Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai–Riyuu? Ore ga Kami dakara– 36

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Apologizes the link has been updated. You can read the complete Chapter 36 now

I forgot to push publish so the chapter was still a draft.

Decided to do some teasers and here is one of them

A classic song that I can’t get out of my head anytime I remember it

I heard it recently from a Smallville Clip on Youtube

Dido- Life For Rent

It should be a depressing song but I find it rather humbling..

Chapter 36 Cleaning and swimming at the sea

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website


It was noon; The sun was shining directly overhead.

Four days left until the festival ends.

I was at the bay near the port city, sweating in the heat. I got the permission just this morning.


The bay was surrounded on three sides with cliffs, which made it look like a ‘C’ from above. There was a cut-in towards the south, connecting the sea with the b…

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website

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