Cast of characters

Eliza Kaldia Einsbark – Born on 1/6, Year 606 of the Holy Arxian Calendar
The main character of this story. In her previous life, she had played a medieval European fantasy otome game that’s become the setting of this story, and she’s reincarnated as a villainous noble girl character in the game, but her life is taking an unexpected direction.

Orville Kaldia – Born in Year 579, died age 29 in Year 608
Eliza’s father, and the former domain lord of Kaldia. A madman that drove his own domain to poverty.

Earl Terejia / Siegmund Terejia – Born on 2/22, Year 539
An elderly noble sent by the royal capital to be Eliza’s guardian. A former priest noble without his own lands.

Kamil Novak – Older than Eliza by 6-9 years, born in fall
A young man in service to Eliza. His father had been a major merchant from another country. Calls Eliza “Charlie” for some unknown reason.

A draconis that Eliza is raising.

Mrs. Galton / Kerry Sakir Galton – in her early 30s
A nanny hired by Earl Terejia. From the area of Greenfield, she has some unique views on femininity.

Mrs. Marshan / Regina Florence Marshan – in her upper 20s
Eliza’s governess hired by Earl Terejia.

Gunther Pavel – Born in Year 586
A young soldier in the Kaldia domain’s army. Eliza’s sword and spear instructor. As a former bandit, his mouth is quite foul.

Marquis Rittergau / Radian Terejia Rittergau
Earl Terejia’s older brother, the head of the Terejia family. The prime minister of Arxia.

Priest Faris
A high-ranking priest that is acquainted with Earl Terejia.

Elise Sherstok – Born in Year 603
A sickly girl that’s staying in Kaldia to recuperate. Baron Sherstok’s daughter.

Bellway Musser – Born in Year 588
Earl Terejia’s secretary.

Elise Sherstok’s maid.

Elise Cherstoka / Ratoka
A child under the protection of Eliza. He’s slightly older than Eliza.

Claudia Rolentsor – Born 12/7, Year 596
A girl that’s staying in Kaldia as one of Eliza’s companions. As a member of the Rolentsor family, she excels in martial arts. Is absolutely terrible at remembering names.

Margrave Molton – Born in Year 590
The lord of the Molton domain. A silver-haired handsome young man. Has a son the same age as Eliza. He dotes on his son, and loves children.

Mrs. Hortensia
A nanny hired by Earl Terejia. Has a difficult to grasp personality.

Paulo Levski
A cavalry soldier in training belonging to the Kaldia domain’s army. Is agile and courageous.

Ergnade Einsbark – Born in Year 588
The leader of the 1st Cavalry Platoon at Fort Jugfena. A young leader close to Gunther’s age. Earl Einsbark’s third son.

Earl Einsbark
In charge of the Jugfena royal domain as well as the highest-ranking commander at Fort Jugfena. A knight in the prime of life.

Volmar Einsbark
The leader of the cavalry troops at Fort Jugfena. Earl Einsbark’s eldest son.

Wiegraf Einsbark
The military strategist of the cavalry troops at Fort Jugfena. Earl Einsbark’s second son. Is skinny like his mother.

Teomer Terit – older than Eliza by 15-20 years
The young leader of the Shiru tribe. In charge of the Shiru warriors.

Tira – about Eliza’s age
A Shiru girl. She has a very caring personality, and became Elise’s playmate.

Reka – about Eliza’s age
A farmer boy that’s a new member of Eliza’s domain. He became Elise’s playmate.

Athrun – about Eliza’s age
A Shiru boy. Since his father wasn’t a member of the Shiru tribe, he has a complex about not being able to become a Shiru warrior. He became Elise’s playmate, and also joined the Kaldia army.

Viscount Rogshia
A domain lord in the Greenfield region. Dotes on his only daughter Feria.

Feria Rogshia – Born in Year 600
Viscount Rogshia’s only daughter. The fiancee of Viscount Ogren’s son.

Viscount Ogren
A domain lord in the north of Arxia. Marquis Nordsturm’s relative. He requested Eliza through the church to help him resolve the problems with his son’s engagement to Feria Rogshia.

Cornell Freche – Born in Year 599
The third son of Earl Freche. A childhood friend of both Feria and her fiance.

A terrorist member of the western church Alfena that entered Arxia. She has the mysterious power to manipulate monsters.

Melchior Nordsturm – Born in Year 591
A man who looks exactly like Orville Kaldia. Currently using the Nordsturm family name.

Marquis Nordsturm
A powerful noble that’s the leader of the northern nobles.

Alfred Teal Arxia – Same age as Eliza
The second prince of Arxia Kingdom, as well as the crown prince. A capture target from the otome game.

Zephyr Molton – Same age as Eliza
Margrave Molton’s oldest son, and Eliza’s friend. Greatly resembles his father.

Lucius Molton – One year younger than Eliza
Margrave Molton’s second son.

Sieghart Rolentsor – Eliza’s age
The main Rolentsor family’s eldest son, and part of Prince Alfred’s retinue. A capture target from the otome game.

Eric Teal Dovadain – Eliza’s age
The second son of Archduke Dovadain, the king’s younger brother. Part of Prince Alfred’s retinue. His mother was a concubine, but he’s treated equally to the eldest son. A capture target from the otome game.

Grays Teal Dovadain – Eliza’s age
Archduke Dovadain’s eldest son, and part of Prince Alfred’s retinue. A capture target from the otome game.

A one-legged boy. A Rindarl slave from the former ruined country of Nazric. One of the children captured at the Jugfena fortress.

A slender, petite girl. One of the children captured at the Jugfena fortress.

A female draconis that’s together with Rashiok.

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