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Chapter 155 – Be with you forever

He Jin took a look inside and out, after taking a look, he saw that there were actually not many changes inside the apartment. The coffee table was brand new, the white porcelain pot was changed into a glass one, the curtains were washed, and there was even a light fragrance with the pajamas on the hangers…

When He Jin thought about it, it actually made sense. If someone had really lived there, the furniture would have become old already. His books and clothes wouldn’t have still stayed there. Judging from the cleanliness of the apartment and the fact that there’s no dust at all, He Jin was sure that someone had cleaned it before, and that person had deliberately kept the apartment look the same.


He Jin suddenly felt complicated. He had understood better Qin Yang’s stubbornness. He felt like being wrapped by that delicate and strong sentiment, and he could never get out of it again.


He Jin touched the hologram helmet on the desk. Suddenly, Qin Yang asked behind, “do you want to be in the game again?”

“Yeah.” There was a current of electricity passing through his fingertips. It’s been a long time since he saw Dumpling, and he couldn’t wait to see his baby again. “I’m not sure if this still works.”


“If it doesn’t, I’ll get you a new one.”  Qin Yang pressed He Jin’s hand and kissed his cheek, “let’s play later, we’ll go eat first.”

It’s already dinner time. He Jin stopped feeling nostalgic and asked Qin Yang, “what are you going to eat?”

“I was thinking to cook with you, but I thought that might be too tiring for you. Let’s go, I’ll treat you a nice dinner.” Qin Yang put on his hat, sunglasses and scarf again. When he put on everything, he walked out with He Jin.


However, soon after the two went downstairs, they saw three young girls coming from far. They were surrounding Qin Yang’s car.


“Look! It’s a Porsche!”


“My God, who would have this kind of car in a residential area like this?”


“Must be someone rich!”


The girls looked around, Qin Yang was so scared that he pushed He Jin back into the corridor immediately. He asked anxiously, “what do they want?”


“How do I know?! They must be your fans.” He Jin sounded jealous.


Previously, in Q city, Qin Yang could still walk in supermarkets with He Jin, since most of the elderly there didn’t know who he was. However, now that he’s near Hua University, he couldn’t expose himself or the girls would end up surrounding him!


He Jin thought about this whole thing about Qin Yang being famous again. Since he’s a celebrity, they couldn’t go out and have dinner together again…having a boyfriend who’s a celebrity can be a nuisance.


After seeing that there’s no one, the girls posed in front of the car and exclaimed, “come! Let’s take a selfie!”


“Haha, look at you! See, am I cool or not?”


“Yes! I want one too, come, take one for me! I want to be in it alone!”

He Jin and Qin Yang, “…”


After the girls left finally, the two quickly got near the car. When He Jin was about to get on, Qin Yang suddenly pulled him, “wait.”


He Jin, “what?”


Qin Yang pointed to the car, “right! Just stand there, I’m going to make a video of you.”


He Jin, “…”


Qin Yang, “come! Smile, and say ‘I’m so happy’…hey~why did you hit me?!”


Qin Yang covered his arms and got back into the driver’s seat, he gritted his teeth and said to He Jin, “can’t you be nicer to me just like those girls? I’m so handsome! And I’m so good in the game! Why don’t you admire me?”


He Jin glanced at him, “then why don’t you date a fan of yours?”

Qin Yang felt suffocated in his chest and he stomped on the accelerator.

He Jin tightened his seat belt and urged him, “slow down.”

Qin Yang slowed down, but he still looked upset. He Jin didn’t speak, he was just looking straight ahead silently. After passing two traffic lights, Qin Yang heard a soft voice next to him, “Qin Yang, I’m really in love with you.”

Qin Yang, “…”

He Jin, “but I’m also a guy, and I’m even older than you. I even agree to be on the bottom when we’re in bed, and you still want me to admire you…you should at least leave me some self-respect.”

The corner of Qin Yang’s mouth rose uncontrollably, and at the next traffic light, he stopped the car, then suddenly reached out and grabbed He Jin’s neckline, placed his lips on his and sucked it hard. He looked both happy and annoyed, “silly, you don’t have to take everything I said so seriously. Can’t you be more fun?”

He Jin raised his hand and wiped his lower lip, his eyes flickered after the kiss, “well, this is how I am, and I’m not fun at all. What do you want me to do? Didn’t you say that you love me?”

The green light turned on, Qin Yang turned sideways and teased him, “yes, I’m in love with you. I like the way you’re pissed off like now. And I really want to do you now in the car.”


He Jin moved his lips. He tilted his head and looked outside. His ears, neck and face started to blush…Qin Yang is such a bastard!


Qin Yang took He Jin to a western restaurant and the two had steak together. Then, they returned to the new apartment. He Jin checked out the very high-class environment of his apartment and asked, “so you’ve been living here these two years?”


“Yeah, the security is very high here, and no one comes here to disturb me. Have you heard of Li Fei and xx group?” Qin Yang spoke of a few famous celebrities’ names, “they’re here as well, and I see them all the time when I run in the morning.”


After changing his Jaguar, Qin Yang drove back to the apartment near Hua University and said, “we’ll move in here after a few days.”


He Jin, “since you already live here, then why are you still renting the previous one? You must have spent a lot these few years?”

Qin Yang raised his eyebrows, “didn’t I say that we’ll start right where we ended? When you broke up with me, my resentment was stuck inside the apartment, and I can still feel it now! You’ve got to give me time for this transition.” It’s just like him being abandoned in the game eight years ago, and he ended up waiting for eight years as well. The agonizing wait even made him the first player in the game.


He Jin finally understood…Qin Yang had serious OCD!


When they returned home, the two had a shower together inside the very narrow bathroom. The conditions were really incomparable to the new high-end apartment of Qin Yang. However, for Qin Yang, nothing’s more important than having He Jin next to him. Qin Yang kept holding and hugging him inside, making it impossible to have a proper shower. When they finally got dressed, it was another struggle.


“What are you doing? We’ve already had shower and you’re still getting dressed!” Qin Yang wanted to take away the pants that He Jin was going to put on.


He Jin was putting on his pants clumsily, “just now…we had…when are you going to stop?!” Of course, he had to protect himself so that Qin Yang didn’t lose his mind again! They’d already said that they would play together in the game at night. If this went on, there’s no more game!

“Forget it. I’ll let you go today. We’ve got lots of time.” There’s an evil smile on Qin Yang’s face. He walked out from the bathroom completely naked, “I’ll wait for you in the bedroom. Hurry up!”


He Jin complained in a low voice, “how shameless!”


He’s a bit of a clean freak. After taking a shower, he had a habit of cleaning the bathroom. After that, he went to the bedroom and Qin Yang was already lying on bed with his helmet on.


He Jin sat on the edge of the bed. He was feeling somewhat weird when looking at Qin Yang next to him.


Perhaps, he’d never thought that he would “get intimate” with Qin Yang in reality. They could kiss and sleep together whenever they wanted, just like a real couple. They could spend as much time as they needed.


He Jin got close to Qin Yang and kissed his lips which were not covered by the helmet. He leaned beside him, then put on his helmet and the blindfold.

The sky was all misty, the river was clear and the mountain was green. There was a loud sound of sword, He Jin saw a line of golden characters:

——Dear Ah Jin, welcome back to “Demon God”——

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