It has been quite a long journey for me and this site. It all started when my leg was hurt. Unable to work for months, all I had was computer to stave off my boredom.

In that time-period, I found the world of Asian WebNovels. Slowly, my life started to change. While passing my time in reading and hunting good titles to read, I came across forums like this and this where Novels helped peple shift their minds away from unwanted habits, get a break from stressful lifestyle and many other stories spread across the vast internet. Inspired, seeds of contributing to this wonderful community began to bud in me. Finally, the shoot began to grow when I saw a lot of comments on Ark the Legend chapter pages where readers expressed their wishes for wanting to continue reading the novel but the translator wasn’t able to continue the novel like in here , it touched me. Equipped with the newly found purpose to get novels that readers wanted to read translated, I started my venture in January 2017 to translate Asian Web Novels into English language. It was a bumpy ride since I do not speak any Asian languages, I had to use paid staff to translate Novels into English. A bit of fast forward and here we are to my personal contribution to the community. This site has been through various otherworldly novels with me, the translation team and of course, all the passionate readers.

Sadly, there is a limit to what a single person can do. This site is currently crowdfunded through Patreon donations supplemented via my pockets and also, ads. Every dollar counts.

With a little help from all you guys, we can keep the dream alive. If you want to show your support, you can simply do so by turning off ad blocker or donating to the cause.

Hope to give you all a break from our modern stressful lifestyle with a pleasurable memory of immersing into multitude of fictional worlds beautifully created by authors in the form of novels on this site. Do comment if you wish to put your views.

Wish you all Happy Reading.



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