Chapter 238 Not even a skirmish

I expressed agitation only for a moment but immediately forced it in.


That man just glared, with disappointment in his face, standing across the three other men.

Why? Why here, at this time? Why show up now?

While my head tried to calmly read his thoughts, the bottoms of my stomach were burning up with emotions.


—-You have some guts, appearing in front of me carelessly.

Diferis. How can one forgive someone who cooperated and worked alongside that woman?


As if he did not care the slightest about the nobles making a commotion surrounding them, Melchior looked around the hall.

And then, suddenly fixating his glance this way, he wore a slight grin and looked slightly doubtful.

………That strange atmosphere eerily resembles my father’s, which still remains in my memories. He even looks of the same age, making the unpleasant feeling even worse.


“Is that the one which came up in the talks four years ago?”




I answered Weigraf by moving my lips as little as I could.

I shared the knowledge of Melchios’ existence at the Jugnefa Three Territory meeting. Other than that, I also reported to Count Terejia but he didn’t make it public.

On top of that, it was during the time when the Kaldia territory was unstable. If possible, I wanted to bury his existence itself…


“What will you do?”


The next question was from Count Einsbark.

Not only am I grateful to them for hiding my agitation from the public eye there, knowing that he still wants to support me made my heart a bit lighter.

They are being cordial. Well, of course, they also wouldn’t want me getting dragged into anything bothersome as I am adopting Ergnade’s son.



I was scolded by Ratoka for this way of thinking.

This is… kindness. I should just accept it, without being uncooperative.


“…..Thank you for your consideration.”


Even though the situation is like this, I was also surprised at how soft my voice came out.

I panickedly focused my energy again, thinking that it sounded a bit too lax. Since I didn’t know what Melchios and Nordstrum were planning, it wouldn’t be a good move to let loose.

After all, Melchios has that appearance. Just by being there, he can drag me in as someone related to the incident.


“About that man… it is vexing but, we know nothing.”


“Nothing, eh?”


“Yes. His status is officially under Nordstrum. Now that they have concealed that incident, we can’t interfere, can we?”


“Right. However, if that’s the case, you alone will have to deal with all the troublesome stuff from now on. Will you be okay?”


Even Volmar’s muttering easened the burden on my heart.

Even though I have such little connection with him. Really, just how much will they accept me?


“There’s no need for us to flinch.”


And that is why, I must have them rest easy.

Saying that in my usual demeanor, I came out of hiding behind their back.


I noticed Melchios’ eyes open a bit wider. Unfortunately, I haven’t been brought up that poorly to be shocked that easily by such a surprise attack.


“….Even if that man were the Kaldia family’s illegitimate child, what can he possibly say to me, the current head of Kaldia Einsbark family?”


And when I smirked, saying that, the 3 from Einsbark family also smiled.


“I see, certainly, that is something you have won yourself.”


“His Majesty has given me this honorable full name. It would be disrespectful to have my illegitimate brother call himself that.”


“In the first place, most of the property belonging to the Kaldia territory now are the assets you won in the battles yourself. Even if it were your actual brother, there’s no way he could inherit any of it.”


In response to their rapid succession of positive comments, I couldn’t help but give a wry smile. Their daring smiles… no, our daring smiles–must have looked quite arrogant.


When looked at it like this, they might actually suit being my relatives just fine.


Maybe seeing how little I reacted, the hall’s commotion also died down.

It seems Melchios was also planning to just observe this time as he immediately withdrew to an anteroom.


Now then…… This has turned into a situation where I have to make a move. I should be getting over these situations with ease too.

Since he has shown himself here, it will turn into a game of balance between the nobles. The people supporting him are either people who still think of me as someone from the dishonorable Kaldia or that I am not suited to be the landlord and the head of the family since I am a woman and still a minor.


As I pondered there with cold thoughts going through my head and acted like nothing happened, I could feel nostalgic, stabbing glances from the surrounding.

Ah. Right, as I thought, I am more used to this.

Having them think of me as weird is better than having to shoulder too much.


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