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Chapter 149 – Wait for you forever

He Jin’s eyes widened and he let his tears flow, his head also felt numb with what Qin Yang had said…had he ever said things like that in front of Qin Yang? And did he do so after getting drunk?

Qin Yang raised He Jin’s hand again and threatened him viciously, “look at me and swear to God, swear to your parents, tell them that you don’t want me anymore! Tell them that you don’t have anything to do with me anymore! Then I, Qin Yang, will not bother you anymore in this life! Say it!”


How could He Jin say it? He shook his head subconsciously, and his last mental defense line totally collapsed. The mask that he had worn for three years could no longer cover his crying face.

Qin Yang was watching the pathetic side of He Jin, he no longer kept his cool and introverted surface, and he no longer cared about his face, reputation, pride and self-esteem, yet this time, he was finally so real and Qin Yang had a strong urge to hold him tightly.


Qin Yang pulled He Jin close to him and held him in his arms. When he did so, the corners of his eyes also started getting wet.

For other people, three years would be a period that passes in the blink of an eye. However, for He Jin and Qin Yang, they felt like having waited a lifetime in despair, loneliness and struggles. He Jin never expected an impulsive, romantic relationship seemingly driven by hormones would leave such a deep mark in his heart.

Initially, He Jin wanted to keep his romantic thoughts and to make their relationship stay at its best moment, but his sudden departure had made both of them extremely painful.


With tears in his eyes and a blurred vision, He Jin looked at Qin Yang’s eyes and asked, “it’s been three years, why would you still…” Why would you still come to look for me and still remember me?


Before He Jin asked, Qin Yang interrupted him, “I had already waited eight years, why is three years a big deal? If you don’t return, I will wait for you forever.”


After hearing this sentence, He Jin felt like his heart was going to stop beating and his blood was going to be condensed. It took him a few seconds to resume his physical reactions, as if he had to make up for the few heartbeats that were missed. Then, his heart started beating quickly again, and he felt his blood flowing once more. He also regained his senses.

While his hands were still shaking, he hugged Qin Yang back, and used his lips soaked with tears to kiss the man in front of him. Qin Yang felt so emotional that his whole body was shivering, and he kissed He Jin back forcefully. At this moment, the two finally connected on the emotional level.


He Jin let go of everything and hugged Qin Yang’s neck tightly. The taste of each other lingered between their lips. The two were entangled with each other affectionately in the dusk of late autumn, by the car outside the suburbs.


They only stopped when the two almost couldn’t breathe. He Jin made use of this break to apologize to Qin Yang while his voice was still trembling, “sorry, Qin Yang, I’m sorry…”


“I don’t want you to say you’re sorry! What I want is you!” While his eyes were still red, Qin Yang pulled the car door open and pushed He Jin in, and he pushed himself in immediately.



When the temperature of their bodies started to get lower, the two were still intertwined and they refused to let loose.

Qin Yang used his lips to rub on He Jin’s face, and gently licked his red and swollen eyelids like a little pet. There were no more tears on it, but Qin Yang still couldn’t get enough, he had to continuously leave scent of himself on He Jin.

He Jin closed his eyes, he was rubbing Qin Yang’s back lightly, and the two rubbed their ears against each other. They were fully indulging themselves in the flirtatious environment until it was fermented to the extreme. They felt like the whole atmosphere has turned into sugar, and they completely lost themselves in it.

“Silly…” He Jin couldn’t help but start again. His hoarse voice, after too much crying, revealed a sense of sweetness and innocence. He was touching Qin Yang’s head and whispered, “why are you so silly…”


“Am I silly?” Qin Yang’s voice also became lazy and he didn’t sound as fierce as before, it was fully of gentleness.


He Jin felt like his whole body was getting numb. Suddenly, he reacted and recalled that he had fallen in love after hearing Qin Yang’s voice for the first time.


After logging on the game after eight years, and when He Jin heard him calling “Ah Jin” gently and playfully, he knew that he had already been conquered.

He was once afraid to be judged if Qin Yang found out that he’s fond of guys, and he was carefully hiding the fact. However, he couldn’t resist Qin Yang’s attractiveness either, and he was trying slowly to get near to him…


He Jin was holding Qin Yang who’s on top of him, and he didn’t know what else to say. When facing this fool who was willing to wait for him for a lifetime, any words would seem too weak. He could only dedicate his later half of lifetime to promise to Qin Yang that he’d never leave again.


Seeing that He Jin had no reaction, Qin Yang raised his head and asked insecurely, “so are we good now?”


A person who’s usually so cold and distant in front of fans has suddenly become so insecure and vulnerable…


“Yes.” He Jin kissed him proactively. No one knew better than him what it felt like to find something back after having lost it. Aside from delight, there’s also fear, he’s so afraid to lose Qin Yang again, and this time, he decided to never let go, “…I love you.”


He Jin checked his bracelet. It’s already 9:17pm. He got off the car.

Qin Yang sat in the car and looked at him. When thinking of He Jin’s sudden expression of love, he felt that happiness had come too soon and too surreal…

He looked up and saw one of the buildings. After reading the data from collected from Xiao Zhou, he knew that one of the windows belonged to He Jin’s home, the place where He Jin lived for nearly thirty years, and the place that had restricted his freedom.

The entrance to the black building downstairs looks like a monster’s mouth. Seeing that He Jin’s back was about to be swallowed up by that shadow, Qin Yang jumped out of the car in anxiety and called out in panic, “He Jin!”

He Jin stopped, turned around, glanced at Qin Yang and said, “what’s wrong?”


Qin Yang looked at him and suggested awkwardly, “do you want me to go up with you?”


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