Chapter 4: I built a demon castle at a fast pace but I noticed that nobody come to visit me.


I decided to build my own castle.


This place used to be a mountain from my memory which is a part of a big mountain range. No, it can’t be called as simple memory. 380 years, I spent all of that time in this mountain living in seclusion. There is no other place that is better than this to build my castle.


It geographical location is in the border of the first kingdom and second kingdom. Because it was a part of mountain range, the mountain itself become its protection and natural border.


This mountain height is 2,000 times higher than adults. Actually this mountain may have been higher in the past. The top part of the mountain has collapsed and made a big hole where water accumulates and becomes a lake.


My seclusion life was around the lake near the top. I found a cave and I was living there. Because of the height, the air is thing and the temperature is cold. However, there were no dangerous beast monsters as a result.


When I was young, I used to catch fish and rabbits living in the mountain range using traps. I take the meat for food and the fur for bedding and protection from cold weather. In the spring and summer I was able to find some wild vegetables and dry some of it to make pickle for winter ration. Fortunately, there is a large amount of rock salt nearby so I could make cured(salted) meat without problem. I can also gather quite a lot of trees for firewood in the winter.


As I mentioned previously, I also planted some potatoes and vegetables that can be raised even in this climate and used it as food. Sometime rabbits come to steal it from my yard and it was a nostalgic memory that I used to fight against it.


Such life continued even after I can use magic. After my magical power and accuracy got better, I was able to catch deer using offensive magic. I was also able to save more meat and wild vegetables by stopping the time of their aging by making ‘space storage’ magic. It was also become possible to make salt and sugar using magic. As a result, my research on plant is improving and I also learned how to improve the soil using magic.


My former physical body is really poor but fortunately it has become healthy after I lived in seclusion for ten years. Twenty years later after I was able to use magic, I can protect myself from disease related issues. After having magic, I tried various healing magic and in the end I was able to cure my formerly weak body that used to suffer from illness.


When I was 60 years old, I discovered how to convert magic power into life force and my body no longer requires food, drinks, or even breathing and sleep. As a matter of fact, I won’t be able to become sick anymore. I learned about poisonous mushrooms and grass and I could differentiate it from safe food by using the knowledge I learned at the monastery, but by now poison isn’t going to affect me anymore.


After that, I was just engrossing myself in my magic practice. Therefore, some of the mountain slopes around the lake have become totally barren due to the excessive magic exercise performed by me. The topography of the lake itself have been changed because I was practicing some water magic and earth magic.



This place, is the witness of my hard work.


Therefore, I raised the bottom of the lake in the center part. I was making a small island with the lake as the surrounding.


I cut out a lot of rocks from the surrounding mountain range and shaped them into a rectangular parallelepipeds of the same size. I lay them out as the foundation. While stacking them alternately and precisely one on top of the other, I also used some plaster in the gaps to make it firm and unable to be moved.


Regarding the appearance, I tried to copy the first kingdom and the second kingdom but I feel that their aesthetic sense wasn’t that good. I was thinking that it become rather unbearable.


Because I was someone who is originally living in seclusion, I don’t really have special preferences. I also realized that I have no need to show off my wealth by decorating it with gold, silver, and treasure. It was enough just to show off my enormous power.


There is not much room made inside the castle. Aside from my own room and audience hall, I only made some empty rooms. I also made a tall watch tower for the time being, but since there is nothing and no one to watch for, it was just a decoration.


(Tl note: erm.. why I can only imagine a stone cube with a protruding stick in the middle?)


In the first step, for my own room, I put a simple wooden desk and chair and nothing else. Because there is no need for me to sleep so a bed is unnecessary.


(Tl note: nice and simple eh)



On the audience hall, I lay down carpet and put up a gorgeous throne. It is simulated from what I saw on the first kingdom and copy it. I analyzed and re-reproduced the structure and material magically. For this reason, it become the exact copy of the first kingdom hall but it doesn’t matter much.


For the castle gate, I made a strong gate. Finally, I create a bridge that crossed over the lake side connecting to the front of the castle gate. The bridge was made from wood so I can burn it off any time when there is a castle siege.





After making the bride, I noticed there is no need to make it from wood. Because there is no chance for my castle to be sieged in the first place, but it was too late and I didn’t care about it anyway. The only thing I should care is the chance that the bridge need to be fix; because it deteriorates along with the passage of time.


Thus, my castle is completed.


It was completed.


But when I look at it again, there is no one that come to visit it.


The royal castle of each country, it was much easier for myself to go to visit them using ‘teleport’. It is irrational to summon them here. I wasn’t someone that need to show my authority and power by calling them here. It was more logical for me to visit them.


I feel so sorry for the great castle, but for the time being this castle will be a place that I return to while I conquer the world, it’s my temporary ‘home’.


Let’s use this place to relax because I decided to have a day off every week.


At least that’s what I thought.



Indeed, after a month doing various work; solving problem; and waiting replies from other countries to surrender, there is no visitor coming to my castle.


However, at the end of the month while I wait for replies, someone come to this castle. It is also a guest that is not invited.


On that day, I heard that there is a country that replied to my previous letter from the king of the first kingdom. It was possible for them to come under my big wing so I immediately went to visit the country. After some negotiation with the king and the minister, they surrendered before me.


Although I asked them to send a messenger, it was also unexpected for a country to really surrender just like that. Apparently, this country was under the asylum of the first kingdom from the beginning. So it doesn’t matter for them in military or political aspect if they come under the ‘demon king’ protection.


I was gratefully appreciated by them after doing some irrigation system and wasteland cleansing. After finishing some internal issues, I come back to my own castle in a good mood.


When I was relaxing in my room and thought of going to the second kingdom tomorrow; I noticed a huge magical power approaching from a distance at a super high speed.


If you are a wizard, even if you don’t have a mighty magical power like the other party, you can still sense the extent of the other party strength to some point. However, some people could use special means to hide their strength.


The bigger the discrepancy between wizard, the bigger oppression feelings can be sensed. I can feel, someone that come is really powerful. The speed is abnormally fast; it was as fast as the speed of sound. Of course, I can fly faster than this person.


However, if I fly exceeding the speed of sound, there will be a large shock wave generated. I can also use my magic to limit the shockwave but I don’t feel there is any need to fly so fast. So, when I was flying using magic, I try to fly slower than the speed of sound.


The person approaching this castle flying at the same speed as sound so without a doubt this person was strong. This person also has quite the amount of magical power. Well, is there someone else who managed to reach the ‘demon king’ level after training for 400 years other than myself?


I keep on concentrating my consciousness towards the flying person. The magical power fluctuates as the person circles the castle several times and its speed finally slowed down. The person infiltrated the castle from the window of an empty room.


I was amazed.


It was because this person is actually a female.

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