Abandoned Reincarnation

Chapter 14 – Making potions


In the next day, after eating an early breakfast, I headed to the guild, received the request to collect medicinal herbs, then left town. Just like I did yesterday.

I’m going to make potions today, so I could have just gone straight to the forest, but I figured it was better to collect herbs while I was at it.

Since it was early in the morning, there were no children collecting herbs on the outskirts of the forest.

They’ll probably come soon though, so I decided to head to the deeper parts of the forest.

I think yesterday’s spring will be a good spot to go to. Not only because people don’t seem to go there, but also because I’ll probably use water when making the potions, so it will be easier on me if I make them in a place with easily available water.

Well, I’ll have to make tools before I can work on the potions though.

On the way there, I also found a horn rabbit, so I killed it, put it in my Storage, then safely reached the spring.

Aria, who had been invisible until just now, happily flew to the spring, just like yesterday. She seems to really enjoy this place.

“Well, let’s start with making the tools.” I said to myself.

As for the herbs, I still have some that I gathered yesterday, and I got a few more on the way here, so I don’t need to worry about them. Let’s focusing on making the mortar with earth magic.

When using earth magic, you care a lot about the shape of the final product created by it, so you need to pay a lot of attention to the patterns of your magic circle.

There’s a plethora of patterns available, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you can make almost anything for as long as you can remember the right patterns and assemble them appropriately.

Well, I’m still researching plenty of the patterns though, so I’m far from being able to make anything.

Of course, making something as simple as a wall is very easy, but the same can’t be said for a mortar.

A mortar needs to be bowl-shaped and have fine protrusions inside it… It’s quite difficult to figure out a magic circle that could make that, huh?

This goes here… Then this pattern goes there…

I spent dozens of minutes carefully thinking about all the patterns I know of, and how to properly arrange them to get the result I wanted.

But finally, I finished creating the magic circle.

So, I put my hands on the ground and imagined the magic circle I created earlier.

Once I channeled my magical power, a magic circle appeared on the palm of my hand, and the ground swelled up.

What appeared was a splendid mortar.

I also made a pestle at the same time, which made the process take longer than it would be otherwise, but these are the perfect tools to make what I want, so it was worth it.

When I touched the mortar, I could feel the texture within the brownish pottery. The fine protrusions were properly carved inside it, which makes it perfect for grinding medicinal herbs.

It was tough, but I’m glad I was able to make good tools.

Now that this part is ready, let’s sit by the spring and start making potions.

I put the medicinal herbs inside the mortar and started grinding them out with the pestle.

Slowly but surely, green juice started coming out of the herbs. This should be the main ingredient for my potion.

Then, I started adding the appropriate amount of spring water and continued grinding it.

As time passed, I started combining various medicinal herbs, while making sure that the amount of water felt appropriate to the amount of herbs.

And after a while, the green liquid started glowing with a faintly phosphorescent light.

I tried using Appraisal on it right away, and it seems like I did make a recovery potion on my first try. I’m quite pleased with those results.

However, it seems to be slightly less effecting than a low-level recovery potion… Did I dilute the potion too much? Or perhaps I combined things in the wrong order? Maybe the wrong proportion?

I’ll have to make this more times in order to verify the hypotheses.

But well, even if its effect is weak, this is still a potion. I don’t think it will sell for a good price, but I’ll keep it for now.

… Wait, I don’t have a bottle to put my potion in.

Should I make it with earth magic…?

No. I want to put it on a glass bottle. The potion I bought was in a glass bottle, so I’d like to put mine in one too.

Then I guess it’s time to use fire magic. I know how to make glass, but I wonder if it will work out if I try using the soil and stones around here.

I made a small box with earth magic and turned it into a simple furnace.

Then, I filled it with soil and started baking it with fire magic until it became mushy.

After that, I scooped it up with a stick, made a hole in it, then started shaping it.

I was a bit worried about the possibility of the fire spreading to the forest, so I paid extra attention to it, making sure no accident would occur.

“What are you doing?” Aria approached me and asked.

“Mmm… I’m making glass.” I replied.

Aria seemed to be frowning a bit at the hot glass… I guess she doesn’t like the heat much?

I worked for a few minutes, while being watched by Aria.

I had a hard time shaping the glass at first, but after trying it a few times, I gradually got the hang of it and was able to make a small bottle.

Alright… I can use this once it cools down.

I thought this was going to be a simple project, but it turned out to be a lot of hard work. I’m even feeling a bit out of breath now.

Well, the bottle was safely made, so it’s all good.

… Though it’s already dusk, and I’m quite tired, so I’ll end the experiments here for today.

After the glass bottle cooled down, I poured the liquid from the mortar into it.

The shape is a bit different from the potion I bought, and it’s also a bit distorted, but I’m proud of this product.

I’ll have to do my best tomorrow too, so as to make an even better potion.

On the way home, I passed by the outskirts of the forest and saw that there were children gathering herbs today too.

I tried looking at them out of curiosity, but they don’t seem to be having great results.

There are quite a few people searching for herbs here, so this area’s herbs are almost completely exhausted… Still, when considering the danger of facing monsters in the deeper areas of the forest, it might be more prudent to keep searching here anyways.

And, while I was looking at them, I met a boy’s eyes.

As soon as he saw me, he stood up, moved my way and yelled, “You! Did you go deep into the forest again!?”

His shouting made me flinch… Isn’t he the boy that I met yesterday? Why is he so angry?

The surrounding children also seemed to be looking at us, wondering what was going on, as that boy started yelling out of nowhere.

“Didn’t I tell you that the forest’s depths are dangerous!? There are monsters living there!

“If a monster found you, you’d be eaten up in an instant!” The boy shouted.

He has been yelling from the beginning to the end, but his expression was very serious. He seemed to be genuinely worried about me.

This boy is big when compared to the other kids in the surroundings, so he might be their leader.

Maybe he has a sense of responsibility. Perhaps he feels like he has to take care of the other children and help them avoid danger… That’s probably why he warned me about this yesterday.

“I’m sorry, but I’m fine.” I told him.

“You don’t even have any intention of reflecting on your actions!? Monsters are terrifying! You might really die if you meet them!

“Don’t try saying you’re fine when it’s this dangerous! Stop going into the forest’s depths!” The boy yelled.

Well, I guess it’s not wrong to try earning money in a safe manner, but what about growing as an adventurer?

If you wish to aim higher, then you’ll probably start doing subjugation requests eventually, and it would be dangerous to try those out without having any experience facing monsters, so I don’t think it’s bad to go deep inside the forest.

… Well, these kids might not even be aiming to grow as adventurers.

There are plenty of reasons to why a child might become an adventurer. Like being an orphan or being abandoned by one’s parents… A child who goes through that doesn’t have much of a choice other than being an adventurer, regardless of what they might want.

They might not want to risk their lives doing anything dangerous, but they need to earn money if they want to get enough food to eat and get by the day, so they might register as adventurers to earn at least a small bit of money.

Back in my village, magical talent was essential for anyone who aimed to become an adventurer, for those without magical talent cannot fight.

After all, without magic, one can only fight with their own bodies or with weapons. And we didn’t have neither fighting instructors, nor healthy meals, nor the money to buy those weapons. The children here probably didn’t have access to those things either.

So, it can’t be helped that these children are overly wary of monsters. They don’t have the strength to fight, but they need to take a risk if they want to earn even a small bit of money, so they have to be extremely careful during their herb gathering.

However… “Thank you for your concern, but I’m fine. I can protect myself.” I told him.

“I-I-I don’t care what happens to you then!” The boy shouted, turned around, and started walking.

I was abandoned myself. I understand the pain of not being able to receive love from my parents.

If possible, I’d like to do something for these children, but what can I even do?

I’m just a girl who can use magic. I don’t have the money to provide support for them.

“… Wait.” I told him, as I realized there was something I could do.

He stopped moving, turned around, and asked, “… What is it?”

“Take this.” I then gave him the potion bottle that I bought at the tavern.

Then, I left.

I know that gathering herbs doesn’t pay well, and it must be particularly unprofitable to do gathering in this area whose herbs have been almost completely exhausted.

Therefore, these children are most likely unable to afford buying a potion. Even a low-level one is probably too expensive for them.

Moreover, they might not be able to afford visiting a healer either, so even if they do survive an encounter with a monster, they might die later on from having their wounds untreated.

That’s why I gave this boy a potion. Perhaps this could save someone’s life.

… Well, it’s just an act of self-satisfaction in the end.

With this kind of thought in my mind, I returned to the city.

After going to the guild and reporting the completion of the request, I returned to the inn.

The reward wasn’t that good today, as I spent most of my time making the potion instead of gathering herbs… But well, it was fine, as I got a good result on this day of experimenting.

“Good work out there. So, how do you feel about your potion?” Aria asked me once we were inside my inn room.

“Thank you. And it’s a passable result.” I replied.

Even though this was my first try, I still knew the ingredients and had a vague understanding of how to combine them to reach the effect I wanted.

It was all intuitively done though, just like how it works with the magic circles. I simply understood that if I tweaked things here and there, I would be able to get the results I wanted.

Could this also be because of my memories of my previous life?

Coming to think of it, I feel like my personality has also changed quite a bit because of them.

In the past, I was shy and had a hard time talking to anyone other than my relatives, but now I can speak normally, even when I’m at a loss for words.

I guess I’ve been feeling calmer now… Or rather, I’m somewhat unfazed by other people’s words.

“Are you going to try it again tomorrow?” Aria asked me.

“Yeah, I’ll do it for a while.

“… I feel a bit bad for that boy though.” I replied.

Aria giggled, “That boy certainly had quite the amazing angry look, didn’t he?”

I feel sorry for him, but I’m really not going to follow his advice.

Monsters are certainly terrifying, but I can use magic, and I have a strong ally with me, Aria.

For as long as I have the initiative, I should be able to defeat monsters without getting hurt.

And even if I do get hurt, I can still use healing magic, so… At the very minimum, I feel like I’m much safer in the depths of the forest, than those children are in the outskirts.

“I don’t think he is a bad boy.” I commented.

“Well, why don’t you ask him for his name next time?” Aria suggested.

Oh. Now that she mentioned it, I didn’t ask for his name at all.

He was yelling from the get-go, so I didn’t think of it… I should ask him on the next opportunity.

Well, either way, I’m quite tired now, so let’s go sleep early.

After saying good night to Aria, I laid down on the bed, and it took no time at all for me to peacefully fall asleep.

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