Chapter 18

The Wedding Banquet Was Held, But The Participants Were Overwhelmed by Their Passion for The Opposite Sex


The wedding banquet was a great success. It was held in the hall of my castle. The decorations were based on my knowledge of the other world. The decorations were based on my knowledge of the other world, specifically from the photos of wedding halls from a book that Suzuna had brought with her. I was impressed by how realistic the illustrations were in Suzuna’s world. Because of religious restrictions, the food and other items were prepared by the royal families and chiefs of the participating countries, and then brought to me in a storage box in a different space, and arranged in table. In addition, the participants were also brought in by my and Suzuna with the help of teleportation magic.

Inside the venue, it looked like a hundred flowers were blooming. After all, there were beautiful young men and women from all over the world. The clothes they wore were also very different from one country to the next. Skin color, eye color, hair color, hairstyle, and makeup were all different.

Incidentally, I was dressed in a “tuxedo” that Suzuna had chosen, which consisted of white underwear and a black top and bottom. However, it seems that it wasn’t the best choice for Suzuna as she was whispering something like

“Uh, I have a strong image of myself as a beautiful girl warrior but if I don’t wear this much, I won’t fit in well with others.”

Incidentally, when I was making this dress, I was strictly warned to keep this in mind: “Make sure the dress fits your body perfectly.”

“Look, clothes, if they’re even a little bit different from your body size, they look very unattractive! The Demon King usually wears a slightly larger size than your actual size, right?”

“Well, it’s easier.”

“Demon King, you’re a rationalist and think that clothing is fine as long as it covers your body, right?”

“Hmm. Well, as long as I don’t make others feel uncomfortable.”

“That’s not good enough. Even if it feels tight, it will look much different if it’s a tight-fitting dress. This is true even if you have a physique problem. Even if you’re plump and …frankly fat, if you wear loose-fitting clothes to hide it, you’ll look even more disgusting. The Demon King has a toned body, so it’s a waste to wear clothes that don’t fit.”

“Is that so?”

To be honest, I didn’t understand anything. As expected of a hero from a different world … No, this is something that being a hero has nothing to do with … She is just a girl from different world.

“That’s right. The Demon King’s rationalism suits the purpose of ‘having an easy time’, but not the purpose of ‘getting along with women’. If the purpose is different, the rational method will also change.”

This lesson really touched my heart. My vision was really narrow. No matter how powerful the Demon King is, there is a limit to the wisdom of one person. After all, he should rely on the wise.

So, I made a dress based on Suzuna’s sample to make sure it would fit my figure well, had Suzuna check it, and corrected any problems.

The woman herself, Suzuna, was wearing a pale sky-blue dress with a long hem that went from her jacket to her waist. It was a very graceful dress, decorated with thin white garments, with long sleeves and a wide opening at the chest and collar. The hair ornaments, called “tiara,” was also splendid, made of silver with vajra stones. I heard that all of these were replicas of clothes and jewelry from the other world. I taught her the magic of analysis and replication, ans she was able to master it right away, which shows that Suzuna is a genius when it comes to magic.

I thought it was beautiful and really suited her, but Suzuna seemed a little unhappy.

“I didn’t get a chance to try it on, so I duplicated it, but it kind of looks like…  I don’t have time to recreate it , so I’ll go with this.”

In addition, Suzuna is three fists shorter than usual. She is even shorter than the rest of us. Since her entire body has been shrunk in a similar shape, her body shape has not become strange. Rather, she is now of a standard height for a woman, and it is clear that she is well-proportioned and has a truly feminine and graceful figure.

Perhaps that’s why so many young men rushed to Suzuna’s side when the party started.

To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the young men’s passion.

No, if only in appearance, I am eternally 20 years old. I should be a splendid young man, but after all, I am 400 years old, so I cannot say that I am young at heart.

But even if I had attended a similar wedding banquet three hundred and eighty years ago, I don’t think my attitude would have changed much.

The reason I felt this way was because I had witnessed the passion young people have for the opposite sex. Both men and women were very active in talking to the opposite sex they were interested in. Men admire the beauty of a woman’s eyes, lips, hair, fingers, and even teeth, while women admire the strength, power, and grace of a man. Sometimes, cultural differences can cause misunderstandings, but even in such cases, the topic of the differences in beauty in each culture is a great way to deepen friendship.

As all of them were royalty and aristocrats, they must have had a lot of training and experience in socializing, but it was really quite impressive. Three hundred and eighty years ago, I would have been so nervous just to be in such a glamorous setting that I would never have been able to actively talk to the opposite sex on my own. I would have run away to a corner to avoid being seen. It was only after I became able to use magic that I became confident in myself.

In addition, at this wedding banquet, a communication tool was distributed to all the guests so that they could communicate with each other even if they could not understand each other’s language. In order to conquer the world, I developed a magic that reads the content of the conversation from the other person’s surface consciousness by applying mind-reading magic, and I made it into a magic tool that anyone can use. It’s just that you can see what the other person is trying to say, but it’s not something that can read the depths of your mind.

I was overwhelmed by the young men’s aggressiveness, and since I didn’t know what to say to a woman, I just stood there for no apparent reason after I gave the opening remarks and announced that we could begin our free exchange. I was told by Suzuna that such an attitude is the lowest level in a normal marriage activity banquet. If you don’t go out aggressively, you won’t get any results. I guess it’s quite natural.

However, I am an exception to the rule at this wedding banquet. This is because the purpose of most of the women is me. It was only natural, since the original purpose was to gather all the girls who wanted to have an arranged marriage with me and meet them all at once. Therefore, not only the princesses of the First and Second Kingdoms that I was acquainted with, but also the princess of the royal family of the New Continent, the daughter of the chief of the female tribe in the south of the New Continent, the sister of the chief of a nomadic tribe in the northern part of the continental island, and even the Pope’s niece (or illegitimate child as she called herself) were actively talking to me. So I decided to probe into the hearts and minds of these daughters and sons by talking to them in a casual manner.

Eventually, the scheduled time passed with great success, and the wedding banquet came to an end. After sending all the participants back to their home countries, we confirmed the “harvest” of the day. In my hand, I had gathered the “business cards” that Suzuna had devised for all the girls. It was a small piece of paper with their name and country of origin written on it, and it was used to contact girls they liked later. Of course, the boys also had a similar piece of paper and gave it to the girl they were interested in, but it was unnecessary for us since we knew all the girls who participated.

“Well, did the Demon King find anyone good?”

When Suzuna asked me after the meeting, I shook my head and answered.

“Unfortunately, there’s no woman for me.”

“Hey, I think there were quite a few beautiful women there?”

“I have never met a woman whose looks I did not like. In the first place, I do not attach much importance to appearances.”

“Oh, I thought you wanted a ‘pretty wife’?”

“‘Pretty’ is not limited to appearance. The mind is also an object of beauty.”

“Oh, I see.”

“From that point of view, unfortunately, there are no women for me. After all, I don’t want to marry a woman who doesn’t speak her heart.”

When Suzuna heard this, she asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“When I read theirr mind with mind-reading magic, their words didn’t match what they actually thought about me.”

As soon as I said that, Suzuna raised her eyes and got angry.

“Hey! That’s against the rules, against etiquette, especially in a relationship! Besides, you don’t want anyone to know what’s on your mind! And who do you think you are, reading someone’s mind and then saying that they don’t fit? Who do you think you are?”

So I answered in a calm manner.

“I am the ruler of this world, the Great Demon King.”

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