Episode 26

I Wanted to Visit an Acquaintance but Got into Trouble


“I’m so glad right now that I was summoned.”

Suzuna said while rubbing her cheek against a kitten with a smile on her face.

Since Suzuna gained the same power as me when she got summoned as a Hero, I thought that her body must be unaffected by illness, just like me. So I pointed out that she might be cured of her cat hair allergy, and the result was this boneless Suzuna. Well, I have a feeling that she had a very similar appearance at first as well.

By the way, I heard that some cats get sick to their stomachs if they are given milk, so Suzuna bought some canned food especially for cats in Japan and fed it to the cats before taking care of them.

At any rate, the “catfishing” operation, which we once thought had failed, has succeeded. A strategy is something that can be flexibly changed according to the war situation!

If the first phase of the operation is successful, then I should conduct a follow-up attack to further increase my ‘kindness’.

“Suzuna, will you come with me for a moment?”

“Hmm? Where are you going?”

“The place where I picked the kitten from.”

“Oh! Let’s go.”

“Then why don’t you change your clothes? We are going to pose as an ordinary townsman.”

As I said this, I used magic to instantly remake my own clothes. Referring to the clothes that George wore the other day during our encounter, I created similar clothes to fit my physique. In the same way, I made clothes similar to the one Marie was wearing and gave them to Suzuna.


Suzuna received the clothes and changed into them in an instant, using her magic to adjust the measurements of the clothes to her own physique. For those of us who can use magic, there is no need for a room to change clothes.

“How does it look on me?”

“It looks good on you. Well, I think you will look good no matter what she wears.”

Along with the clothes, I casually complimented Suzuna. I had read in the manga that unabashed praise in these areas was effective. In the manga, the boy used more flamboyant words of praise, but it was too difficult for me. This is all I can do.

“Yeah? Heh heh.”

Suzuna smiled shyly. She looked really cute.

“Let’s get going then.”

As I said this, I held the kitten in my arms and used magic to instantly move with Suzuna to the back road of our destination.

“Where are we?”

“It’s a town a little northeast of the mountain where the Demon King’s Castle is located and it’s the fortress that’s at the forefront of guarding the border. There used to be a large number of border guards in the castle, but now there are only a few guards.”

This was the Second Kingdom’s defense base against the First Kingdom. Until I conquered both of them, this area was a disputed territory. However, now that both kingdoms are under my control, there is no need for a large army.

“Hmm. So what do you do?”

I responded briefly to Suzuna’s question.

“There’s something that’s been bothering me, and I’d like to look into it.”

“What’s on your mind?”

“Well, I saw someone I know, and I was a little concerned about his condition.”

Suzuna heard this and asked with a suspicious look on her face.

“A person who you know? Does such a person even exist?”

I feel like she’s being rude, but it’s true that I don’t have many personal acquaintances, so it can’t be helped.

“You know him too. This way.”

“What, I know him too?”

With a puzzled Suzuna in tow, I walked through the narrow back streets and eventually came to a small, old church. Several children who were playing in front of it came running up to me when they saw me.

“Yesterday’s uncle, that kitten, oh, he’s getting better!”

The children smiled brightly when they saw the kitten in my arms. Yesterday, when I came to look for cats, I saw that it was injured and hungry, so I promised to take it to the hospital for treatment. I had promised to take her there and heal her. With my healing magic, her injuries were healed, she ate food and became healthy, so I brought her here to see how she was doing.

“Yes. I’ve decided to keep her, but I thought you might want to know how she is.”

“Uncle’s keeping her! Thank you. We can’t keep her because we don’t want to bother the priest anymore.”

An older boy said, looking toward the church.

Just then, the door of the church opened and a man with a strange-looking daughter came out as if he was falling down. He was a priest dressed in a black robe. As if following him, a group of men with bad looks came out of the door.

“Don’t be so stubborn, get out of here! Or give us the girl!”

“He doesn’t want to. There’s no way he’d give it up.”

“You can take the kids and get the hell out of here. Or you can pay back the debt with all of your lives if you can!”

As he said this, the man with the bad looks grabbed the priest by the neck and threatened him. I can’t overlook that.

“Stop it. It’s unsightly.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“I was just passing through, but I’m somewhat acquainted with this priest. If you get any more violent, I’ll call the authorities.”

“Oh, yeah. You can call them. After all, we’ve got the town council behind us! Even if a knight comes, we’ll be spared.”

The man with the evil face said mockingly. How could they be so rotten?

“What? What did you say, girl?”

The man then ignored me and approached Suzuna. Even though she is a girl, Suzuna was still a size taller than the evil-looking man. An angry Suzuna is quite powerful.

“Who do you think you are? Get lost!”

Hearing what Suzuna said the men didn’t back down as doing so because a girl threatened them would dishonor them. They shouted back at her. A man looked at Suzuna’s face and suddenly smiled and continued to speak.

“If I look closely, I can see that you are big and would be great at night. I’ll make you squeal and then sell you to a brothel.”



Suzuna was about to shout something, but before she could, my explosive magic had blown them away. I took it easy so as not to kill them. The sound of the explosion was loud, but it would only cause minor burns and scratches at most.

“I will never forgive anyone who insults Suzuna, especially when they slander the things she cares about! I will never forgive you!”

As I stepped forward to protect Suzuna, I declared to the blown-up men. There is no way I can allow such people to defile Suzuna, even if they are only talking about her! In addition, to say the thing that Suzuna cares about the most, such as “big”, is absolutely unacceptable!


It was no illusion that Suzuna’s voice, coming from behind her, sounded slightly happy.

However, as if to drown out her voice, the men shouted at me.

“You’re a wizard, aren’t you? But do you think you can get away with this for free, huh? We’ve got Master Odaigun behind us!”


“It’s all right. I don’t care.”


“I said I don’t care. I can win. No, because I’ve already won.”

The men’s eyes widened at my words. Then there was a clattering sound, and a group of fully armed knights with swords drawn appeared from the alley. Behind them, a fat man in luxurious clothes walked leisurely.

“It’s time to cut the crap. Even though you are an excellent wizard and a member of the royal family of a neighboring country, you have already been expelled from your country and the Orthodox Church. If you unlawfully cast an attack spell in the city, we have no choice but to arrest you.”

A fat man spoke to the pastor in a sarcastic tone. It seems that he misunderstood that the pastor was not the one who used the magic. He appears almost at the same time as I cast the spell and is accompanied by a group of fully armed knights, so he must have planned to frame the pastor from the beginning.

“Don’t be mistaken, it was I who unleashed the attack magic earlier.”

“Hmm? Who are you? If you try to defend this man, I’ll arrest you too!”

When I spoke to him, he seemed to notice me for the first time, but without thinking, he just threatened me. Foolish.

“If you can do it, do it. I’m telling you, I’m strong.”

“You guys, arrest all of these people!”

The fat man was furious after hearing my words and ordered the knights. Oh dear, it’s unfortunate for them too. I’ll show them my power lightly then.

But the moment the man who seemed to be the captain of the knights looked at me, he threw down his sword and flopped down on the spot.

“Oh, forgive me! I couldn’t disobey the order of the Lord Commander! I couldn’t disobey!”

Oh, this captain seems to know me. When the fat man saw this, he was surprised and shouted at the captain.

“What is it? Captain, what are you talking about?”

“You don’t know this person? I used to be a knight in the royal capital, so I experienced it firsthand when he neutralized an army of over 30,000 in an instant! I’m sorry.”

Hearing the captain’s words, the little fat man’s face instantly paled.

“What?…No way.”

Then, Suzuna stepped out in front of me, got down on one knee, pointed at me with her right hand, and announced in a pretentious tone of voice.

“Hold back! Know your place! Who do you think he is? He is the “Great Demon King”, the ruler of the whole world!”

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