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Before, when Qin Yang was in front of He Jin, He Jin had always found him to be a big boy that liked flattering the others, and he was always so obvious in his emotions, but now he had learned how to stay in low key.

Not only his appearance, but his attitude also changed a lot. From many aspects, He Jin could see that Qin Yang had become more considerate.

He Jin’s fingers brushed over Qin Yang’s lips. Qin Yang took the opportunity to rub his fingertips with his lips. He Jin flinched and his finger was held by Qin Yang, then sent back to his mouth…

He Jin wasn’t sure whether such a change was good for Qin Yang. He only knew that his lover was the best. No matter how Qin Yang had changed, he’s still the Qin Yang that he loved.

However, when thinking about how famous Qin Yang had become, He Jin couldn’t help but feel inferior again. These three years, he had completely different experiences than Qin Yang. Before Xiao Li joined the company, he was dealing with people in their middle ages, and he knew that a person’s temperament and way of talking would be influenced by people around him. When facing the most handsome and fashionable Qin Yang, He Jin felt really shameful in his black-framed glasses and brown shoes!


Qin Yang lowered his eyebrows and kissed his fingers, then asked, “what are you thinking about?”


He Jin took away his fingers and buried his face in Qin Yang’s arms. He had never expected that he’d care about his appearance so much in front of his lover. Obviously, he wasn’t this shallow before.


“Why are you shy?” It was also Qin Yang’s first time to see He Jin react like this, and he found it quite interesting. He snorted and held his head, then massaged his scalp and teased him, “are you thinking about me?”


“Yes.” He Jin answered lightly.


Qin Yang didn’t expect He Jin to answer, and he felt incredibly thrilled. He pulled He Jin more closely and held him more tightly. He let him listen to his heartbeat. His magnetic voice, together with his heartbeat, sent chills to He Jin, “I’m here.”


In the early morning of the next day, Qin Yang left in an early flight. He Jin went directly from the hotel to his office. He was thinking about how to resign. Minister Wang called him as soon as he arrived, “Xiao He, come to my office.”

He Jin found it strange. Generally, if it wasn’t an important thing, minister Wang would never look for him personally. He rushed over and when he entered his office, the man in his 50s signaled to him to close the door. He started, “Xiao He, I’ve got some anonymous reports about you receiving red packets from colleagues of other departments.”

He Jin was stunned and his facial expression changed instantly. He lowered his voice, “this is all made up.”


Minister Wang looked at him and poured him a glass of water, “come, have a seat first.”


He Jin was confused. He was trying to recall about what’d happened the previous day. It must have been director Xu, and he was going to tell minister Wang about everything with this person. Then, minister Wang said again, “more than one person reported you.”


He Jin was completely stunned now, as he had done nothing!


Minister Wang said, “you don’t have to explain to me. I believe that you didn’t do anything. Lao Xu had mentioned about you before his retirement, and he said you’re a serious and hard-working person. You’re also calm, and you can handle this position well. However, you’re still too young and thus too straightforward, I assume that you’ve offended quite a lot of people.”

He Jin, “…”

Minister Wang drew a document to him, “look at it.”

He Jin took a look and stared at the document with his eyes wide open – this is a draft of transfer arrangement.

Minister Wang said, “there’re only two young people in the HR department, you and Xiao Li, and people aren’t convinced to be supervised by two young people. I plan to transfer you to the Political Propaganda Department and practice for two years under Lao Zhou. There are many people in that department, and many young people have recently been recruited. There’re also opportunities for business trips… ”

Minister Wang spoke very nicely, but He Jin knew at a glance that there was no shortage of manpower in the Political Propaganda Department. He was just assigned to work as an unimportant employee. This is not a transfer but a downgrade in disguise.

He Jin was initially struggling about how to mention his resignation. Now, there’s no need to look for an excuse. He handed the document back and replied respectfully, “minister Wang, thank you for your reminder. Honestly, I’m thinking about resigning lately. As you’ve mentioned, I’m really too young for this position. The HR department is a big one, and I do not feel competent enough to do this alone. What tires me the most is not about work, but dealing with personnel matters.” After one year, he has been acting so carefully everywhere, and he even had to fake a smile when rejecting a bribery. In the end, he had offended people with his honesty, and was even reported. He Jin was really sick of this superficial and useless business relationships. “Comparing to this job, I would like to try my luck outside. Later, I will hand in an official resignation letter to you. Thank you for your teaching these three years, and I hope that you could understand my reasons.”


While He Jin was explaining these, he didn’t pant, nor did his heart beat fast. He didn’t even need to rehearse, as this was exactly what he had been thinking all these times. He didn’t belong there, and this is not the job he wanted either.

He Jin never expected that he would feel so comfortable when he was explaining all these to his superior. There was no regret, no resentment, and he even had an inexplicable, revenge-like pleasure when seeing how dramatically the facial expression of minister Wang was changing.

For these three years, he had endured enough for his family and for all the stagnant rules in this society. At this moment, he finally set himself free.

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