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Tensei Saki ga Shoujo Manga no Shiro Buta Reijou datta 195


The Pitch Black Marquis Family



After that, we gained control over the ships of the Northern Kingdom. All crew members were arrested, and Angela was safely rescued by Emirya. The two of them became soaking wet after they jumped into the sea.

I rented a nearby private house and helped Angela change her clothes after a nice, hot bath.

I’ve seen how the maid Maria does it all the time, so I already knew my way around it. Besides, the dress was a Count Harkes-style easy-to-detach model, so I easily succeeded in changing Angela’s dress.

In a similar fashion, Ricardo was helping Emirya change clothes.


(We’ve been stuck in a similar situation, both of us…)


The roots of the settings of a mob character run deep.

But now that execution has been averted and that the truth has been established thanks to Veeca’s words, that should no longer be a problem.


For the first time, Emirya did not listen to Seruna, and remained in the Central Kingdom.

At this rate, he will go on to marry Angela and will eventually rule the territory near the royal capital and half of the Astal territory that had been taken by the royal family. I’m not particularly worried because it’s Emirya, after all. And Angela looks happy as well.

I’m relieved to see my dear friend this happy.


Actually, I was concerned about what I talked with Veeca, so I sent a letter to Nora in advance.

The Southern Kingdom, where the flowers used for processing opium are cultivated… That is the territory under the control of the parents of Nora’s fiancée Villerey –the son of  Marquis Lediere.

I was hoping to be wrong, but Nora’s reply was somewhat disturbing.

After I contacted her, I learned that as a result of her own investigation of her fiancé’s family… The house of Marquis Lediere seems to be absolutely pitch-black. Those aristocrats in the Central Kingdom and their dark schemes!


So I decided to go to where she was, that is, the house of the Marquis Lediere himself.

However, I was worried about what I would be able to accomplish by myself, being someone of lower status. That’s why Angela decided to come with me. She was also worried about Nora.

Once back in the castle, we left for Marquis Lediere’s residence shortly thereafter.


The ones heading to where Nora is are Ricardo, Angela, myself, and a small platoon.

Other soldiers would be hiding and waiting in the event of an emergency. I want to settle this peacefully. I then gave Angela a pepper spray and a Molotov cocktail.



Marquis Lediere’s territory is a blessed land with a lot of farmland.

In addition to vegetables and grains, they also cultivate cotton there. It was a region that could grow almost anything.

Every time I see another territory with abundant soil, it would make me feel a bit frustrated.


(Even Count Harkes is promoting agrarian reform and working hard in areas other than agriculture!)


We explored the territory while traveling by carriage. Ricardo was traveling on horseback with the rest of the members of the platoon.

So, about the opium in question…


“Oh, Brittany. Look at that beautiful field of flowers. Red, orange, purple… How lovely.”


Angela started to say that as she looked out the carriage’s window, so I looked out as well.


“Uhuhuh, those flowers are in bloom. They’re so magnificently in full bloom!”


Right before my eyes, there was a full field of opium poppy flowers!


(Those dirty…pitch-black rotten aristocrats!!)


The colorful flowers were swaying in the wind as if they were not concerned with the turmoil of the royal capital.


“Brittany? What’s wrong?”

“Lady Angela, those flowers are the main ingredient for the drug that is causing so much trouble in the castle.”

“Oh… So my maid turned out like that because of those flowers!?”


After holding Angela back as she was about to throw a Molotov cocktail at the flower field, I took a look at the map.

Marquis Lediere’s residence was just around the corner.


I haven’t heard any bad rumors about Villerey from Ryuze.

Whether this is only the reckless behavior of his parents or a dark scheme involving the entire family… Either way, we have to help Nora.


If the Villerey were to be condemned for this, Nora could end up getting mixed up in the turmoil.

To cooperate with the Northern Kingdom’s dealings with opium, regardless of whether she’s aware of them or not, is a serious crime.


After arriving safely at Marquis Radie’s estate, we marched towards the mansion to find out the truth.

Angela led the way, followed by me and Ricardo.

The princess was greeted by Marquis Radie, the marchioness, and their only son Villerey.


(Huh? Where’s Nora?)


Since they hadn’t been officially married yet, maybe the residence’s servants purposefully didn’t call her to the front door…

Angela, who was standing next to me, asked the Marquis.


“Umm, I think Nora came here earlier, I was wondering if I could see her? She’s a longtime friend of mine…”


Everyone who had come to receive us looked at each other in response to Angela’s words.


“She’s been sick for some time… She’s currently resting in her room.”

“Ah, that’s right. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible for her to meet you at this time…”


Though nobody seemed to notice it, Angela’s voice had turned slightly lower than usual. She was suspicious of their attitude.

I felt the same way. After all, Nora hadn’t mentioned anything about being sick in her letter, and has always been the healthy type who has never been sick enough to be bedridden.


“Ah, then at least could I see her face before I leave? I’ve come all this way, and I don’t know when I’ll see her again…”


The three of them seemed even more flustered than before. They were acting more and more suspicious.

Seeing that, Angela took another stab at them.


“Oh, will that be a problem? As a princess, I’m usually quite busy, so I don’t know when I’ll be here next time. I simply want to meet my dear friend.”

“B-But Your Highness, you’d be risking getting sick as well…”

“Ah! Is Nora suffering from such a serious illness? Then I need to see her even more! But… First of all, I have something to talk to you about. It’s a serious matter, one that’s shaking the very foundations of our Kingdom. Brittany, you and the others wait for me outside of the room. This is something I must do on my own.”


The Lediere Residence was pointlessly luxurious. It looks like they’ve been doing exceptionally well as of late.

Escorted by the members of the platoon, Angela turned to look at me as if trying to tell me something.

Understanding her intentions, I had to resist the urge of yelling “HUUUUHHH!?” back at her.


(Lady Angela, you’re asking way too much of me!)


Go look for Nora now, while I keep them busy…

I racked my brains over it while looking at the room where Angela had just entered.

Anyway, I have no choice but to try it. Angela was singlehandedly dealing with the three members of the Lediere family, after all.

I looked at Ricardo, who was standing next to me, and nodded. He also understands the situation completely.

There seem to be only two maids on lookout nearby. We should be able to pull through this one way or another.

Now, let’s begin our search for Nora.

After a deep breath, I started running.


“Where’s the restrooooooom~~~!?”


Ricardo reacted quickly as the two maids started to panic at my sudden outburst.


“I’m truly sorry about my fiancée’s behavior. I’ll go chase after her. You two just stay here, please.”

“Ah, the restroom is over there. Uhh…”


The maids were completely taken in by Ricardo’s good looks.

While they were distracted, he also ran after me. We were going to investigate the inside of the mansion together.


“I wonder if Nora is safe. They must have her trapped somewhere in here…”

“We’ll definitely find her, Brittany.”



Fortunately, all other maids and butlers in the residence were busy tending to the princess.

Ricardo and I started opening doors and checking rooms one after another.

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