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Wicked Soldier King

Chapter 167 – Karma (Part 1)

In Xu Yun’s memory, there was only one judgment error in all his decisions, and that time directly led to the death of Yin Long, so now Xu Yun would make sure to consider everything more comprehensively and never act impulsively.


Tang Zhengtian finally chose to admit silently. Although this was a big disrespect, he had to check out the matter thoroughly.


When Auntie Xue heard the car coming back, she opened the door and saw that there were only Tang Zhengtian and Xu Yun. Then, she asked, “Xiao Tang, where is Jiu’er? Didn’t she come back with you?”


Tang Zhengtian shook his head, “she wants to have some quiet time outside. After all, there have been too many things that happened in the Tang family. I’m thinking that maybe it’s a good thing to give her some space. Sister Xue, you don’t need worry about her. There’re Chou Yan and Guo Guo to accompany her.”


Xu Yun also smiled, “Auntie Xue, you really care a lot about Tang Jiu, no wonder she’s so close to you. And all comments that she gave about you were positive.”


“Jiu’er mother passed away quite early, and I’ve always treated her as my own daughter.” Auntie Xue said lightly, there was suddenly a dark shadow on her face. She took a long sigh, “why am I even telling you this…this cannot be more trivial…”

Xu Yun took the opportunity to say directly, “Auntie Xue, I’ve heard that your husband passed away many years ago.”

“I don’t want to talk about this.” Auntie Xue immediately rejected to talk about it, and did not give Xu Yun the opportunity to mention it again, “that is all in the past. I don’t want to think about it. Also, it has nothing to do with you.”


Xu Yun hurriedly said, “it’s important to worship the deceased. Now that I’m here, I’d like to do so.”


Auntie Xue scolded coldly, “no.”


“Auntie Xue, I haven’t talked to brother Gu Hua for a long time, just see it as I want to see him today.” Tang Zhengtian finally spoke. He hadn’t wanted to get involved in this matter, but after seeing the reaction of Auntie Xue, he had to anyway. He remembered that every time she talked about her husband who passed away, she was always very calm and would not make such a fierce reaction.


When hearing Tang Zhengtian speaking also, Auntie Xue was a bit surprised. She finally nodded and asked the two to go to her room.


Her room was neither too big or too small, it’s more than 20 square meters. As a maid’s room, it also shows the power of the Tang family. Everything was simple in the room, with a single bed, a simple wooden sofa and a table.

There was a black and white photo on the table with a delicate casket in front of it.


Xu Yun took a very serious look at the photo and said in the heart, “I’m sorry to offend you.”


Just in the moment when Tang Zhengtian and Xue Yu didn’t pay attention, Xu Yun went up and picked up the casket. He said to himself, “what an exquisite box, huh, Auntie Xue, there must be something very important inside.”


Not to mention Auntie Xue, even Tang Zhengtian was shocked. This guy was just too sudden, and he did whatever he had just said without a sign. This kind of fierce, rapid behavior made Tang Zhentian a bit shamed.


Auntie Xue’s face was pale and she was so angry that her voice was trembling, “put…put it down! Now!”


“I am a very curious person, I really want to know what is inside.” Xu Yun said, while making more an aggressive action – he actually opened the casket.


Tang Zhengtian’s facial expression instantly changed at this moment, and Auntie Xue just sat on the floor…

Xu Yun looked at the things in the casket and smiled a little, “it’s proven that I’d made the right bet.”


Tang Zhengtian felt a vigorous fluctuation in his chest, he slowly took the box which he had always thought of using to carry Gu Hua’s ashes. It was filled with various drugs such as quinidine, aminophylline, digitalis and digoxin.


Xue Yu seemed to know that there would be no meaning to explain, so she didn’t say anything further.


“Why?” After Tang Zhengtian knew the truth, he felt much more at ease.


Auntie Xue looked up at Tang Zhengtian and said it word by word, “Tang Zhengtian, when thinking of the car accident back then, was it you who made it happen?”


This problem was certainly like a lightning in the blue sky, as Xu Yun had no idea that personal incidents could be traced back to so long ago. According to this logic, could Tang Zhengtian have done anything extreme to achieve the position that he’s in now?


Tang Zhengtian didn’t avoid Auntie Xue’s glance, he finally chose to nod.


“Why…” Auntie Xue asked.


Tang Zhengtian looked up at the ceiling and said lightly, “Auntie Xue, there’s really something that I don’t know how to say. If that day I didn’t let Lao Si and Lao Wu die, I’d be the one who died.”

“Then why should my Gu Hua sacrifice as well?” Auntie Xue was crying loudly, “do you know how he treated you? Although he’s your driver, your servant, he treated you as his boss, as well as his brother. I’ve never seen Gu Hua treating anybody the same! Tang Zhengtian, how could you be so cruel? How come you knew that someone had planted something in the car, yet you still let Gu Hua drive on it?”


Tang Zhengtian said nothing, and after a long time, he lightly said, “because he’s the closest person next to me. That day, he was the only one driving, and that’s why Lao Si and Lao Wu were there. If it were another driver, they wouldn’t be there…”


Auntie Xue looked at him angrily, “Tang Zhengtian, you’re the most evil person in the Tang family.”


“Auntie Xue, that was in the past already. I’ve already regretted about it. All in all, it has been so many years…and I’ve also been tortured. Couldn’t it be counted as punishment?” Tang Zhengtian frowned, “I’ve always been real and sincere to you and Gu Hua, for this, I’m sure you know too.”


“It’s nothing to say anything now that he’s dead.” Auntie Xue shook her head and she seemed so exhausted.


Although Xu Yun knew that it’d be cruel to ask this, he did anyway, “Auntie Xue, I’m afraid you’re the last one to know about this? I want to know who told you that.”


Auntie Xue looked coldly at Xu Yun, “if it’s not you…


“Auntie Xue, even if you didn’t say it, I could easily guess too. That day, I’m sure that it was one of the two children that were with you with your husband. One was Tang Long, and one was Tang Qun. I was in touch with both of them, and Tang Qun didn’t seem to have that kind of power.” Xu Yun shrugged his shoulders, “so, the answer is very obvious, and I don’t want to talk about it too much. Perhaps the Tang family ought to be sorry to you, and it has been trying to make it up, but now, it’s you who has to be sorry for the Tang family.”


Tang Zhengtian stood up, “Auntie Xue, whatever you do, I’ll forgive you. There’s karma in the world, once there’s a cause, there’s a consequence. Whatever happened today was totally because of what I had done back then, I can’t put the blame on someone else.”


After the two left, Xue Yu was still sitting alone on the floor. She had not got up for a long time. She knew that she had no face to stay in this house anymore. She was sorry for Tang Zhengtian, and for Tang Jiu……

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