Abyss Domination


Chapter 4: Everything Will Be Alright


Some changes from chapter 2:

sneak —> stealth

Faction → Alignment




When Sauron brought Vivian back to the slums, he bought a loaf of black bread as thick as an arm with 3 copper dollars along the way. It was the hard kind of black bread that could be used as a weapon against thieving idiots, dealing 1-3 damage. The peasants ground the rye without shelling them, their crude skills result in wood chips and other weird things being mixed into the bread.Once cooled they become as hard as clubs, and only after slicing them with a knife and soaking them in water are they barely swallowable.


In the past, many who first entered into this world walked life on the edge because they couldn’t stand this food!


That was why a lot of players take their first step into the evil alignment(1).


Sauron was no different.


That’s why he became a thief!


Perhaps it’s because he was now in a more realistic world, or maybe because there’s a young girl by his side, Sauron had displayed a mental fortitude far beyond his initial self. He carefully sliced the bread, soaked it in hot water, and passed it to Vivian in front of him. He took a bit for himself, enduring the texture of sawdust in his mouth and swallowed without complaint.


It’s not like he didn’t have a of making money.


But rather, he knew all too well the consequences of slipping up and be caught!


This isn’t a game, and he’s not a player anymore. In this unknown yet familiar world, he must take responsibility for his actions, even more so for little Vivian by his side. There are many powerful Classed (1) in Amber City, the city guards all have a minimum of lvl 10 militia/lvl 3 warrior template. Unless he strengthens his steal skill to at least 75, there’s a chance he could be caught.


If the thief’s target were nobles they’d be send to prison, and potentially have one of their arms broken.


Despite the lack of salt and the gag-inducing taste of black bread, Vivian ate happily. She’s a young girl that was easily pleased.


That and she was truly famished!


As long as big brother was by her side, everything will be alright.


The pressure accumulated from the past half month had left the little girl extremely tired. Right now all she wants to do is stay by big brother’s side and be a simple, inconspicuous little girl.


“I’m going to buy something delicious for you tomorrow!”


Sauron lightly stroked Vivian’s little head. He bent over and kissed her on the forehead and spoke seriously: “Everything will be alright!”




Vivian nodded lightly.


If there was someone who had her complete and utter trust, that person would be her big brother.


For it was this very big brother that took her under his wing ever since she was three.


Silently protecting her the whole time.


Vivian remembered when she was young, big brother was always covered in bruises. She didn’t know what to do, all she did was cry all day. Big brother would always comfort her despite his swollen face, telling her that everything will be alright.


Soon afterwards they finally had a little home in the chaotic slums,they no longer needed to wander the streets!


Everything will be alright.


As an 8 year old young girl she may not know much, but she knew as long as big brother’s by her side he will always protect her.


How wonderful!


A faint smile appeared on Sauron’s face as he looked at Vivian in a deep sleep on the bed.


She must have been really tired.


It must be an extremely laborious ordeal for a young girl aged eight to get by in the disorderly slums


She probably didn’t have a single good night’s sleep this whole time huh?


Sauron opened up a hidden compartment under the wooden planks, took out a dagger that gleamed dangerously and made a slight sneer.


It’s about time those small fries with the guts to plan a move on Vivian, be sent on their way to hell!




The darkness of night quietly approaches.


The slums was dyed black, lamp fire burns in only a few places.


The Furnace Pub, one of the few pleasures in the slums. One could buy a large mug of watered down low-grade beer here with a single copper dollar. Despite hardly tasting of anything, it’s still a source entertainment, something hard to come by in the slums. There were a few low-hanging shacks at the side. For the price of an additional five copper dollars, one could hook up with a budget prostitute for a cheap thrill. Forget about the face, there was only boobs, asses, and a figure that probably resembles a women.


Outside of the Pub was an eerie, dark alleyway.


Not too many are willing to walk here at night, since that was where shady folks appear.

The slums were filled with such dark alleyways,As the night closes in, most people tend to stay indoors


The Furnace Pub was in an uproar.


There were laborers from the port, gloomy-faced gang members and people from all sorts of sects.


The hot topic of the night was the recent fight between the two gangs. There were also those gloating about how somebody’s gonna have a real bad day daring to plan a move on Vivian now that Sauron’s awake.


After he spoke, the scar-faced, thin man took a quick glance at the corner of the pub.


There sat two men.


Naturally they were the duo Balas and Kapono who planned to sell Vivian to Shusia. One of them walked with a limp, the result of having been bitten by a fierce, old dog the first time they tried to make their move.


“Let’s go.”


Balas looked at the others in the pub with a sulking stare, and said: “Let’s go back for now.”


“There’s gotta be a way to deal with Sauron.”


Kapono emptied the contents in the mug. He was stingy man and didn’t want to waste a single bit.


The pair had already received Shusia’s payment in advance a few days ago, if they couldn’t send Vivian over in due time, they’re going to have people looking for a long chat with them.


There’s no going back now.


Especially when Sauron values his own sister above his own life. If the pair dared make their move on her, he’s definitely not letting them off the hook.


A cold gust of wind blew over.


The pub goers cussed at each other a bit, when they looked back Balas and Kapono had already left.


The moon was overcast.


The pair shivered after leaving the pub. Perhaps it’s because he drank quite a bit, Balas entered an alleyway right after he left, and was about to take a piss on the wall.


This was the slums.


People take their dumps at the corner of alleys all the time, let alone piss.


Balas unbuckled his belt and pissed, and cursed in a northern dialect as he heard the vague moans from the shacks at the side of the pub.


Perhaps it’s because he remembered Sauron’s awakening, his face was very pale.


Suddenly, all the hairs on his back stood up as he saw something move through the shadows in the dark corner of the alleyway.


Before having the chance to finish his business, he reached out towards the dagger at the back of his waist.


But it was too late.


Sauron’s figure popped-up out of nowhere, his figure appeared in the gloom of the shadows, who knows how long he had been lurking there.


A glistening dagger pierced through Balas’s heart!


A hand muffled his mouth, shoving the dying scream back down his throat.



Sauron expressionlessly retracted his dagger and wiped the blood off onto the corpse on the floor.


A roll of data floated before his eyes:


“Shadow sneak success!”


“Backstab activated!”


“Successfully activated Backstab*2, 12 points of damage has been dealt to the target!”


“Target has been slain!”


“Obtaining target spirit energy, obtained 30 slaughter EXP points”




Despite being a mere lvl 1 thief, he can still deal double assassination damage when he activates backstab.


An ordinary peasant only had 5 HP.


Even with Sauron’s 15 Constitution, he only had 12HP after he classed-up into a lvl 1 thief. He was more than capable of insta-killing a mere thug from the slums.


Unless matched with another Classed(2), Sauron could assassinate the target with ease.


The sounds from the alleyway startled Kapono. He couldn’t help but shudder, and shouted “Balas?”


No response.


After thinking for a bit, he decided to carefully creep in closer, to see what Balas was up too.


If something wasn’t right, he’d hightail immediately!


A figure bowed down and kicked the floor, shooting out of the alleyway.(EN: haha Naruto run) Sauron’s 19 agility allowed him to bound up to the roof of a 1-story building without any help. He leaped like a hunting leopard, choking Kapono in an instant. The momentum slammed him onto the floor, and with a flick, a dagger sliced open his throat and stabbed right into his heart.


Sauron held the target tightly until the corpse stopped twitching. Only then did he stood up.


He was covered in bloodstains.


He frowned as he examined himself. He searched out a small bag of cash from the corpse, and sheathed his dagger.


There wasn’t much on the two thugs, just five silver dollars and twenty something copper dollar. There was even a bag of low-grade poison on Balas, probably to deal with Caesar.


“About the equivalent of a lvl 1 adventurer.”


Sauron looked at his palm as his figure gradually melted into the shadows, heading back to where he came.


This was the thief’s stealth ability.


To blend into the shadows with its powers, Sauron had allocated all his skill points onto stealth before he came. 45 points of stealth allowed one to blur into the shadows, disappearing  from the eyes of most ordinary people. 100 points of stealth even allows one to melt seamlessly into the shadows, revealing absolutely no trace of their presence. 150 points of stealth had an invisibility spell kind of effect, you wouldn’t even notice them even if they stood before you.


And from 200 points of stealth on, a thief can vanish completely even without the use of shadows.


The Furnace Pub was boisterous as ever.


People only noticed two corpses in the alleyway when a certain drunk came out, cold to the touch.


Nobody will care, nor will they investigate.


This was the slums, things like murder was a common occurrence.


Somebody will collect their corpses tomorrow.



(1): http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Alignment, in Sauron’s case it’s lawful evil.

(2): 职业者 – Folks like rogues, warriors, clerics, and whatnots. Had no better way to name them.


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