Even after stating the obvious, Matari was convinced that there was worth in leaving the house of Art.

“It’s here. This is the place where I always do the shopping. It may look old, but the shopkeeper is a great Know-It-All.”

Continuing down to the underground labyrinth is a street boulevard of Art. It is a busy street where taverns and shops are lined up clearly. When night comes, the crowds manifest themselves for the adventurers returning to the labyrinth. Matari also invited her to take the customers once, but she refused politely.

There is an all-purpose tool shop in an out-of-place location that is branched away from the main road where people usually go by. At first glance, it is the same as any other ordinary residence, but there is a sign in front of the store with a picture of miscellaneous goods drawn on it for the time being. Although it had held an internship, it had faded away.

“Well, well, since the place is both old and new, there is no problem if there is a thing of purpose. So then, when shopping is over, let’s group up in front of the shop.”

“Is it okay to buy them together? Friends who fight together from now on should also be friends who share life and death in a good fashion!”

“…… You don’t have to say it so coolly, though.”


“I will record the things I buy properly, and I’ll deduct it from the reward as an expense later, so let’s divide it from there!”

“You are surprisingly meticulous, aren’t you?”


“Since I’ve been studying a lot in these past few years, I entered it, I entered! Today it might be okay to have me with you for the labyrinthine first challenge!”

“Calm down for a moment! Calm down! It’s not a like its a boar! Calm down, idiot!”

Matari firmly grasped the shoulder of Hero and pushed him into the store. She thought for a moment about whether she really could trust this small figure. Can they really fight with this? It is in too poor a taste to call him a Hero. However, there is no doubt that he is a good man who knocked down the warrior guild’s old-fashioned oppressors. This girl was also equipped with a suitable kind of spirit. She was not sure if Matari could win a fight against a Hero using just a wooden stick. Even if she were surprised from behind at this very moment, she felt that she would be looked back at once and then beaten up. No, it actually will be.
To tell the truth, it is not without difficulty to call Matari and this girl “brave men”. Every time she is called on by that occupational name, her eyes hurt a bit. A warm gaze is also mixed. It is because it is not the age to play grandstones anymore.
Why did Hero not tell me her name? She said that it was because of memory loss, but suddenly she felt that she can not believe that. They might tell her the name if she becomes more trustworthy. While thinking that it would be nice to have that time come soon, Matari threw herbs and bandages into the basket.

While putting the tools in leather bags, Matari and Hero went back to the main street and headed towards the underground labyrinth.
Hero was fiddling with the emblem of the star church and a bill with the number one hundred on it.

“I still can’t shake this feeling. Why is such a weak piece of paper used instead of money?”
“Even though it seems uncomfortable, its copper tags have been used for a long time. Is something weird about that?”
Banknotes that guarantee the exchange of copper only uses the indicated number. That is a copper bill. Similar things are distributed not only in the city of art but also in each country. The permitted money exchange trader exchanges the coin in exchange for a commission fee. Many counterfeit by counterfeiters have also been in circulation, so money changers are required to have many years of experience, extensive knowledge, and outstanding eyesight ability to tell the difference between real bills and fake bills.

“I do not feel any weight, I do not feel anything.”
“I do not want to feel the weight of ten thousand coppers, I would be crushed.”

10,000 coins are equivalent to 1 silver coin. One hundred silver coins are equivalent to a gold coin. Copper cards are usually used to purchase miscellaneous goods and food. It would not be anything but harassment to pay with gold coins to buy bread.

“Why are there no silver bills or gold cards? Aren’t those needed as well?”
“Would it not be dangerous to keep such a big amount of money in paper?”

Speaking of pieces of gold coins, she will be able to play and live for a few months. It is awkward to call them sheets of paper. If this were to tear, I just wouldn’t be able to cry enough.

“After all, it is technically a change to paper.”
“… Well, well … Well, this copper card is amazing! It’s hard to get dirty, resistant to water, hard to tear, and it’s all in Triplett. It looks like special processing has been done to it.”
“Apparently, the item is in good condition. Once you have a good amount, we could make a profit from it. It has no value, even if it is guaranteed by this piece of paper. First, what it guarantees is as suspicious as a church. It is not possible to know if it will be a total loss. If so, it would be worth more than a napkin.”

Hero made a very dangerous statement with remarkable ease day by day. The face of Matari went instantly blue because the contents of his words were too challenging. They had been walking towards the entrance to the underground labyrinth. As they walked while talking, they arrived at the labyrinth’s gates.

This was the most important facility for the Star Church here, and as a matter of fact, there was a group of soldiers who guarded it.

“It seems as though I have heard evil speech that has mixed with something extraordinary…”



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