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400 Year Old Virgin Demon King

Chapter 10 Suzushiro Suzuna is a big girl (Side story)

Having finished my lunch bento, I stood up from my seat and headed for the door of the classroom, thinking I would go and pick some flowers. Sakata, who was standing at the door, called out to me.

“Oii, biiig turnip~”

I immediately reacted with a high kick. Of course, I stopped before actually hitting him. That too in front of the most tough-looking portion of his chest as it would be bad if I hit him in the head by chance. Admiring the heroine of a certain detective manga called ‘Looks like a boy but brains of an adult’, I started learning karate about 10 years ago. I just got to 2nd dan so I could do this much. Also, of course, I was wearing tights underneath the skirt.

“Next time you call me that, it will hit.”

“So-sorry, Suzushiro.”

Getting teary-eyed, Sakata apologized. He is in the same class as me but I am not that close to him. He is not a guy I would allow to call me by a nickname I do not approve of.

“So, what do you want?”

“Oone is calling you.”

He said while pointing sideways, towards the corridor. When I looked the way he pointed, I spotted Oone Yukari. My childhood friend and still my best

Chapter 10