Abandoned Reincarnation

Chapter 2 – A Small Fairy

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How much time has passed?

Since then, I have been repeatedly awakening and fainting multiple times.

The pain in my arm is gradually subsiding, but my whole body still aches, not to mention the unbearable pain of my broken leg.

Also, the headaches have only strengthened since, and now each moment awake has become blurrier and blurrier.

I still have to treat my injuries and search for food, but my body doesn’t listen to me… 

Will I really die here?

While thinking that, I lost consciousness once more.


I thought that that was my last moment awake, but a soft touch on my cheek caused my consciousness to clear up once more.

I was barely able to open my eyes. What was in front of me, was a human figure.

Am I finally getting picked up? I don’t know if it’s an angel or the grim reaper, but I’m sure I’ll finally be free from this pain now.

So, I closed my eyes and waited.

… And yet, nothing happened. While I wondered about when I was going to be carried away, that person spoke to me, “Hey are you okay? Are you alive?”

“… Huh?” I forcefully opened my eyes again.

This time I tried to focus my blurred view a bit more, and I noticed that… The person in front of me was way too small.

Her body was small enough to fit on the palm of my hand; her hair was of a bright green; and her face looked tidy, even if it also felt a bit childish.

Also, thin, translucent feathers sprout out from her back.

She wore a dress and was fluttering in front of me.

… This person may look like a human, but she was clearly something else.

“It’s unusual for a human to be in a place like this one. Could you be a lost child or something?” She asked me.

“… Fairy?” I muttered.

If I wasn’t hallucinating, then this person in front of me should be a fairy.

The fairy was staring at my face with her twinkling sapphire-colored eyes. She was exactly like the fairies I heard about in fairy tales.

I blinked my eyes a few times to make sure of what I was seeing.

Fairies do exist in this world, but they are rarely seen. They are great magicians, and there is nobody better than them at stealth magic.

Their bodies are also very small and difficult to find, and even if you do see them, they would quickly escape.

Therefore, there should be no chance of me ever meeting up with a fairy.

“Oh, I’m glad. It seems like you can talk.” She said.

“Why…?” I muttered.

I couldn’t hide my confusion when faced with such a rare existence that I should never meet in my lifetime.

I heard that fairies lived deep within forests or caves, so it could make sense for her to be here, but still, I never heard of a human finding a fairy like this. They’re supposed to be quite cowardly and immediately escape after being seen…

My head still feels hazy. I can’t think properly…

Could this be a dream? I was fainting and waking up a lot, so this certainly could be a dream.

It’s way more likely for this to be a dream than reality at the very least.

… What a dream this is.

Now that I’ve realized it is a dream, I know that nothing will come from it… Still, even within a dream, it’s an honor to meet a fairy.

It’s said that fairy tears have a miraculous healing effect. The kind of power that can even bring people back from the brink of death.

I guess that’s why I’m dreaming of one. My desire to be saved made me dream of a fairy…

“Huh? Did you fall asleep again? Heey!” The fairy exclaimed.

I wanted to see her more, but my severe headache seems to remain even within my dreams.

It was too hard to keep my eyes open… I felt like something was tapping on my cheeks, but I didn’t mind that either.

Once again, I let go of my consciousness.


After a while, I woke up again.

Or rather, I should say that I finally woke up, since I had been dreaming until a small while ago.

I opened my eyes and could see the blue sky far away in the distance. Its colors may change as time passes, but the scenery I see is basically the same each time.

I wonder how many days have passed since then… It’s hard to be sure with how many times I fainted and woke up, but I think I saw at least two nights, so two days must have passed.

I have run out of energy to move by now, so… I suppose I can only wait until death inevitably takes me.

I feel like I’ve lived a long time for someone who was on a situation where death could come at any moment… Perhaps I delayed the inevitable by unnecessarily treating my wounds.

I will die in the not-too-distant future. 

I’m scared of dying, but I’m still rather calm about it… I think I may have given up on surviving.

If I were to survive, someone would need to pass by this place by chance, kindly treat my wounds and share food with me.

They’d also need to take me to a village or a town where other people could take care of me in the long run.

I mean, it would technically be enough to treat my wounds and give me some food, as I could try procuring more food for myself within the forest, but… There are ferocious monsters within these woods.

They didn’t appear often at the ends of the forest, which were the only parts I went through back when I lived in the village, but… I’m in the deep parts now. The chances of encountering a monster here are considerably higher, and there is no way someone will coincidentally come to this place and find me.

In other words, I have no chances of survival.

Besides, it’s not like I have any reason to live anymore anyways.

I’d be confused if someone asked me the reason I lived for back then, but I could at least say that it was for the sake of my beloved family.

But now that I have been abandoned by my parents, I don’t really have any purpose in life.

What will happen when I die, I wonder? Will I go to heaven or hell? Or will I perhaps reincarnate again?

If I reincarnate, I hope I can make a better use of that next life…

“Oh, you’re awake. Good morning.” A girl said.

As I thought about those things while looking at the clouds, I suddenly heard those words.

When I raised my head and looked in the direction that the voice came from, I saw a small person. She looks exactly like the fairy that I dreamed of.

Flying in the air with translucent feathers on her back, she held a nut on her hands. A nut that was about half her size.

… Am I still dreaming?

No, I should be awake this time. I don’t think I would dream of a fairy, wake up, sleep, then dream of a fairy again… I mean, I don’t remember ever seeing a continuation to my dreams. Not in my ten years of life, nor in the other thirty years that I went through before.

So what is going on here?

“Can you get up? I don’t think you’ll enjoy this, but it’s better than nothing.” The fairy asked me.

I still am unsure if this really is a dream or not, but the fairy brought the nut close to my mouth, so I suppose I should eat it.

I mean, even if this is a dream, being able to eat something when I’m this hungry is certainly a very attractive proposition.

… But is it really okay for me to eat it? 

If this is reality, then I’ll probably die by tomorrow if I don’t eat it now.

… Or if I put it in another way, there is a chance that I won’t die today if I eat it.

I was thinking about it earlier, and I still can’t find it… What is the meaning to my life? 

Won’t I regret trying to stay alive? Won’t I, in the future, regret eating this? Because it might stop me from dying?

I don’t want to die, but if one asks me if I want to live, I just can’t find any reason to say ‘yes’.

I was abandoned anyways… 

My family was hoping for me to die…

If dying will be useful for my family, then isn’t it better for me to accept this fate and die gracefully?

“This isn’t poisoned. Eat up.” The fairy said.

While I was thinking about whether or not to eat the nut in front of me, the fairy forced it into my mouth.

I reflexively bit and swallowed it right away. And at that moment, I felt a tremendous heat take over my throat and I started coughing.

… What is this? It is the same kind of feeling I got when drinking strong alcohol, but it came from a nut that looked very similar to ones I often ate back in the village.

It’s pretty similar to it at least, but it’s much sweeter. I thought freshly picked nuts were supposed to not taste very good, but this was… It had a very strong taste at the very minimum. I never had anything like it before.

I then stared at the fairy, who was looking at my reaction from eating the nut that she brought… Judging from her expression, it seemed like she already expected this to happen.

“Because this is a locus of magical power, everything here is filled with magic. This kind of nut isn’t suitable for the human mouth.” The fairy told me.

“… A locus of magical power?” I repeated.

It was the first time I heard of that. I know that you need magical power to use magic, but are there places where it naturally accumulates?

“Yes, magical power is abundant in nature by default, and sometimes it naturally starts concentrating in certain locations. That’s what a locus of magical power is.” The fairy explained.

Supposedly, all things should have magical power within them.

When humans use magic, we consume a bit of our own magical power to release a spell, but we’re not the only ones who can use magic.

Some monsters can use it too, and some plants also have large amounts of magical power.

Coming to think about it, if magical power exists everywhere, then it should be no surprise that a place where magical power naturally gathers exists.

“Usually, when a human stays in a locus of magical power for too long, they tend to get sick, so… Why are you in such a place?” The fairy asked me.

She then sat down on my chest and stared at my eyes with interest.

I was still laying on my back, so it was a bit of a weird position… This is still a dream, right?

No, let’s admit it, this is reality. 

I feel that the pain in my body has eased to some extent, probably due to recovering some strength after eating the magical nut.

I was on the verge of death, but I was now able to recover thanks to the fairy in front of me. 

It would be very rude to not answer her question in these circumstances, so… I told her about my situation. 

About how my parents abandoned me; about how I was lost in the woods; about how I fell off a cliff while aimlessly wandering around in my search for home.

By the end of it, the fairy’s expression was bitter. The kind of expression you’d make if you had just eaten an insect.

“I can’t understand why humans would throw someone away just because they think the person is useless. I’d never be able to throw one of my companions away.” The fairy told me.

I wonder if she is feeling sympathetic towards me?

Certainly, the situation of being abandoned by one’s parents does deserve sympathy, but at the same time, my village was a very poor one. It was not uncommon to abandon children who were just another mouth to be fed.

… I just never thought that would happen to me.

In any case, I never expected to receive sympathy from a fairy, so I couldn’t help smiling a bit at that.

“Aren’t you frustrated?” The fairy asked.

“Eh?” I didn’t know how to reply.

“I’m asking if you aren’t frustrated at it. As far as I can see, you haven’t done anything wrong and are not a bad person. You were just a bit unlucky and that was enough for them to abandon you? Are you okay with that?” The fairy asked me.

I had magical aptitude, but basically no magical power… One’s magical power is determined by nature.

Although it may grow a little through training, one’s magical power should be close to its ceiling by the moment of their birth.

When thinking about that, I was certainly unlucky to be born with such little magical power.

Am I frustrated? 

I was betrayed and abandoned by my parents. Their actions brought me to the brink of death… Thinking about it, it’s only natural to get angry at them.

However, I don’t feel like getting revenge on them.

I loved my parents. I wanted to keep on doing my best to help them.

Even at times when I was covered in mud, I was always at my happiest just from hearing their occasional compliment.

I really did my best for them…

They were irreplaceable to me…

But that was before I was abandoned, wasn’t it? I just… I can’t really think of them as family now, can I?

My family should now only be my older brother and sister. They actually loved me, didn’t they? They’ll miss me the next time they come to the village, won’t they?

I… I may still respect my parents as people, but… When thinking of them as parents… I just lost my ties with them as family, didn’t I?

“I’m not… Caring about it anymore…” I replied.

I didn’t have time to think about it before because I was dying, but even now that I found some hope for life, I still don’t feel anything. I just… Can’t care about my parents anymore.

“Don’t care about it? That’s some serious problem, you know!?

“Don’t you want them to at least re-examine their decision?” The fairy asked me.

“Re-examine?” I asked back.

“Yes! Become strong and show them that it was a mistake to give up on and abandon you.” The fairy told me.

To make them re-examine their decisions… I… I didn’t think of that at all.

I told myself that my parents didn’t matter to me any longer, but I’m sure I was still expecting it somewhere in my heart. Expecting that I’d be able to help my parents and be complimented by them.

Perhaps… Perhaps that alone might be enough to make it worthwhile to live.

I feel like I still want to help my parents. I want to help them and make them care for me again.

I see… If you lose sight of the meaning of life, then you just need to find it again. 

Showing my true worth to my parents can certainly be enough of a goal to give purpose to my life.

“That might actually be nice.” I muttered.

“Indeed, indeed. Go and make your comeback! Show them that I didn’t help you for nothing!” The fairy started nodding, seemingly satisfied at herself.

Coming to think of it… The pain in my body has mostly disappeared.

At first I thought that eating some food had helped me improve my physical condition, but if I think carefully about it, there is no way that that pain would disappear just by biting some nuts.

Injury-healing potions often used by adventurers can be quick at removing the pain, but there is no way that a nut, even if it’s filled with magical powers, could bring an effect as amazing as that one.

I checked my body. The upper part of my right arm’s elbow, which used to have a severe wound in it, now only had a small mark remaining there, and no more blood was leaking out of it.

The bruises that were everywhere on my body had completely disappeared, and I felt no pain from moving around.

Only my broken leg still hurt, but it was more of a pain that you’d feel from a light sprain, not from a broken bone.

“… Did you save me?” I asked her.

“Yep. I did.” She replied.

I stared at the fairy. It’s well-known that fairy tears have miraculous healing powers, but fairies rarely cry.

Fairies are really hard to catch, and even if one does catch them, fairies won’t ever cry unless they’re in front of someone they trust from the bottom of their hearts.

In other words, this fairy trusted me.

… But why? I haven’t done anything to earn her trust. I was just dying and fainted multiple times on the spot. I don’t get why she’d take a liking to me and save me.

“Why?” I couldn’t help asking.

“There is no why. It was just a whim. There was just something about you that attracted me.” She replied.

There was a fairy tale of a pure-hearted brave hero who met up with a fairy. The fairy was said to have helped the hero and healed his wounds in his time of need.

… I don’t think I have the heroic nature of such a hero, but the fairy said those words with a very serious face.

I don’t know how to return this favor. Just what is a human that a fairy took a liking to is supposed to say? What does she expect of me? I don’t know.

“In any case, I’d like you to stay with me from now on. You okay with that?” She asked me.

“Uhn…” I had a hard time making a reply.

She gradually moved closer to my face. 

With she being this close, I could see that the enthusiasm in her small eyes was genuine. This fairy seems to really want to be with me.

I am just getting more and more confused about this. What is the benefit of being with me? What does she expect from a small girl who has just been healed from her injury, but does not even know when she’s going to die?

Receiving the blessing of a fairy is a miracle that I could have never hoped for, but is that okay? I have nothing to give in return to her. Is it okay to just accept her whim and be glad I had the honor of receiving her help?

“I am… Completely useless, ain’t I?” I told her.

“Doesn’t that depend on what you do from now on? 

“If you think you’re useless, then you can do your best to become useful.

“Though well, I wouldn’t mind it even if you were useless, and I don’t think you are.” She replied.

“Why are you so kind to me?” I couldn’t help asking.

“If you really need an answer, then it’s because I like you.” She replied.

Because she likes me?

Has anyone ever said they like me?

I was praised by my family before, but nobody ever said those words to my face.

Saying that it’s because she likes me is a pretty vague reason, but… I suppose the reason might not matter. She wants to be by my side because she wants to be by my side. That’s enough of a reason to her.

Then what about me? Do I want to be with this fairy?

… I honestly don’t know. I have only known her for a couple of minutes, but it’s true that she has helped me.

I suppose the bare minimum I could do, would be accepting her suggestion as repayment for all that she has done for me.

I have nothing to give her as thanks, so I suppose I should just try my best to find something anyways.

This was a life that was supposed to have been lost already, so I guess it’s not a bad idea to stay alive and try finding new goals.

Then, my answer has been decided, “… If you’re okay with me, then I’d like you to stay by my side.”

“Really? Hooray!” She exclaimed.

She then held my hand with her tiny hands. I gently squeezed her hands back, so as to not crush them.

When I gave a soft smile back to the smiling fairy, a gentle breeze blew past us.

“By the way, I didn’t introduce myself.

“I’m Aria, nice to meet you.” She told me.

“I’m Haku. Nice to meet you too, Aria.” I replied.

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