Again but, the religion that appears in this story is a completely fictional religion that exists in a fantasy world. It is in no way connected to any real world religions.

Also, although there are expressions that deny homosexuality in this work, it is the ideology of the religion in the fantasy world, not a denial of homosexuality in the real world.





That time I was taken advantage of and threatened by the Pope but, I threatened him back



I am threatened by the Pope on whether it is fine even if the excommunication continues but, how very cliche. Indeed, those excommunicated by the church will become unable to associate with the believers. Also, as long as one is being excommunicated, their newborn child cannot receive「Baptism」when they are born, they will not be able to have a「Confession」which means they cannot confess their own sins to the priest and ask for forgiveness so a peaceful rest after death is also not guaranteed. However, my answer does not change.


“That is right. I am not at all affected by it! I am meanwhile four hundred years old. My lifespan has no bounds, therefore, I have no need for confession. I have no wife nor child. Therefore, I have nobody to newly receive baptism. And then, try to think about it. I do not collect any tax from the people directly. I do not impose any labour on the people. Even if I become unable to interact with the people due to the excommunication, I am totally unbothered”


Although I said it like this, I actually plan to have a wife and child hereafter. However, it is also the truth that I am not bothered even if I am excommunicated by the Orthodox Church. Why, it is because I have a substitute……in this current era. Hence, I continued to speak.


“Those who will be troubled, I suppose they are the nobles and the people who will become unable to receive my assistance. When it comes to that, I wonder will the nobles and the people be fixated on the Orthodox Church?”


The Pope who heard that distinctly changed his expression.


“Don’t tell me, you and the 『Holy Scriptures Sect』……”


“Umu, I have already met face to face with『Holy Scriptures Church』branches’ representatives. They support my politico‐religious separation policy. Anyhow, it is because the Saviour is saying it clearly. 『What belongs to God goes to God, what belongs to the Emperor goes to the Emperor 』”


What the Pope calls「Holy Scriptures Sect」, is a different descent from the Orthodox Church……or perhaps I should say, they are church branches that alienated themselves from the Orthodox Church and named themselves「Holy Scriptures Church」. They are the Northern Orthodoxy that criticizes and objected the Orthodox Church’s depravity, that alienated themselves because they believe the teachings of the Orthodox Church that is lead by the Pope are not right and the teachings on the scriptures that have the Saviour’s words written on it are correct. Although they are not a unified organization like the Orthodox Church and they are divided into several sects, their common points are that they respect the scriptures’ teachings and they preach politico‐religious separation. To begin with, existing as a part of it is also a sect that is religious leaders brought together by the King though.


The Holy Scriptures Church branch expands their influence throughout the northern part region of the western side of the continent, the First Kingdom where I am born was in the range of the Orthodox Church’s influence but, the Holy Scriptures Church is holding quite the power in the Second Kingdom and such. Further north, it can be said that it is mostly the Holy Scriptures Church’s sphere of influence.


Alienated and independent sect like the Holy Scriptures Church did not exist three hundred and eighty years ago. Thus, I suppose the Pope and the Cardinals did not consider that I would make contact with the Holy Scriptures Church. However, in those days, within the monastery, there exist priests who criticize the Orthodox Church’s depravity with the holy scriptures as their basis, I have received such criticizing sects’ teachings. Therefore, I did not find it unusual when I found out about the Holy Scriptures Church’s existence after I came down from the mountain, furthermore, I was also able to talk on friendly terms with the Holy Scripture Church branches’ representatives. Hence, for example, even if the excommunication continued as it is, I am able to have a marriage ceremony and also have a baptism bestowed upon my child on the Holy Scriptures Church’s side.

By the way, those churches that believe in the Saviour’s teaching, even further north than the Orthodox Church is the sphere of influence of「Sacred Church」. Their other name is also called「East Emperor Church」, they were the state religion of the Eastern Empire, the empire that split from the Ancient Great Empire but, they are declining since the Eastern Empire’s collapse.


Also, as the religions that similarly believe in the only God, there are those called 「Old Covenant Church」or otherwise 「Chosen Ones Church」, and those called 「Prophet Church」.


The 「Old Covenant Church」is, as the name suggests, those who believe in the old testament with the God who represents the ten commandments, they do not acknowledge the Saviour. Leaving behind a strong feel of ancient ethnic religion, they obstinately believe that they themselves are the only ones chosen by God so they are also being called「Chosen Ones Church」. Although the number of believers is few, they are said to be scattered throughout the world.


The 「Prophet Church」, in contrast, is a new religion raised up by a leader called「Prophet」who is after the Saviour. In their doctrine, the Prophet is the mouthpiece of the only God, the scriptures left by the Prophet are seen as sacred, they stress the importance of upholding the commandments that are written in there. In the「Prophet Church」, the Saviour is the guide of the Prophet and is treated as a saint. Although it was believed primarily in the desert zone even further east from the Eastern Empire three hundred and eighty years ago, I hear they are extending their influence in the old Eastern Empire’s territory and the southern continent recently.


For just being a religion that similarly believes in the only God, there are this many. There is no way I will treat the Orthodox Church that is no more than just one sect amongst these sects specially or whatnot. Even further, beyond the eastern desert, I hear that there is also a Great Empire that believes in an entirely different religion. Like the Orthodox Church, they completely oppress heresy, to esteem a religion that is intolerant to heretics, it will be a hindrance to the world domination hereafter.


I, indeed, believe that the God that I myself believe in as the only God but, I do not think about forcing it upon others. Everybody can just believe in their own God. It will just be that the Gods that they believe is not a God to me. I believe, that faith in the only God is something like that. Oops, I digressed too much.


To the Pope who fell into silence, I repeated my previous proposal once again.


“I, do not have any particular intention to make the Orthodox Church into an enemy. If the Orthodox Church acknowledges my existence, I shall acknowledge the Orthodox Church’s vested interest. I shall also acknowledge the upkeep of the Pope’s territory that serves as authority over the common people and a ten per cent tax as well. However, if you are saying that you will not acknowledge me……”


“You will destroy the church, I wonder if that is what you are saying”


Tsk, the damn Pope, he thinks that I will not do something like that so he daringly came out swinging. Well, that is correct. Correct but, that is not all there is to it.


“No way. I also once trained under the Orthodox Church’s monastery. I will not commit such violent acts. However……”




“What I was taught in the monastery, I shall teach it to all the Orthodox Church’s priests. In other words,「Honourable Poverty」. They have one humble clothing to wear, they rest at night on a hard bed with one blanket, their meals consist of one bowl of vegetable soup, one bread, and one cup of wine. To live by the faith and praise God’s glory, that is plenty. Also, the Saviour has said, 『It is harder for the rich to pass through the heaven’s gate than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle』. Therefore, all the gold coins the church has, the gold and silver candle stands and tableware, the extravagant robes, the luxurious foodstuff, I shall confiscate all of it and distribute it to the people who are unblessed. That, is the grace of God”

“A meal consists of one bowl of vegetable soup, one bread, and a cup of wine, as I thought, monastery life is tough huh~”


Suzuna is expressing her thoughts heedlessly since it is somebody else’s problem but, the colour of the faces of the Pope and the Cardinals whom this matter concerns steadily become worse as I continue with my words. Then, I make doubly sure by pointing to the Pope’s symbol, the triregnum, as I continue to speak.


“Something like that triregnum over there that is decorated with gems and beaten gold, it is unbefitting of someone who herds the lost sheep. For God’s shepherd, I suppose the crown of thorns that the Saviour was made to wear when he was executed is befitting. I have more than enough power to force that to happen”


“Come to think of it, I got interested when I previously saw the movie『Da・Vi〇ci・Code』on television so I read the original work and got addicted to it afterwards, I then thought that I should also write a novel using the Vatican as the material and did research on the internet about various things when I read about it on Wi〇, the Rome Pope in my world several generations ago……which is, the most important person of a religion that has a church that is exactly like this building……he, apparently intended to sell off crowns like this and donate the money to the poor. In the end, he gave up on selling it but instead made it into an exhibit and donated the proceeds to the poor”


Although there are parts I do not really understand from Suzuna’s story, I am struck with wonder at that religious leader’s story.


“As expected of Suzuna’s world, it is ahead in various ways. It seems the priests are also unlike this world, they bear in mind their own duties, how enviable”


After that, I thought of something different, I add the contents to「Teach」.


“And,『Abstinence』also has to be taught. Anyhow, since one can become a magician if they keep their virginity for forty years, under normal circumstances, the monastery and church should have a great number of magicians. Indeed, it is exactly because the monastery has quite a number of magicians that the magic’s research is comparatively ahead and I was also able to learn about magic. But, under normal circumstances, putting those who had a family in the world and then threw those bonds away afterwards and became priests aside, even though those who are above forty years old besides them should all become magicians, why are the number of magicians few? Is it not obvious how many people are committing the sin of fornication! I who is a virgin for four hundred years will have to guide those people onto the right path”


And then, after taking a pause, I further on continue the blame from a different angle.


“To begin with, it seems there are also those who have not committed the sin of having a sexual relationship with a woman. With God having said,『Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth』, as the reason, shouldn’t it be taught at the church that same-sex relationships that have no『Fruitful』 are unforgiven by God. Even so, it seems there are a lot those who misinterpret that it is fine as long as it is not the sin of having a sexual relationship with a woman and did it with another man, especially in the monastery. I will also have to guide those guys onto the right path.”


From the beginning, the「Virginity」 that is kept in order to become a magician, even if the other party is a guy, if the deed is done then it counts as the virginity having been lost. It applies not just to the one「Giving」but the one「Receiving」as well. It is exactly because actions like these are widespread that I considered it better to abandon the monastery and seclude in the mountain in order to become a magician.


To begin with, because the ones advocating the「God does not forgive」when it comes to the same-sex relationships are mainly the priests of the Orthodox Church and such, besides those who serve God, I do not care whether a man loves another man or a woman loves another woman.

“Eeeeeeh, why that sort of a development all of a sudden!? Yukari said 『You ought to know of the classics』and recommended it to me so I read the paperback edition of『The Poem Of Wind and 〇』, if it’s the light stuff then I tasted a little of it but when it comes to BL, I don’t really lik……hah, is it a given to have 『衆道(Shudou)¹』 because it’s a monastery²!? Ah, no, in the first place, the word ‘衆道(Shudou)’ only refers to warriors and monks aren’t included in it, was it?”


It seems Suzuna is confused for some reason, I wonder if the topic of the acts between men is somewhat extreme for a young woman? However, Suzuna, although you using the language of this world unconsciously, only I who understand the language of your world gets the pun of 「修道(Shudou)」and 「衆道(Shudou)」.  Because in the language of this world, the pronunciation is different. ……Well, I suppose she will calm down eventually so I shall leave Suzuna alone.


And then, I asked again while glaring at the Pope.


“Now then, will the church acknowledge me? Or, shall I provide the honourable poverty and abstinence befitting of the faith? Choose whichever you prefer”


The Pope yielded.


Thus, I one-sidedly made the Orthodox Church acknowledge my existence, talk on good terms with the Holy Scriptures Church, established the politico‐religious separation principle. I will not interfere in the faith of the people at all. And then, the various religious powers are also not hostile to me. I was pleased with that.


One day, I will have to have a discussion with the Sacred Church, Old Covenant Church and Prophet Church as well, the religious power further eastern side as well. As a rehearsal for that, it was very meaningful.


And then, my world domination was proceeding well.



¹: 衆道, Shudou: Refers to homosexuality between warriors or samurai in Japan.

²: 修道(Shudou)院 (In): Monastery. 修道(Shudou) means Monasticism. 院 (In) means Temple. 修道院 means Monastery.

It is a pun. 衆道(Shudou) and 修道(Shudou).



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