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Chapter 144 – I don’t deserve happiness

At half past seven, He Jin’s eyelids fluttered slightly, and he slowly regained his consciousness.


He was awakened by his biological clock, but he felt like his whole body was crashed. He was lying on bed and couldn’t obey the commands of his brain, especially his waist, hip and lower limbs. And he couldn’t use any of his strength.


“Erh…” He reluctantly moved his body a bit, but his limbs were screaming no. He Jin frowned and could only half open his eyes, even his eyelids were swollen.

“God…” After realizing what had actually happened on him, He Jin’s face went completely pale!


After drinking so much, to a point he had completely lost his consciousness, he had been brought to a hotel room by a stranger, and he’d even mistakenly thought that person was Qin Yang!


That’s right, that’s why he was having a wet dream all night long, dreaming that he was doing it with Qin Yang. They were both crazy and they completely let themselves go wild. And He Jin was entirely immersed in the depth of his desire, he couldn’t pull himself out of it.


“God…God…” He Jin wiped his face with his hands, he’s gone insane!


He Jin couldn’t care less about the pain all over his body, he struggled to get up from the bed, a silky duvet slipped off his shoulders, revealing his naked body.


Who’s that person? Why would he be attracted to himself, and when did he leave…


Could it be…Qin Yang?


He Jin was startled by his bold speculation, he raised his hand and covered his mouth. He told himself that it’s unlikely, since the two hadn’t been in contact for three years. And Although he was in Q City the other day, he’s a celebrity and fully occupied every day, never would he have the time to look for him. Also, he was completely unconscious when he was taken away from the bar, and it’s just impossible for Qin Yang to appear in places like that…He Jin also had a vague memory, he remembered the smell of cigarettes in that person’s mouth, so that person must be a smoker, yet Qin Yang never smoked.


His head was going to explode. He Jin clutched his scalp as if he’s in pain, as he really didn’t know what to do.


When he looked around, he realized that this was a very high-level hotel room, yet the man who had done this to him had vanished completely. It was all messy on the floor, and his clothes were all over the place. There was also a box of condom that had been ripped open rudely, showing the limitless wildness the previous night…


Feeling ashamed, He Jin lifted the quilt out of bed. He tried to get out of his bed, but he had obviously let himself go too much and he found his legs so weak that he couldn’t stand. When he got up, a certain kind of warm stuff was flowing out of…Gosh! He Jin flushed instantly, he might as well bang himself on the wall!


For the last 27 years, he thought that the wildest and the most abnormal thing would be meeting Qin Yang, and he hadn’t expected that such a thing would happen to him. Not to mention that he still couldn’t recall who that person was!


In the pile of his clothes on the floor, He Jin found his bracelet. There were more than 30 missed calls. He Jin didn’t like using ringtone, so his bracelet was always on vibration mode. He had no idea whether that guy had pretended not to hear the missed calls, or he had deliberately covered it by a pile of clothes. He couldn’t hear it vibrating at all, and he had missed all 30 of them.


Most of them were calls from home. There was also a missed call from Duan Shurong and some unread messages. He Jin had no time to read them yet, he had to call home first.


“Hey!” The other side picked up the phone instantly, it’s his mother, “He Jin! Is that you? Where have you been?!”

“Hey, mom…” He Jin started speaking, and his voice was hoarser than he’d expected.


“What happened to you!?” She heard that there’s something wrong in his voice, and her attitude instantly changed. She had changed from being angry to worried, “what is happening with your voice?”


He Jin felt all dizzy and heavy, and he still hadn’t come up with a perfect lie. He said only half truthfully, “I went to drink alone last night, and it was already very late. I even got drunk, so I didn’t want to come back to wake you up. I didn’t want you to worry either, so I rented a hotel room outside…then I fell asleep and I didn’t have the time to call you back.”


He Jin’s mother was both pissed off and desperate, “why did you go drinking alone?”


He Jin was silent for a while, “mom, I think that I’m such a failure.”


He Jin’s mother, “you…”


“Mom,” He Jin interrupted her and said when his mind still unclear, “I’ve attended so many blind dates these three years, and I’ve seen all kinds of girls. Until now, not a single girl wanted to date with me. I also wanted to find a good girl and start a relationship, a family, so that you can be happy. But why is it so difficult…” Thinking of what had happened the other night, He Jin couldn’t hold on to it anymore. After wearing a mask and an armor for three years, he felt all shattered at this moment. He started to get hopeless and whatever he was saying sounded so pessimistic, “mom, tell me if it’s just my destiny, that I don’t deserve to be loved, that I don’t deserve any happiness…”


“What nonsense are you talking about?” The woman on the other side of the phone obviously hadn’t expected the mature, obedient son of hers would have weird thoughts like this. She had initially wanted to accuse him even more, but she was now unable to. At this moment, He Jin’s mother just wanted to comfort him, “did that Duan girl say anything to you? Since you didn’t come back last night, I called her and she told me that you’re quite good, she even said that she would like to know you more…He Jin, what happened to you exactly?”

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