Zhu Xian Vol 1 Chapter 5 Adopt

Presently, the people inside the hall are discussing something. The young Taoist who lead Shaw Danon and Baye respectfully said: “Master, and Shishu(note 1), disciple Dubaku, in accordance with your orders, has brought two…”

Suddenly his words get interrupted by a mournful sound of shouting echoing from the hall: “Ghost, ghost! Ghosts!”

Dubaku is surprised, but notices Shaw Danon and Baye are even more-so. Although the sound is broken and ugly, it is of extreme familiarity to them. Shaw Danon, not caring much for keeping composure any longer, rushed into the hall and shouted: “Uncle Bozo, Uncle Bozo, is that you?”

Marked by his impatience, his voice contains slight anxiety and sadness. People see it in their eyes, sadness arising from their hearts. In the corner, behind the crowd of people, a middle-aged man dressed in woodcutter’s clothing; both hands clenched tight to cover his head, curled tightly in a corner, shaking. The “ghost, ghost” sound issues out from the gap between his hands.

Shaw Danon and Baye, who had just entered, immediately recognize that the person is a woodcutter from Gra.s.stemple Village. Last name w.a.n.g, second child of the family (note 2), a kind-hearted individual with a smile on his face all the time; always treats the children very well. Beside chopping firewood on the mountain, he also returns with fruits and shares them with all the children.

Shaw Danon rushed to Uncle Bozo without thinking, grabbed his shoulder and shouted loudly: “Uncle Bozo, what happened? Why are the village people all…all dead? My mother and my father, what happened to them? Say something!”

Uncle Bozo heard Shaw Danon asking the same question over and over again; seeming to have touched him on some level he ceased saying “ghost, ghost,” then, slowly, looked up at Shaw Danon.

Everyone in the hall grew quiet, even some of the people who had been seated could not help but stand up; all eyes turned to Shaw Danon.

Uncle Bozo’s eyes shone crimson, filled with fear. He stared at Shaw Dannon for a long while but said nothing, frowned, as though he were struggling to remember something.

At this time a Jadeon could not help but step forward, as he was about to speak he was quietly pulled back by the person beside him.

Shaw Danon witnessed Uncle Bozo’s lack of response; he saw Uncle Bozo staring at him lifelessly. Shaw Dannon could not wait any longer and again shouted: “Uncle Bozo, what happened to you?”

Unexpectedly as Uncle Bozo heard his loud shout, his body began to tremble, fear spread across his face again, he rolled to the other corner, curled up with both hands covering his face; his mouth kept moaning: “Ghost, ghost, ghosts!”

Sighs suddenly issued out from everywhere in the hall, Jadeon people are disappointed; those who stood up have not returned to sitting. Shaw Danon sought to ask again but was grabbed by Baye.

Shaw Danon, puzzled, looked back. Baye’s eyes filled with tears, mournfully responded: “there is no use, he has gone insane.”

Shaw Danon shocked, did not say anything.

Baye is one year older than him, more meticulous in his thoughts, he looked at everyone in the hall and noted all of them wearing Jadeon clothing, both men and women. Most people in the hall have a weapon with them, the majority being long swords. Six people sitting on chairs appear to be superior to the others, especially the one sitting in the middle dressed in a dark green robe; the head of Jadeon, Master Doyal Shen.

Baye pulled Shaw Danon towad the six people; kneeling in front of Doyal Shen he began to knock his head against the floor, “bang, bang, bang” kowtowing in honor of the faction head.

Doyal Shen looked over them carefully, sighed, said: “Poor child, you can stand up.”

Baye has not arisen, peered up at these immortal-like people, sadly replied: “Master, we are young and ignorant but suddenly befallen by great changes; we do not know what to do. You elders are strong, know the past and future, please help us!”

Shaw Danon is not as intelligent as him, so he followed suit and said: “Yeah, immortal elders, you must help us!”

Everyone who was listening could not resist a smile spreading across their face. Shaw Danon is just an ignorant child; but, then, all eyes fall on Baye.

Baye is under great changes at a young age, also facing well-known individuals like Master Doyal Shen, but his speaking remains in perfect order; well organized, his calmness is far stronger than that of usual children, compared to the foolish Shaw Danon, who even thinks Doyal Shen is a G.o.d.

The Gra.s.stemple Village tragedy is something that Jadeon had never dealt with for thousands of years. Things occurred right under the eyes of Jadeon, the whole Jadeon faction was shocked. Doyal Shen was surprised and angry when he heard this; he immediately called for a meeting with the other six heads of the houses. Now, except the head of “Bamboo Height” Master Shui Yue who did not attend, the other five are present within the hall.

Being one of the seven house’s heads in Jadeon, of course means they are Jadeon’s strongest people; and Jadeon’s strongest people are, of course, the strongest people in the world. Each of the leaders there are thinking the same thought in their heads as they peer at Baye: “A good piece of jade.”

Master Doyal Shen smiled, said: “I don’t know future or past, but you live near Mount Jadeon, Jadeon cannot ignore this. However, I would like to ask you a few questions, I hope you can answer.”

Baye nodded: “Yes, disciple will answer with all the knowledge I have. Master, please ask.”

Master Doyal Shen nodded his head and said: “how did you escape this tragedy unscathed?”

Baye was stunned for a moment, said: “replying to master’s question; I remember last night I was at home in bed sleeping. However, when I woke up this morning I found myself sleeping under a pine tree next to Xiaofan; I have no idea what happened. Xiaofan woke me up, we returned to the village, then we saw that…that…that scene, and fainted.”

Master Doyal Shen’s eyebrows frowned, he looked at Shaw Danon next and said: “You woke him up; how about you, then?”

Shaw Danon reflected for a moment, then replied: “I don’t know how I got there; when I woke up I saw only Jing Yu next to me, so I woke him up.”

Master Doyal Shen looked at the other leaders, eyes full of confusion. If someone had come to the rescue, why save only the two children? If not, then, there is no other answer for it!

Master Doyal Shen thought for a moment, said: “So that means you know nothing about what happened last night.”

Two of the them responded at the same time: “Yes.”

Master Doyal Shen sighed, cried out: “Xavion.”

“Disciple, here.” A tall and burly Jadeon disciple replied. He was standing behind a seated short, plump man. Xavion appears to be this man’s disciple.

Master Doyal Shen said:”You are the one who first discovered Gra.s.stemple Village’s ma.s.sacre; what happened that day, repeat it.”

Xavion said: “Yes. This morning, disciple and a few Shi Xiongdi (Note 3) returned from attending to a selection of affairs; we were flying back. When pa.s.sing over Gra.s.stemple Village, the disciples looked down inadvertently and discovered more than two hundred corpses piled together in the village; a miserable sight. Disciple and the others quickly went to examine but only found the two children. Noticing they were unconscious, allowed a Shidi to bring them back first. Later, in the village latrine,” his hand pointed toward Uncle Bozo who was curled in the corner, then continued “we found this person. But, his eyes are dead; entranced, no matter how disciple asked, no response. Simply kept repeatedly saying: ghost, ghosts, ghost.”

Baye’s body shook a little, asked: “Big brother, did you count the number of people?”

Xavion responded: “I found a Shidi who trades firewood with your village daily, he was very familiar with the people at your village. After he was identified and we were done counting the tally: Gra.s.stemple Village, all forty-two families, a total of two hundred and forty-seven people, aside from you three, are all dead.”

Although his heart had already known, after hearing what Xavion said he comprehended. Baye and Shaw Danon are still not helped and their eyes almost black out and faint again.

Master Doyal Shen sighs softly, his left hand swings, a red bead flies out from his sleeve, flies in front of Shaw Danon and Bay, rolls across their foreheads; suddenly, cool air flooded their bodies. Their minds, which had originally been taut, nerves seemed to loosen; they grew physically and mentally exhausted, could not help but fall asleep.

Doyal Shen waved his hand, the disciples who have been standing bow, then leave the hall. Within the hall, only six people remain.

At this moment the short, plump man said: “Shixiong, you used ‘Calming Beads’ to temporarily settle them; but, when they wake up, what are you going to do?”

Master Doyal Shen thought for a moment, turned to the Taoist sitting at left and asked: “Vasp Caelo Shidi, what do you think?”

Master Vasp Caelo is a tall, solemn man; head of Jadeon’s “Dragon Head Peak.” In Jadeon, except the head Master Doyal Shen’s main peak, his peak is the strongest. Vasp Caelo is a severe man, in addition to managing his own disciples he is also in charge of punishments in Jadeon. Jadeon disciples respect their head Master Doyal Shen of course, but the most feared is Vasp Caelo.

Master Vasp Caelo’s eyebrows wrinkled, after a while he said: “There is so many strange things in it, I am afraid we cannot clear this matter in a short time. However, Gra.s.stemple Villagers living near us, we cannot ignore them. I think we should adopt them as disciples.”

Master Doyal Shen nodded and said: “Yes, that is what I thought. The two children will be lonely out there; we have to take care of them. I have not adopted any disciples for years; which Shidi can help me adopt them?”

At that moment, the short plump man, head of Jadeon’s “Bamboo Peak” Tian Bolis, said:”Shixiong, from what I think, it is best not to let two of them remain under the same house. If they stay together, seeing each other constantly, it will remind them of the past; their sadness will never end, it will not be good for their future!”

Master Doyal Shen thought for a moment, said: “Tian Shidi’s right. They are still young, but facing such great changes; we have to resolve their anger in their hearts, so we really should not let them live together in the same place. That means we will need two Shidi to adopt them.” Then, he looked to the others.

Vasp Caelo, Tian Bolis and the rest of the five leaders turn their gaze toward Baye almost all at the same time; no one cares about Shaw Dannon.

In cultivation, quality is of considerable importance; being gifted is better than practicing for hundreds of years. When Jadeon almost fell, they needed to only rely upon Master Jade Leaf who, although very young was also very talented and understood the ancient scrolls; his skill was far greater than the ancestor’s practice. From a member of a small faction of Jadeon, to the leader of the Good.

In addition to strong talent, a good master is certainly hard to find; however, the disciples of superior quality are also rare. Baye’s talent is far greater than others, the heads of Jadeon naturally gravitate towards him.

After a while Tian Bolis coughed, said: “Hei hei, Shixiong, you know that my Bamboo Peak house always has a small amount of people, I’d help you and adopt one.”

As he was about to point at Baye, the head of “Sun Rise Peaks” Shang Zheng Liang stood up, standing in front of Tian Bolis, and said to Master Doyal Shen: “Shixiong, today when I see this child I think there is a bond between us, it must be suyuan, how about letting him study under my house?”

Each of the houses are gentle to the others on the surface; however, on the inside they are competing with each other, seeing that Baye is extraordinary quality, who will ever know if he is going to be the next Master Jade Leaf. Even if adopting a far worse disciple, just a regular disciple, they never let the other houses have a chance. Because of Master Doyal Shen’s position and strength, no one will compete against him; however, Doyal Shen said he will not adopt; who would pa.s.s up this kind of golden opportunity?

Right after Shang Zheng Liang finished, the head of “Sun Set Peak” Master Tian Yun said: “Shang Shixiong, your house has more than two hundred disciples; if each of them have suyuan with you, don’t you have far too many bonds?”

Shang Zheng Liang blushed, was about to reply, Tian Bolis interrupted: “Tian Yun Shixiong is right, speaking of the number of disciples, all of oyu have more than a hundred. My Bamboo Peak only has seven people, how about…”

Master Vasp Caelo interrupted, said: “Tian Shidi, the two childrens’ lives are so poor, we need to give them the best care rather than focus on the number of people we have.” Then he turned to Master Doyal Shen and saluted, then continued: “Shixiong, this child is really good quality, please let him be adopted under my house; I will carefully teach him to comfort the souls of Gra.s.stemple Village.”

Master Doyal Shen pondered for a moment, Tian Bolis, Shang Zheng Liang and the others’ hearts shout: not good, and as expected, after a while, Master Doyal Shen indeed replied: “Vasp Caelo Shidi’s right, let him be adopted under your house.”

Vasp Caelo smiled and said: “Thank you, Shixiong.”

In people’s eyes, those who know Vasp Caelo for a long time, Vasp Caelo usually will not smile; today, his smiled showed his heart is very happy. Now that Master Doyal Shen has said so, and Vasp Caelo’s Dragon Head Peak is so powerful, the rest can only swallow their resentment.

Doyal Shen paused, then said: “Well, the other one”

Shang Zheng Liang coughed, eyes closed; Tian Yun stared at the ceiling of the hall, finding the patterns to be suddenly enthralling; Tian Bolis just: hei hei and gave a hollow laugh, suddenly falling asleep; the head of “Peak of Wind” Ceng Shu Chang, who did not even get time to say anything, is meditating, seeming as though he did not care from the very beginning.

Only the victorious Master Vasp Caelo looked at them coldly, but his eyes are smiling.

Master Doyal Shen cannot help but feel a little embarrased, but of course he will not say: “so the low quality you will not even bother with.” His mind pondered for a moment, then immediately found a scapegoat.

“Tian Shidi.” Master Doyal Shen smiled.

Tian Bolis’ heart jumped, he immediately got up and was about to speak, Master Doyal Shen interjected: “Gra.s.stemple Village’s murder is your disciple, Xavion’s, discovery; it seems this child and your Bamboo Peak have a strong bond between you. Hei hei, let him be adopted under your house.”

Tian Bolis is extremely anxious. Shaw Danon’s quality is average, everyone can see that, so adopting him under the house is just a burden; of course he does not like it. He was about to speak, but how would Doyal Shen give him the opportunity to speak, finishing: “Well, this is the end, Shidi you must pay attention to investigating the murder, understand?”

Vasp Caelo, and the others stood up and said: “Yes.”

Master Doyal Shen nodded, coughing several times, but did not look at Tian Bolis, quickly traveling into the back hall. After his shadow disappeared from the hall, in Jadeon Crystal Hall, the sudden laughter broke out.

※ ※ ※

Bamboo Peak disciple Xavion had been waiting outside of Crystal Hall, finally all the masters came out, he ran towards them; seeing Tian Bolis carrying Shaw Danon, could not help but be surprised for a moment and said: “Master, what happened?”

As Tian Bolis saw him his heart burst out with anger, he said furiously: “What, what happened? Are you being stupid!? Why not quickly take it over?”

Xavion quickly took Shaw Danon who is still sleeping. Tian Bolis was angry, his eyes saw Shang Zheng Liang, Tian Yun, and others who are laughing, his heart grew even more angry, he shouted at Xavion: “Come on, what are you staring at?”

When he finished, ignoring the others, his right hand drew in mid-air, red light flashed, a red sword with red edging lept to his hand; then, jumping on the sword and piercing through the air he left.

Xavion was puzzled for a moment, but at least he comprehended that he had gained one more Shidi. He looked at Shaw Danon in his arms and said: “Xiao Shidi, I do not even know your name yet.

Shaw Danon still sleeping, unaware of his own destiny, already having taken a great turn.

Note 1: Shiniang Shishu, Shibo, Shixiong, Shidi, Shijie, Shimei.
Shi mean master, so when character put behild “Shi”, it mean master related. Niang mean mom, so Shi niang mean master’s wife. Shu mean younger brother of father, uncle, so Shi Shu master’s Shidi or Shimei. Bo mean older brother of father, so Shi Bo mean master’s Shi Xiong or Shi Jie. Xiong mean older brother, Shi Xiong mean older male disciple. Di mean younger brother, Shidi mean younger male disciple. Jie mean older sister, Shi Jie mean older female disciple. Mei mean younger sister, Shi Mei mean younger female disciple.

Note 2: Uncle Bozo’s name in chinese is w.a.n.g Er Shu. w.a.n.g is a chinese last name. Er mean second. Shu mean uncle. His last name is w.a.n.g, and the second son, and children call him uncle, so his name is w.a.n.g Er Shu.

Note 3: Xiongdi-Xiong mean older brother, di mean younger brother, so Xiongdi mean bothers.

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