodded, “got it.”


After finishing, Qin Yang went downstairs with a group of people. He looked at the 11th floor of the hotel through the glass window. In his deep eyes, it was filled with resentment and affection.


…He Jin, wait until I’m back, and I won’t set you free anymore.

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