Abyss Domination


A few changes from Re:Library’s Chapter 2-

Solon → Sauron(索伦), reason will be clear in a far future.

Half-fairy —> Half-elf (半精灵)

Ordinary class —> commoner class (平民)

Heath —> Caesar (希斯). Where did Heath even come from? That translator is weird

Clash of the Titans —> Godswar (诸神之战), DnD reference

Chapter 3: The Graveyard


The roads were muddy after the rain.


They were always boggy in the slums, each step causes muck to splash all over. Occasionally, fecal matter and trash get washed out by the rain, resulting in a permanent stink in the air. A large amount of people with empty faces can be seen bustling in the thick rolls of huts, they need to sort out their homes and then rush to the ports to search for manual work. Water seeps into a lot of houses here every time it rains, and sometimes tragedy strikes in the form of a collapse.


Sauron lifted the cold corpse of the old dog as he walked on the foul roads. Vivian held his hand as she walked behind him, her face pale.


Caesar is dead!


The ancient dog that had been by her side at birth had finally reached the end of its life.


They planned to bury it, as if it were a human.


It deserves this!




“That’s Sauron!…He’s awake!…”


“Looks like shit’s getting real.”


The people can’t help but whisper, with a hint of awe in their eyes. The youth before them was an adept thief who could easily take down three to five grown men, some say he once used a dagger and nailed a fly in mid-flight. Balas and Kapono, two thugs from around the block, have been plotting to make a move on Vivian ever since Sauron lost consciousness. Rumors claimed that the pair had been paid in advance by Shusia, and they had been making frequent rounds warning people to mind their own business!


No one was willing to stand up for the young girl. They fear the thugs, and lack the ability to fight them.


“Big Brother.”

“Where are we going?”


Vivian wore a ragged dress made from pieces of cheap linen. The quality of the material and the craftsmanship are both terrible, something only the people of the slums would wear. Sauron may be a first class thief, but a bandit gang leader was above him in rank. Most of the steals had to be tributed, and what remained were only enough to ensure the bare necessities.


There’s a rule of survival for folks on this side.


No matter how proficient a new thief was, he couldn’t possibly challenge this rule.


“The Graveyard.”


“Caesar should be buried there.”


Sauron looked at the intimate yet alien view before him, unconsciously overlapping the sceneries in his memory. Amber City sounded vaguely familiar, because he once heard of its name in-game. However, the epics had already begun. A horrifying energy exploded amidst the chaos of space and time, the gods temporary lost their divinity and were forced to descend among mortals as saints. Those were turbulent times. From time to time a god successfully returns to their kingdom, or when a mortal successfully slays a god. The players were merely a part of this, in fact they could even be considered as an insignificant part.


That’s because in “Godswar”, players only had 3 lives.


Their Constitution attribute permanently loses 3 points every time they resurrect, and in the end they could do nothing but reincarnate their souls.


It was a time where many strong players rise, yet fall just as quickly!


This was a stage for all.


It was only when the gods returned to the temple of ten-thousand gods did the Time of Troubles end, and the catastrophe of epic proportion drew to a close.


One-third of the gods fell in the Temple of Ten-Thousand Gods!


Even powerful gods like the Goddess of Magic, Lord of Order, Mistress of the Night, and Demon Lord of Terror all perished in this chaos.


Soon, the prologue of an even greater turbulence will be unveiled.


The throne of gods fell from the heavens, and countless divine realms crashed into the mortal realm below, each becoming a unique plane of existence.


This—was the realm of gods.


The players had experienced a long and unforgiving period, only the surviving few were qualified to explore its depths.


As for the professionals who have fallen, they must start anew. They’ll have to raise their profession levels to high-tier in order to explore the divine vault of even the weakest god, the god of Kobolds “Kurtulmark”. (1)


Memories of strife floated to the surface.


The familiar images before his eyes showed Sauron what kind of anarchic period this world will face.


God-transformed saints will split the earth, altering over twenty continental plates below them. Three of those plates will terraform into a sea of fire, frigid ice, and a land of death. The shadows of hellish demons will run rampart, enticing men’s hearts to cause waves of slaughter. They are existences that could even manipulate players. Abyssal Devils tear the skies, and descend amidst an indefinite crimson. Twenty strongholds with populations of over a million will be slaughtered to naught, merely after the first day of the Abyss’ awakening!


This was the ‘Dusk Era’ the players spoke of.


It was the dusk of the gods; not only was it their collapse, it was everyone’s loss and suffering.


In this upheaval that enveloped the entire cosmic plane, everyone died at least once. Even Sauron had completely fallen, his soul forced to reincarnate in the netherworld.


Nobody could escape the carnage!


Even players with inborn hero-class templates were squashed like a bug!


This was the era of saints.


It was also the era of gods!


And above all, the last triumph of the heavenly gods!


The end of the chaos marked the beginning of the mortals’ era, countless divine realms waiting for them to explore everything that they could ever desire.


Be it mighty strength, endless fortunes, or even immortality!




The Graveyard isn’t in the slums.


There’s only a mass grave where corpses are periodically dumped in the slums. The scavengers would pick the corpses clean, and wait for the feral dogs at midnight. Sometimes the corpses vanish into thin air, taken away by evil casters. What happens to those corpses is a tale no one wants to hear.


Caesar can’t be buried in the mass grave.


Sauron had already noticed the greedy stares of many, for what they saw was a hunk of delicious dog meat.


Sauron believed if he buried Caesar in the mass grave, somebody’s going to dig it out that very night. They’ll skin it, and turn it into a huge dog stew.


This was the slums!


Most people that live here are close to starvation.


They crave meat.


They would have even done the unimaginable if cannibalism didn’t send their souls to hell’s abyss!


Sauron still remembered when he first entered the game.


Like everyone else he couldn’t believe how atrocious the living conditions were in-game.


There was no shiny armor, no pretty view, and no pushover fight. All there was were death battles decided by an instant, the dirty and chaotic slums, garbage and crap all over the place and there was darkness and evil that existed everywhere. Many had to risk losing their heads for a delicious meal, or even a common-rarity weapon.


The gloom and misery claimed many new players and stimulated them greatly, there was even a time when many paladins appeared among the players.


Their vow was to change this corrupted game world


Except in the end, they were the ones who changed, for they lacked the ability to challenge the laws of a world.


The world wouldn’t be easily changed by anyone!


Every player who enters “Godswar” experiences a period of difficult choices, for in these dark times, unimaginable in this modern era, they would witness things that they wouldn’t even dare imagine!


It might be devious and cruel, or it might be holy and great.


In this virtual world, everyone must choose their path, whether they like it or not.


Because of this, “Godswar” was like another life for many people.




The Graveyard.


This was a place of peace and tranquility.


Since the temple of the Underworld ruler’s daughter is built here, this was the resting place of the dead. Clerics and temple guards defend this place to ensure the souls of the dead remain undisturbed. However not everything could rest here, for a price is required. The Goddess of Wealth once said ‘everything in this world could be priced’.


This was an era of corruption where materialism is mainstream!


Sauron hugged Caesar’s corpse as he silently stood before the temple. When an old cleric appeared before them, he bowed alongside Vivian in respect. At first he had suspicions that he might still be in the game world. When he saw a living, breathing human with its own will and life, he knew that he really came to an actual world.

Moreover after conversing with Vivian, Sauron realised, they have no idea what attributes are!


For some unknown reason, Sauron suddenly remembered a decor-esque magic array under the game pod.


Due to its sinister nature, a lot of people removed it after purchasing said pod.


Sauron was more courageous, so he left it as is. But it seems the gaming company had heard the players’ comments, and thus the sinister decoration was exempted after the first patch


“Are you sure you want to bury him in the graveyard?”


The priest had seen many nobles wishing to bury their pets whom died of age in the graveyards, but never a poor peasant like Sauron.


The clothes they wore and the muck on their feet, nothing disproves their identity as the poorest of peasants.


Sauron bowed slightly and spoke: “yes”


“This is a tribute to the temple for its burial”


He took out a silver dollar (2) and respectfully handed it over. As a natural thief, the skills he learnt on the way were enough for him to make his first income.


As long as he isn’t found out!


It was a shiny silver dollar, a currency created by the believers of the Goddess of Wealth. It’s uses extend to even Hell itself.


The cleric took a closer look at him and pointed his finger at a box on the side: “Perhaps it was a loyal hunting dog.”


“Thus it was worth you doing this.”




“Come with me, it will be granted a resting place.”


Sauron inserted the silver dollar into the box at the temple’s entrance and entered the graveyard behind with Caesar in hand.


A small insignificant corner.


After the two had dug a hole and buried Caesar in the graveyard, tears began to fall once more from Vivian, who was silently in a daze this whole time.




The little girl squatted before the insignificant grave and spoke a few things in a low voice. She stood up with a determined expression, her little hands holding onto one of Sauron’s fingers.


Caesar was but an inconspicuous dog.

It wasn’t qualified for a tombstone and thus it only had a small grave.


In the furthest corner of the graveyard.



(1): 葛洛沙斯 – http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Kurtulmak

(2): 德勒 – Yup, Dollar.


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