400 Year Old Virgin Demon King

Chapter 9 That time when I encountered an unexpected situation after returning from sending the hero back

“It looks like the crucial part of the summoning magic is this one.”


Saying that, I tried using analyze magic on the crystal ball which was thought to be the controller. And as I had assumed, the magic was put into this. Seems that the burden on the circuit supplying the magic was too much and it broke, making it unable to supply any magic. The circuit for the summoning spell remained unharmed, so I was able to analyze the magic.


Hmm, it seems to be some sort of space magic. On top of the space magic at its core, which brings the person over, it uses search magic to find the person with high magic power first, then after bringing them over, it uses magic to manifest that magic power and also has the magic to put in the local language of this world. There are quite a bit of complicated magic inserted in it which even I did not see before, like the language magic, and the magic to search and bring the person over to this world. I kind of have an idea about the magic manifest since the same happened to me when I became the demon lord but it’s the first I am seeing it as magic.


I see, in my case, I had to train for 400 years… or would it be better if I say I persevered?… to achieve world-scale magic power but for Suzuna, it seems that she had that high level from the start which was released with this magic. And because Suzuna’s magic was way too much, much more magic was needed for it and it ended up putting much more burden on the circuit and it broke down.


Oops, there are quite a lot of interesting things here, but I had already finished analyzing the core summoning magic. I should put off the research for now and send Suzuna back to her world as soon as possible.


“Yep, the main part of the summoning magic was here.”


“Here?! But, when I analyzed this one, except the detection magic, all the others are magic was impossible to understand…”


The court magician asked, so I asked a question back,


“Do you not understand that it is indeed a type of space magic? If you can use instant teleport and other-dimensional storage, I think you should at least be able to feel the resemblance between them.”


“Concerning the other-dimensional storage magic, there has not been any record of it for more than 500 years. And about instant teleportation, it has been 800 years since anyone used it after the creator of this magic circle, Yasuda.”


I understood after hearing that. If there are no users of space magic itself, then the way to make it would obviously be lost.


“I see. This is an application of space magic. And so, as Suzuna and I can use instant teleport. We can teleport as long as we know the world number.”


“World number?”


Suzuna asked, so I started explaining.


“It looks like that besides this world and your world, there are other countless worlds out there. And so, it seems that all these worlds have a particular number assigned to them and the living creature’s souls in that world are also registered with unique numbers. If I analyze you, I would know your number, and if I know that, it will be possible to teleport there.”


“Then, I can return?”


Suzuna asked happily, to which I nodded and started using analyze magic on her immediately. Hmmm….


“Suzuna’s world number is….. or so it seems. By the way, this world’s number is I see, your one seems to be quite close judging by the numbers.”


“…….It.. it somewhat sounds exactly like the IP address dad was talking when setting up LAN at our house.”


Suzuna started saying some incomprehensible things but it seems like the number is similar to something she knows.


“Well, there will be no problem. Now then, shall we go?”


“Ah, wait a bit! In my world, you might not be able to use magic!! So even if you are the demon lord, you might not be able to return.”


I was just about to teleport but was stopped by Suzuna. What, you can not use magic there?!


“You cannot use magic there… what is the meaning of that?”


“You cannot, just like I said before, magic does not exist in my world. It comes up in folktales and fairy tales but there is no one who can actually use it. And so, the source to use magic itself probably does not exist…”


Oops, I had almost forgotten about that. Certainly, the possibility of the source of magic, magical essence existing in her world is pretty low. However, if that is the case, there is a solution.


I brought out the magic battery crystal from the other-dimensional storage.


“Wha-what is that gem?! It is shining so brightly!”


Suzuna asked with sparkling eyes. Yep, girls do like sparkling gems.


“This is called the magic battery crystal–it has magic stored inside. With this, even when the mana inside my body runs out, I can use magic. So, if I have this, I should be able to use magic even if there is no magic essence in the surroundings.”


It was something I created about 80 years ago for times when I run out of magic in my body and I don’t have the time for refilling. If you put in magic into a normal gem, it crystallizes and emits light. It is something anyone can make as long as they can use magic. The light it emits is not as much as a candle but as it can also be used at night for light, it isn’t something rare in this world.


“Then, let’s go.”


Holding two of those crystals on both of my hands, I used teleportation magic with Suzuna and me as the target.


It turns out that there was magic essence also in Suzuna’s world. That too, the same as in my world. So the crystals were completely unnecessary.


In spite of that, why is there no magic in Suzuna’s world? I immediately understood the reason for that. It was exceedingly simple. It was because there were tons of convenient tools which could replace magic. Without even using fire magic, one could light up fire with ‘electric light’, to talk with people far away, one could use a ‘phone’ and there were also a ton of ‘cars’ speeding about which Suzuna was talking about. Also, there seem to be ‘guns’ and ‘cannons’ which also exceed offensive magic.


Of course, I could make magic tools like the car and electric light but it is something only someone of my level can make. I also got to know that if one just had the knowledge and skills used in the factories where these are made, they could also make cars and such.


In my world, to use magic, one has to cut off all female relations for 40 years. There also seems to be a similar legend in Suzuna’s world but it looks like the ones who go through that are still not able to use magic. The substantial conditions needed to use magic are lost in Suzuna’s world. And that is natural as well. Instead of working really hard to learn magic, it is more pragmatic for one to just learn the methods to make these convenient tools or work hard to buy them.


I used language magic which was in the summoning magic crystal and learnt quite a lot of things.


Amongst them, the significant ones were ‘school’ which is an educational institute and the levels of ‘compulsory education’. There are also universities for learning philosophy in my world but there weren’t any educational institute which would provide the knowledge to commoners much less make some compulsory. For poor people like me (even though I say that, we didn’t starve or anything as we were knight class and received payments from the country), there was no way other than to enter a monastery to learn. But in Suzuna’s world, they made these ‘schools’ and made it available to everyone. And exactly because they spread it to everyone, were they able to advance to a level to create tools as convenient as to even rival magic. I would really like to bring this to my world as well when I finish taking over the world.


By the way, it seems like Suzuna had finished her compulsory education and was doing a higher level of education and that navy soldier-like uniform was her school uniform. It seemed to have been navy uniform in her world as well but as to why it is now high school girls’ uniform, I have no clue whatsoever.


Fortunately, it seems Suzuna was on summer vacation, and was at her friend’s house for something called ‘club-activity’ when she was summoned so there was no commotion even when she was gone for 2 days.


When I asked her if that friend of hers was not worried, she replied that that was an excuse for her to go far alone. By the way, the reason she was wearing school uniform and was using ‘club-activity’ as an excuse was also to deceive her parents but for me who does not really get the common sense of Suzuna’s world, it made no sense.


Anyhow, I was able to send Suzuna to her world safely and was able to acquire new knowledge so it was beneficial for me too.


Moreover, I was there for a very short time but I was able to see the shopping district with a lot of people in it and from what I could tell, there was not much a difference in our average heights. In fact, they might be a bit shorter.


I also felt like seeing other different things in Suzuna’s world but as I know how to get there now and also their language, I thought I could come later, so I returned to my world.


Without having to use the magic battery crystal, I returned to my world using teleportation magic. Upon arrival, I heard the demands of the newly added kingdom’s king and princesses to reform the soil and flood system so after doing that, I returned to my castle.


For some reason, Suzuna was there.


“I ended up coming…. Teehee~”


Seeing her say that while putting her tongue out, for the first time I got to know the meaning of the phrase ‘A devil’s smile’…. it is quite big of an exaggeration to call it devil but, oh well.


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