246 Part 1

Koko wa Ore ni Makasete 246

The Man’s Identity



It was not easy to regenerate when you were being cut while having the magic energy sucked out of you.

You needed energy to make duplicates and to heal your carved up body.



One after another, the duplicates turned into piles of ash. Even the one I was using Drain Touch on turned into ash.

The only one that remained was the one I had been fighting before I started using Drain Touch.


“Are you the real one?”

As the man let out a scream, I cut into his torso with the Devil King Sword.



“I won’t forget this! I won’t forgive you, you bastard!”

“You don’t have to forgive me. Just go away.”


It was just as I was about to finish him off by stabbing his neck with the Devil King Sword.


There was a horrible ringing in my ears. At the same time, pain shot through my entire body.

Eric, Goran, and Kathe’s faces were also twisting in agony.


“I did not expect mere humans to be able to use the protection of our god…”

The man muttered, even though he had been split in half and was all bloody bones and flesh.

However, he started to heal right in front of my eyes. Even the torso I had cut off began to reconnect.


“I shouldn’t be surprised…”

I had cast Magic Detection many times. However, this boss was a High Lord. And they were good with concealment magic.

So it would not have been odd if it had been hidden.


“…Still, I was so careful. Where did you hide the core?”

There was a limit to how good you could be with concealment magic.


“Oh? So you know about it?”

The man said with a smile. He was almost completely recovered now.

That being said, I had still sucked in a lot of his energy. So he should be weaker than he looked.


“But I don’t want people to know about this. You will have to die.”

“What does it matter? You were going to kill all of us anyway.”

“Haha. That is true.”


He was so confident in his victory now.

It was then that Goran fought against the pain and attacked him.





The man’s face twisted with surprise. The blade scratched his arm and it started to burn.

He was inside of the Evil God’s Protection. Of course, that meant that Goran’s movements were slow.

However, the man had assumed that Goran wouldn’t be able to move at all, and so he wasn’t able to react in time.

Goran had erased his presence completely. Not only that, but he had moved in a calculated way so that he wouldn’t be noticed.

That’s why the man had been taken by surprise.

Besides, being drained of magic had also weakened him.


“Don’t underestimate us!”

Eric also swung his Holy Sword and moved in.


“Shut up and die!”

The man fired off small magic bullets towards Eric.



Eric twisted his body and dodged them. However, he could not dodge all of them, and one magic bullet hit him in the shoulder.

It was enough to bring Eric to his knees.

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