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He Jin smiled, and there were still marks of tears on his face, but he smiled so calmly, “give me your hand.” He said to Qin Yang.

Qin Yang inexplicably stretched out his hand, but he saw that He Jin was handing out his wallet, ID card and bracelet, then he said, “wait for me here.”


Qin Yang, “…”

He Jin walked back steadily, there was love in his heart, and he was full of courage. This time, he was no longer doing it for himself, but he wanted to do it for Qin Yang. He had to fight for him one more time.

Qin Yang counted the time with his head up. At 9.30pm, he stuffed He Jin’s stuff into his pants’ pockets, reached out to take out the cigarette case, and lit a cigarette while his hands were shaking.


After He Jin had left his life, Qin Yang had slowly developed the habit of smoking. He was so afraid that He Jin would leave him again, he was afraid to see He Jin being defeated and tell him, “my parents don’t agree us to be together, just leave…”


Qin Yang knew that He Jin could do something like that, he could be such a cold-blooded person.

At 9.45pm, there were already two cigarette butts under Qin Yang’s feet. He seemed to hear someone shouting upstairs, someone was hysterically crying, but he couldn’t hear which floor it came from.

At 9:55pm, the crying and screaming had disappeared, and Qin Yang started turning in circles.

At 10:15pm, it had already been an hour. There were five cigarette butts on the floor. Qin Yang squeezed the cigarette case tightly, supported his hand on the car, and gently knocked the window glass with his forehead.

At 10:30pm, there was a sound behind him finally. Qin Yang immediately turned around and saw He Jin stepping out of the shadows, eagerly locking his vision to himself.

He Jin smiled. He walked toward Qin Yang quickly as if he was rushing over. It looked as if he had wings behind him. It’s bringing wind, hope and freedom.

Qin Yang’s anxiety gradually faded away, and he also felt reborn.

After eight years of waiting and three years of torture, he was finally not let alone anymore.


“Why did you look like that?” Qin Yang was holding He Jin too tightly, making it hard to breathe. He gently pushed Qin Yang away.

He Jin looked at Qin Yang’s face, and Qin Yang was also checking him out. He didn’t answer He Jin’s question. Instead, he was gently caressing He Jin’s face, and he asked with empathy, “did she hit you?”


“It’s alright, it doesn’t hurt.” He Jin touched his cheek nonchalantly, “it’s cold outside. Get in the car, I’ll return to the hotel with you.”


“Did they agree to let you go?” Qin Yang asked desperately.


“Yes.” He Jin fastened his seat belt and he also wondered why his parents had let him go. At the last moment, his father pulled his mother, and he said to He Jin when his eyes were wet, “leave. Dad will be around.” This was really unexpected.

“How did you tell them?” Qin Yang lowered his handbrake and the car slowly started.

He Jin propped his elbow on the window, holding his half-swollen face and slowly said, “I told my mother that I’m not the same as my brother. Even if I’m with you, I won’t do stuff like my brother did. And I won’t leave them alone.”

Qin Yang glanced at him, “I just heard someone roaring, and thought that you were quarreling fiercely.”

He Jin was stunned, “we didn’t argue.”

In fact, the situation turned to be much better than He Jin had imagined. He thought it would be extremely difficult to make that critical step, as what frightened him the most was his mother to lose it. However, after hearing what he said, his mother just slapped him once and kept crying afterwards. After telling his parents all his thoughts and reasons, He Jin asked for their understanding and support. When his mother stubbornly answered no, his father stepped out.

Although father He had promised not to tell his mother about what happened three years ago, He Jin felt that his parents had already prepared for this day, that He Jin would come out of his closet sooner or later.

“Maybe you heard it wrong.” He Jin looked at Qin Yang, his eyes were flashing.

He could finally face his heart with courage. God knows how happy he was when he saw Qin Yang again.

The two returned to the hotel, took a shower together, and kissed for a while on the bed. However, they didn’t have the energy to do it again, so they were just holding each other and talked.

He Jin asked Qin Yang about his life these three years ago, as this was something that he dared not find out when he was alone. Right now, he was desperate to know every detail.

“I heard that you had a girlfriend.” He Jin remembered one of the things which bothered him the most during these three years, and he grabbed Qin Yang’s hand and asked.

“Who told you that?” Qin Yang looked a bit annoyed.

“Monkey told me. He told me that you’d brought a pretty girl to school before. It should be before I went back to school for my dissertation…” He Jin hadn’t realized that he sounded jealous now.


“I haven’t even asked you about your 18 blind dates! How dare you get jealous?” Qin Yang looked angry.


“You…you investigated me!” He Jin was stunned.


“I only found out yesterday.” Qin Yang snorted, “if you didn’t beg me to not leave you, I’d never do so.”


“…” (= _ =)

“Aren’t you just the same? There’s so much news about me. It’s so easy to find about my info on TV or on the Internet, yet you still asked how I was doing. I was showing it to you honestly!” Qin Yang sounded more annoyed.


He Jin suddenly felt warm. Could Qin Yang be staying in the entertainment circle just to catch his attention?


He kissed Qin Yang and apologized, “it’s my bad…I dared not check news about you, I was afraid that I’d miss you and that I’d suffer.” Suddenly, he saw no more need to hide anything, finally he could be totally honest in front of his lover, and there’s no need to act strong again.


It’s just a crab leaving his tough shells behind, showing its most vulnerable side to the only trusted person.


Qin Yang also found it precious to finally see He Jin like that, and he wasn’t mad anymore. He understood perfectly how He Jin had felt, and it’s actually the same for him – he was so worried that if he started contacting He Jin, he wouldn’t be able to control himself, and he knew that he’d just stick to He Jin.

“The girl that Hou Dongyan saw was the assistant that the company had looked for me, she’s called Li Xiaowen. She still works for me now and she knows about us. Don’t get jealous anymore.” Qin Yang said in a low voice.

The two started kissing again, the jealousy in the air was soon replaced by sweetness.


“Then…what are you going to do?” He Jin finally asked the biggest challenge they were about to face now.


Since they have decided to be together, they had to overcome it. Now, Qin Yang was based in A city and He Jin was working in Q city. Even if they had to be separated for one hour, it would be very unbearable, let alone living in two different places.


Qin Yang frowned and he looked sad, “I have to fly back to A city for a show tomorrow, I can’t stay in Q city that long…”

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