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The budding spring at Kaldia Domain – 11



It was by the time when the snow has melted and wild flowers has started to bud when Claudia’s brother, Nathanael, arrived at Kaldia.



After some greetings, I escort him to the village of the new citizens, which can also be seen from the current domain lord’s mansion we were in.


After a while of walking on a suddenly vibrant street while being followed by curious gazes from the citizens,


“…….Hmm, I see. So this is the village that the people from Artolas made. Still, I can’t believe that such  splendid village can be establish in just a few years….., it’s truly amazing”




Nathanael stated as he looked back at the road we just passed with fascination.



“Indeed, it’s one of the things Kaldia is proud of. Because despite of being unaccustomed to their new environment, everyone still did such a great job.”



I nodded with a hint of embarrassment.


In order to retain my composure, I put all efforts to ignore the fact that a girl who was weeding the field on our side suddenly stood up and run elsewhere. Ugh…. I’m sure this will spread all over the village now that I’ve been heard….



“I heard that many of the excellent troops of Kaldia helped with the construction, is that true?”



“Hm…. ah, yes. The army was included in most of the construction”



Kaldia’s military was used in developing this village in the first place. After that, soldiers from the Shiru tribe also became part of the construction.


Even now, the military would be the first one to move if there’s any expansion or rebuilding, or even cultivation and irrigation works within the domain. That’s the reason why the construction skills of Kaldia’s army are high.




……Most of the men who came from Artolas belongs to the Shiru tribe. Since people such as the Sellion farmers lives outside the Bandishia plateau, they quickly received Dansel troops attacks. That’s why many men sacrificed themselves in order for the women and children to escape.


This is one of the main reasons why the Shiru tribe remained as the usher for the new citizens, though it’s also partly because of their influence during the time where Artolas still existed.



“It’s a nice village. Not because it has a great view but because its people are all in good shape”




“……Thank you”




I sincerely expressed my gratitude to him who was smiling happily as he let out a praise.



I really think that he is indeed a sincere and outstanding person. It’s not like I was doubting it, since he’s the person that Claudia look up too and completely trust.



Rather, It’s because he’s like that, that’s why I think so.




I cannot predict what will happen to his awaiting duel with Oscar.


Whether he will win, or not.



All I can do is to watch and see for myself.


I can’t help but feel nervous.








“Now then, let’s proceed with the match”



Back in the domain lord’s mansion, after the introduction of Oscar was over, both of us swallowed the urge we’re feeling as Nathanael remove his top as he states those words.


This feeling of exhaustion, it’s completely the same with Claudia. As expected of siblings.



“…… excuse me but, how about having lunch first? you still haven’t taken a rest from walking around the village”




“Ah, there’s no problem. Also, my movements will become dull if I eat so it’s better to finish some light work out first”




Light…… Light? Did I not mention that it’s a duel?




I clearly stated in the letter that it will be a “duel”.


And of course, a duel is a serious match. It doesn’t just have a high risk of injury, there’s also a possibility of death involved.


Above all that, Claudia’s engagement is at stake here. I can’t think of it as some light workout……




While feeling uncertain, Nathanael nonchalantly laughed at me.


I currently have a confused expression on my face, as if wanting to ask what’s so funny


Beside him was Claudia who has the same expression. Upon this, mine and Oscar’s shoulders dropped as we gave in.




“…………I understand. We shall finish that first then. I was thinking of using the courtyard as the ground , is that alright with you?



“Yes, of course. It won’t take long so no need to worry.”



I saw Oscar as he casually wrap around my back. The sword he was holding furiously shakes as  he grips on it.


Well, It does sound like he’s being looked down upon. It’s the same as saying “ Fighting with someone like you won’t take long”



But probably, no, surely Nathanael didn’t mean any harm.  don’t feel like he’s looking down on him.


……I’m sure that Nathanael is also aware of their difference in strength since Claudia guaranteed his way of making prediction and it’s accuracy



Although I didn’t think that he was the kind of person that difference to his opponent, even though he doesn’t mean it


Just what in the world is he thinking……?




My stomach started to get heavy as I feel more and more nervous. When I was about to unconsciously wrap my hands around it



…………I noticed Claudia who’s currently preparing her spear and gauntlet. The hands that were about to wrap to my stomach almost held my head instead.




“……um, Claudia…… What are you doing?”



“Hm? What do you mean?”




“Uh……. Why are you picking up your weapon even though we’re about to begin their duel?”




“…………?Why, you ask? Aren’t Oscar and I going to duel with my brother together?”











Wait a minute.


What did she say?


It’s my first time hearing that.




Look. Oscar, who probably feels the same way as I do, looks completely drained!


Even though the duel is about to begin, what are you gonna do about this!?


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