That Time I Finally Threw Away My Virginity, But Our Battle Only Just Begun



“Well, let’s do it calmly today. I won’t hate or despise the Demon King just for a tiny bit of failure”


“Umu, my apologies. I was not myself yesterday”


This place is the Demon King Castle’s bedroom. Tonight……


“I’m throwing away my virginity! Jo〇o¹ーーーー!! is how it is going to be”


“Don’t steal somebody else’s phrase. Especially if you’re quoting from a manga”


I have had the opportunity to read that manga previously. Although I am being teased by Suzuna like so, my heart today is calm. A failure or two is nothing. If twice is not enough then thrice, if thrice is not enough then I will just have to challenge it four or five times!


However, this time around, it was Suzuna who is not calm.


“I didn’t realise it yesterday because I was also freaking out but, Demon King, aren’t you pretty big?”


“Hmph? I have never compared it to other people so I do not know”


“I’ve never seen others before either! But, um, I have a feeling that the size is pretty big when I compare it to what I read in the sex education textbook though……where did the talk of『small』come from!?”


In response to Suzuna’s question, I slightly think about it and answer.


“Now that I think about it, that was just my native country’s princess imagining as she pleased, it was not her impression upon seeing my chef-d’oeuvre”


“U, ge……”


Suzuna whose face stiffened.


“What shall we do? Stop? I do not wish to hurt Suzuna. I have waited for four hundred and six years. After such a long time, delaying it by a few days, no, even a few months or years, is no big deal”


I asked worryingly, but Suzu shook her head and answered.


“Uun, we went through the trouble to openly become a couple. We’ve got to do what ought to be done. I’m also interested in it after all”


It sounded like she is putting a strong front, so I ask again.


“Are you not scared?”


“……Well, I’m scared. However, I’m the『Hero』²!『One Who Has Courage』²!! I won’t lose to something like the fear towards the Demon Kingg!”


It’s because she’s saying it while putting up a strong front that she inadvertently says it jokingly.


“Besides, it’ll be a world crisis if I don’t do something about it……if the Demon King falls to the dark side or whatnot because he can’t do it with me”


“What a terrible thing to say”


Although I was objecting, I was hugging Suzuna’s body tightly and pushing her down on top of the bed.


And then, this time for sure, I have thrown away my virginity……is what happened, but……




“Ar, are you alright, Suzuna. I will immediately cast Healing Magic……”


“Stop! If you cast something like Healing Magic, even the hymen is going to be regenerated, isn’t it!! Are you planning to make me feel the pain again!? No Healing Magic, make it Numbing Magicc!!”


“U, umu, I got it”


“Th, thanks……then, let’s continue”


~~~Nocturne’s Melody~~~


“……Sorry, as I thought, dispel the Numbing Magic. If I have this casted, not just the pain, the other sensations are gone too. I can’t even feel good. Besides……I want to feel, you. I’ll bear with the pain, so dispel it, okay?”


~~~Nocturne’s Melody~~~


“Demon King……”


“What is it?”


“Well, although I know it’s not something that you should store up……but, as I thought, let me say it. Over three hundred and ninety years, is storing too much”


“I am sorry……”


It was yellow, the sunlight that shined in from the window.


……And then, ten months and ten days went by.




“Do your best, Suzuna”


All I can do, is to hold Suzuna’s hand, call out to her, and cheer her on. In spite of the fact that my beloved wife is desperately fighting, how incredibly frustrating this is.


“Yes, breathe in, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe in, breathe out……that’s right, you’re doing wellー”


“Push slightly harder, yes, a little bit more, yes do your best”


The midwife is giving instructions to Suzuna on the breathing technique. The physician is encouraging her to strain while looking at the foetus’ heartbeat and so forth with the medical equipment. Exactly, it was one shot one kill.


Although it is not perfect, it is the leading edge specialist hospital for obstetrics and infant treatment within Japan. As for Suzuna’s childbirth that has no particular abnormality for both the parent and the child, there is no way there is any mistake or whatnot. It is precisely because we thought so that we chose to deliver the baby in this country. And then, I am able to be in the presence of the delivery in this hospital. If I am in the presence, even if something were to go wrong, I will be able to do something about it with magic……is what I had thought, but when I am actually in the presence, the father is unable to do anything.


“Agaa, agagagagaa, aguaaaaaaaaa!!”


Suzuna who raises wild beast’s howl-like voice and holds my hand tightly, just short of crushing it.


“Are you not able to give her anaesthetic from now?”


“I am able to but……what should I do?”


I asked the doctor without thinking, but there’s a voice that tries to stop that.


“St, stop……I’ll, endure, something of this extent……agagagagaa!”


Suzuna’s determination is firm. Even without using the anaesthetic that has the possibility to have a negative influence on the foetus, I am able to get rid of Suzuna’s pain without any harm to the foetus with my Numbing Magic, but she is refusing even that. While earnestly enduring the pain of childbirth.


『In order to become a parent, that much resolution is necessary』


I recall in my mind the words of Suzuna when she refused both the anaesthetic and the Numbing Magic.


It has already been eight hours since the labour pains started. Although the person in question is Suzuna, who has infinite stamina, this long duration of suffering should be draining her mentally nonetheless. And yet she does not give in, how strong she is. It is not because she is the Hero. All the mothers in this world endured this agony and gave birth to their child. It can be said that mothers are all Heroes. It matters not that I am proud to be a Demon King, I am equivalent to garbage before these Heroes.


And then, the Hero’s victory finally came.


A baby’s cry resounded in the delivery room.


“The birth is nineteen thirty-two. Record it”


“Congratulations, it is a healthy little girl!”


I once again held Suzuna’s hand tightly and softly whispered, while hearing the physician and midwife’s voices.


“Suzuna, thank you. You have done well”


“Fufu, it’s, no big deal”


And then, Suzuna, who already has a mother’s face, instructs me.


“Hora, take a picture!”


“Uh, I understand”


I, took into my hands the electronic camera that was left on the drawer unit of the delivery room, and immediately started to take pictures of the baby that’s being wiped cleanly by the nurse. It is on the high sensitivity setting, therefore, it is not necessary to use the flash feature.


In the meantime, Suzuna is receiving postpartum treatment. I will be able to treat her easily if I use Healing Magic but, well, I shall leave it to the physician.


Before long, the postpartum treatment for the mother and child finishes and the baby is being placed on the chest of Suzuna, who’s lying down. As she lovingly hugs her daughter, who is pursing her lips and trying to drink the foremilk, Suzuna says.


“Thank you for being born, Mayu-chan”


We had known that it is a little girl so we had already decided on the name. In my world, she is,『Demon Princess』, Mayu・Suzushiro・Bagatelle. Her Japanese name is Suzushiro Mayu……it is because I took her family name when we married. My naturalisation application to Japan has also been approved and I am currently using the name Suzushiro Touko. I received these characters from a past scholar.


Our daughter’s name’s pronunciation took ‘Ma’ and ‘Yu’ from ‘Demon King³’ and ‘Hero³’. It cannot be said that it is effortless. In the characters, it is being filled with the wish of wanting her to genuinely possess a kind heart⁴.


Like this, the mother and child’s contact with each other called the kangaroo care was taking place, and after a while, the midwife spoke to me.


“It is about time that the Otou-san⁵ is also able to carry her in the arms”


“Here, carry her, Otou-san”


I was urged by Suzuna as well so I gingerly carry up my daughter.




But, heavy.


“Light, yet heavy……”




I’m carrying my very light daughter in my arms, however, it feels like I’m shouldering an extremely heavy burden.


That, is the responsibility towards this living newborn life in these arms. I, have to protect and raise this precious life.


“It is the responsibility. From now, a long long battle begins. A battle, which is to splendidly raise this child into an adult”


“Fufu, you’re right. Let’s do our best together”


“Aah. Our battle begins from now!”


It was something a powerful person who brought about a long period of peace to Japan once said. Life is like unto a long journey with a heavy burden.


I, from now on, until this child becomes independent, have to shoulder that life and traverse the journey of life. Although it is originally a journey that I will walk along with Suzuna, a parent’s journey is a little bit different. It is also a journey to fulfil the final of the three dreams from my childhood,『Becoming a splendid father』.


Bring it on. It is said that there are ups and downs in life. It will probably be a steep uphill from now on. However, I will ascend to the very top.


I, have only just finally started to climb, this endlessly long slope of fatherhood!!




¹: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure reference.

²: Hero:勇者「Yuusha」. One Who Has Courage: 勇気ある者.

勇気: Yuuki, Courage

ある: Aru, Has

者: Mono, Someone

³: Demon King: 魔王: 「Maou」. Hero: 勇者「Yuusha」

⁴:真優: Mayu. 真に優しい心を持って: Genuinely possess a kind heart

真に: Genuinely

優しい: Kind

心: Heart

持って: Possess

⁵:お父さん: Otou-san. Father.

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