Chapter 1


Heavy winds from the sea were trying to break the bridge with whirring noises. Raindrops disappeared beneath the dark waters in waves. The place was an eight-lane bridge connecting an island and the mainland that was not open yet. About six men were rolling there.

At the railing, a man in a suit was strangling another man. The name of the one being strangled was Huiwoo Kim.

Raindrops fell on his face.


“I compliment you on beating my subordinates, but this ends now. You were too foolhardy. I may keep you alive if you say you will quit.”


The man in the black suit’s voice was deadly.


“And if I lie?”


Huiwoo pretended cockiness, but the man in the suit was impassive.


“I don’t care about what a broken man can do.”


Huiwoo started laughing at those words.


“Get out. No matter how powerful, people should be punished the same.”
“Then, die.”

The man increased his hold on Huiwoo’s throat.


“I will remember you as a just and passionate prosecutor, but the world will know you as a corrupt one who committed suicide under drug influence.”
“You lie!”

Huiwoo used his back as a support to lift his legs in the air and wrap them in the man’s arms. He used a flying armbar move, and the main in the suit grunted in pain.


“How do you like your elbow smashed?”


However, the man in the suit was holding on.


“Hey, you can summon a lawyer and have the right to remain silent. Your words may be used against you…”


The man tried to twist himself out, which would mean his arm would be completely broken.


“Hey, wait!”


However, the man did it anyway with a cracking sound that spoke of what had happened.


“Crazy bastard!”


Huiwoo’s eyes widened as the man punched him in the head. His hair fluttered in the wind.

Huiwoo fell to the ground as the man pulverized his face. Blood splattered, and flesh was torn. His cheekbones were broken, and Huiwoo’s eyes rolled up as he went limp.

The man in the black suit placed Huiwoo’s body on the railing as he took out a cigarette. He took a breath in before calling someone.


“It is done, and your orders will be followed.”


The man took out a syringe from his pocket and injected the liquid into Huiwoo’s arm. The mixture was a cocktail of alcohol and methamphetamine, which would show up in the autopsy. He threw the body into the sea and stared at the spot Huiwoo’s corpse fell for a while.


“What is going on?”


Huiwoo was standing on the other side of the bridge. He remembered being severely beaten by the man in the suit but could not fathom why he was standing upright. What was more, while it was still raining, the man was not moving like a mannequin. Huiwoo went up towards the man to check, and the man was still frozen in time.


“Did you calm down?”

It was then Huiwoo heard a woman’s voice, and he stepped backward when he saw her. She was coming up to him, floating in the air. She had long black hair, deep sultry eyes, and alabaster skin. Huiwoo noticed that her skin glowed in a holy manner. She wore a leather outfit that showed her curves, and the raindrops intensified her beauty.

She walked up to Huiwoo and blinked.




Huiwoo stepped back.


“Are you a ghost?”

The woman smiled at his words.


“You’re the ghost.”

“I said, you’re the ghost.”

Huiwoo touched his shoulder and spoke sharply.


“What are you talking about?!”
“Then, what do you think is happening to you? Can’t you see that this is the afterlife?”


The woman waved her hand. The sky turned bright before growing dark again.



“Am I dead?”


The woman nodded with a smile.



“Are you a grim reaper?”

“Also, yes.”


Huiwoo smiled awkwardly and sat on the ground. The woman spoke in a nonchalant voice.


“Don’t act like you’re the only one with a sad tale.”

He looked up at the sky to see the rain clouds still pouring down raindrops onto the ground.




The woman did not care for Huiwoo’s mood as she raised her hand to summon a tablet PC.


“Your name?”


Huiwoo raised his head to look at her.


“Do you use such items in the other world?”

“It’s the 21st century.”


“I just want your name.”

“Huiwoo Kim.”


“Someday in 1980.”


The woman floated up to Huiwoo from the railing at hearing his vague information.


“Let’s check with your fingerprints.”


She pressed Huiwoo’s right thumb on the table PC screen, and a mechanical voice said his identity was authenticated. She went back to the railing after that, but her face grew dark after reading the information shown.


“You’ve been murdered while investigating Prime Minister Taesup Cho?”

“Your PC tells you that?”


She turned her gaze towards Huiwoo.


“Just answer my question.”

Her cheery voice now grew heavy. Huiwoo shrugged.


“I was not murdered during the investigation.”

“I got murdered just before I could place him in prison.”

The woman still stared at Huiwoo, and again raised her hand to summon a big screen this time.


“Let’s review your life quickly.”


Huiwoo was now done with being surprised, and he looked at his life like it was a movie. The screen showed his childhood and he remembered being bullied. He was bullied for being poor during elementary school and being dirty during middle school. He sighed as he stared at the screen.


“I really was beaten up a lot.”

His parents worked the night shift in a factory and had been the victims of a hit-and-run in the early morning. The culprit had not been found. Huiwoo remembered being beaten up at school for having no parents when he returned after the funeral.

Huiwoo’s smile was empty as the woman focused on the screen. He spoke up.


“Sometimes, they were creative. They fed me cockroaches, saying that they would give me protein.”

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