Ch.1 Uncontainable Beauty


What’s scarier than waking up and finding a naked man sleeping besides you?

Five naked men.

This is the situation that Chuyu is facing now.

Waking up from her beauty sleep, Chuyu was faintly aware of the presence of another human. She propped up her sleepy body, opened her still hazy eyes, and randomly, or even casually looked towards her side.

Someone was sleeping comfortably.

She thought it was a joke played by her friend.

But this one glance, made Chuyu felt as if struck by lightning, and all the coziness and leisure vanished.

The youth sleeping besides Chuyu looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old, with long, ebony hair covering his smooth shoulders. He had graceful features, dark bushy brows, and lips like the blossoms of March.

This youth was as dazzling as a girl, but no matter how beautiful, he is still a man.

Any normal girl, when waking up to find an unclad man sleeping besides her, probably wouldn’t be pleased, even if this youth was extremely attractive.

Her brain, which had been muddled because of her sleep, instantly exploded into clarity. Then she realized, even more shockingly, that her body under the quilt was also completely unclad — no wonder she kept thinking that something felt wrong.

Despite the shock, Chuyu began to feel humiliated, the feeling suddenly amplifying. Her whole body began to tremble in this humiliation!

Whatever in the world was going on?

Now did Chuyu realize that the quilt on her was made of very delicate silk, with exquisite embroideries. And the bed underneath was big enough for her to roll at will.

Who is this youth? Why is he sleeping here? And why does she not have any clothes on?

Grinding her teeth, Chuyu was about to wake the youth up, but was interrupted by a slight moaning behind her.

Her body froze.

Slowly turning around, slowly shifting her gaze, she saw another unclad man lying behind her. Finally, Chuyu couldn’t control herself to stay calm.

Shock, horrification, humiliation; complicated yet intense emotions surged in Chuyu’s chest. The sudden changes were too bizarre, so much that her mind blanked out, and in the end she just let out a low, suppressed scream: “Ahhh—-!” She hugged the silk quilt tightly to conceal her naked body.

Aroused by Chuyu’s scream, the two youths beside her quickly opened their eyes, and after the two youths sat up, Chuyu saw that three other youths climbed up from the ground one after another. They all had only a thin sheet of woven silk wrapped around them, which slid to the ground as they got up, revealing their naked bodies.

Chuyu felt her vision go dark, almost fainting, but thanks to her good self-control, she ordered herself that this wasn’t the time to lose consciousness. Even so, she still couldn’t help but feel absent-minded: one, two, three, four, five, there was actually five unclad men. What’s this? The site of a 6p1?

Why would such an absurd scene appear before her eyes?

Chuyu bit her lip hard, her teeth sinking into her soft lips. The slight pain helped Chuyu calm down, making her mind clear.

While Chuyu came back to her senses, four of the five youths had already knelt down by the bed orderly . The youth still standing was the youth that Chuyu saw first. He swiftly reached out, pulling down the loose garment hanging from a screen; the loose piece of clothing stretched out like the wings of a b.u.t.terfly, and settled on his smooth, slender figure.

The sound of the garment slicing through the air broke the dead silence.

This youth was the only person in the room that could be said had clothes on, so Chuyu let her not-knowing-where-to-put gaze reluctantly fall on him.

Then did Chuyu notice, that the clothing was big and loose, very cla.s.sically made; the material was a pure white color, but the collar and the ends of the sleeves had a decorative black edge of about one and a half inch wide, and on the edges were fine embroideries that seemed to reflect a dark light.

With the garment on, the youth’s magnanimity immediately became known. He looked like he was only seventeen or eighteen, had beautiful features and a slight sense of childlike innocence; but the expression in his eyes was so elegant, like the blue skies and white clouds, the rolling hills and rushing streams.

When he had his eyes closed, he seemed beautiful, but when he opened his eyes, all Chuyu could notice was that his expression was so elegant and unattainable, as if the gentle beauty had been entirely washed away by the exorbitant spirit.

Who is he?

The youth, holding the collars of the garment together with one hand and stroking his hair behind his neck with the other, tilted his head to smile softly at Chuyu. Compared to the kneeling position of the other four, the youth seemed to have a  succinct liberty. Others knelt, he stood. He was the only person in the room that could look Chuyu in the eye equally.

The youth slowly approached, parts of his garment rim dragging across the clean floor. He looked at Chuyu gently: “Is everything alright, Princess? Did you have a nightmare?”

An extravagant, sweet smell floated in the air, but Chuyu suddenly began to feel chills running down her spine. Even in this room where it was warm like spring, she couldn’t help but tremble.

Maybe…… This wasn’t a joke at all?

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