And then, it has been a pertinacious 3 months. I have finally succeeded in world domination!

……I personally also think that it is absurd to label a mere 3 months as「pertinacious」.


In reality, it was not that big a deal. It was a dynasty of slaves who suddenly rose to the top in the world who rules from the Old Eastern Empire territory to the desert region so they readily capitulated when I recognize their religious freedom and self-government rights for domestic affairs in addition to displaying my strength through a single battle.


Although there was a flood of small countries after that, they readily came under my control without even fighting after an avalanche occurred right when I attacked several countries and placed them under my control.


At the southern side of that, there was an empire that believes in a religion that integrated with a complicated hierarchy class system, but the Emperor became my vassal so, like the other countries, I did not lay my hands on their religion and class system.


The hardest nut to crack was the large empire at the eastern tip of the continent. A large army of five hundred thousand, and in addition to that, it was amazing that they dispatched a troop of five thousand consisting of just magicians, but the Emperor’s spirit broke when I pulverise it with one blast of my paralysis magic.


Even so, because the Emperor says that his honour does not allow him to come under my rule, we pledge ourselves as sworn brothers with me as the older brother and the Emperor as the younger brother,「It has nothing to do with a ruler’s decree, a younger brother obeys an older brother’s 『Advice』」is how it ended up being beautified as.


Majority of the people in the vicinity of the large empire obeys the large empire’s intention so they came under my rule as it is.


It seems that the large empire’s influence does not really reach the nomadic people that were inhabiting the northern grassland region but I readily presided as their ruler after I directly display my strength to them.


Furthermore, it seems the large empire’s influence does not reach the island country that is even further east than the empire as well, the existence of the king in this island country like a figurehead with no actual power and the retainer under the king who is holding the actual power……in essence, the ruler of the military regime……he came under my rule under the guise of him swearing loyalty to both the king and me.


By the way, this island country apparently resembles how Suzuna’s homeland looked in the past, she said「It was apparently something like this a very long time ago」.


Furthermore, a number of various countries on the continent’s western-side were building colonies on the southern continent’s southern-side and the new continent that is across the ocean on the west, and because their homeland settled under my rule, they became my possessions as it is.


It seems those colonies’ residents, they have disputes with the continent’s native people respectively so I prohibited disputes, forbid further colonisations, and repatriated the residents who have migrated. Naturally, I compensated their losses.


In addition to that, this time, I negotiated with the native people and made them recognize my supremacy in exchange for recognizing their religious freedom and autonomy. These guys as well, I easily presided as the ruler after I displayed my strength to them. As for the countries on the southern side of the new continent, circumstances have them firmly believe that I am the legendary god that came across the eastern ocean(It is the western ocean from the first kingdom’s perspective but it is the east for them) so they recognized my rule extremely friendlily.


Besides that, I also headed to and negotiated with the native people of the island country at the northern end, the island country across the eastern ocean from the initial continent’s eastern coast, the small continents and so forth, and made them recognize my rule. In addition, exactly as I had heard from Suzuna, I arrived on the new continent even if I crossed the initial continent’s eastern ocean. I have experienced first-hand the fact that this vast land is of a spherical shape.


Thus, I accomplished world domination. I have become the most influential person who effectively rules the world!


My first longstanding desire of,「Becoming somebody remarkable」, is achieved with this. It is a given. No way anyone who is more remarkable than the ruler of the world exists.


And then, as a commemoration, I elevated myself even higher from「Demon King」and labelled myself「Great Demon King」. Although it is self-professed, it is the ruler of the world who labelled it himself so there is also nobody who criticises it.


However, Suzuna who heard that made a very complicated expression so I tried asking her the reason.


“Uーn, it’s true that you accomplished world domination after all so I can understand you being called the『Great Demon King』 but you know……”


After faltering there, she turned around, looked around my office, and continued speaking.


“These, telephone-like things that are around, they were created in reference to my world’s phone and they are devices to contact each and every country, right?”


“Umu, indeed”


It is as Suzuna has said, there are a lot of communication-use magic tool that is made by referencing the「Telephone」 being set up in my office. A corresponding magic tool is set up in the various countries’ royal palaces and ruler’s buildings, I have made it so that each and every country can get in touch with me.


I actually wanted to make it a magic tool that is similar to the telephone called a ‘smartphone’ that Suzuna possesses, a magic tool that is able to contact all the countries with just one magic tool, but I still cannot create a magic tool that is that advanced. So, I created one magic tool for each country for the sake of contacting each and every country. As there are more than a hundred countries and independent tribes around the world, there also needs to be more than a hundred Telephone Call Magic Tool.


Occasionally, those magic tools ring so I answer and listen to what they have to say.


“It feels like it’s more appropriate to call it a ‘Hotline’ instead though, there are unexpectedly many trivial calls huh”


Naturally, there are also cases where I am being contacted for emergency issues like a disaster is occurring and the citizens’ lives are being exposed to danger so they want help, but it is as Suzuna has said, most of it are「Please help with the river management」 and 「May I get some help with the roadworks」, just issues that are low on the urgency scale as such.


Furthermore, I was able to develop one that is portable in regards to a magic tool that has no communication function but is able to notify me only when there is an emergency so I always carry it around. My emergency communication device displays which country the emergency occurred at when the emergency-use handle that’s on the communication magic tool that is in each and every country is pulled.


It is for that reason that even if I am always around responding to the low urgency request of each country, I am at least contactable when there is an emergency.


Even if it is a trivial request, there are also cases where it is a serious problem to that country so I cannot ignore it as a ruler. That is the duty of one who rules over others. That is why I said this to Suzuna.


“But, as long as I am touting『Improvement to all of mankind’s welfare』as my doctrine, I am unable to ignore their requests”


Thereupon, Suzuna turned around and said this to me after giving a deep sigh.


“I understand that but, it’s somehow like you’re doing nothing but odd jobs~. And I thought of something because of that. Well, there’s an anime that I had watched when I was a child. Otou-san and Okaa-san said『how nolstagic』 while watching the anime that they had watched when they were little that was being rebroadcasted on a local television station and Onee-chan and I were also watching beside them, it’s a work that a『Great Demon King』appears”




An anime is, if I am not wrong, an illustrated story that drawings move and voices and music also play. I was shown it by using the tools known as ‘Television’ and ‘DVD’ when I went to Suzuna’s world previously. Although there are parts that I do not really get, in short, I suppose she is trying to say that she watched a「Great Demon King」’s story that her parents liked when she was a child with her parents.


I as well, have lent my ears to my mother’s bedtime stories when I was young. It might be precisely because of those legends and folklore of the ancient time Hero and Demon King that I started aspiring to be a Demon King. I suppose it is something similar to that.


I was listening to Suzuna’s story while thinking of such things and……


“You know, that 『Great Demon King』, it didn’t rule the world or anything. It also wasn’t a bad person, instead, it was a softhearted person who hates lies……and, it’s increasingly resembling someone huh……in any case, it’s a Demon King who’s normally inside a vase but comes flying out from within the vase when somebody sneezes, it’s a Great Demon King who grants the wish of the person who sneezed with magic. And in addition to that, it keeps failing so it’s comical. When I heard your『Great Demon King』 title, rather than a Demon King who is the ruler of the world, I kinda thought ‘You’re instead like that Great Demon King~'”


I who heard that was slightly peeved and responded.


“Wait, I have not made any failures so I am no comical Great Demon King”


But, Suzuna who heard that pointed out as she stared at me with eyes like she is looking at somebody pitiful.


“You know, I heard previously,『I aspired to be a Demon King in order to take revenge but when I actually became a Demon King, the target of my revenge has long since lived out their lifespan and died』, if such a Demon King isn’t comical then what are you saying it is?”


I was unable to refute even a single word to Suzuna who said that.



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