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Akuya 241

Blood Relative Problem

After returning to the dormitory, the first thing I did was send out a few pigeons.

And then, Mrs. Heideman brought me up to date on Emilia’s etiquette lessons over the time I was away. I sent the revised education programme to Marquis Rittergau to approve and then called Ratoka after dismissing everyone from the room.


Ratoka, who was desperately dealing with Mrs. Marshan’s matter which was brought by Oscar and the others, entered the room. He looked tired and asked ‘what is it?’ with a weird expression.


I was at a loss for words for a moment.

I wasn’t sure how to bring this up.


Even though I had gotten used to the unpleasantness of my blood relatives, I realized at this point that maybe Ratoka had not.


“Ah…… Um, calm down and listen to me. It’s about the person who might be your father…”


At the end, I ended up saying it with a deep tone.


“…….ha? ………………………Eh, ha?”


He looked like a half-asleep cat who had just slipped from a high place.






Finding Ratoka’s blood relatives was one of the things I entrusted to Oscar in secret.

He doesn’t resemble Melchior much but there is enough similarity to pass it off as a substitute. Although the tone details are different, the hair and eye color are the same–hair color aside, red eyes are quite rare.


“Orville Kaldia–my father, was attached to his blood relatives… especially the ones who looked similar to him. He isn’t the type of man to abandon you if he knew about you nor the woman who gave birth to you.


Ratoka shook his head as if he felt sick.

I guess it is only the natural reaction from being told that there is a high chance that the previous landlord who traumatized him when he was young is his grandfather.

It wouldn’t have been strange even if he lost his composure. Well, I decided to tell him about it because I didn’t think he would lose his composure.


………Although it might have been bad telling him about my birth. Well, I guess it would have been a hideous subject no matter how I went about it.


“You didn’t look too alike when you were young. The reason why you started looking alike as you grew up is… well, because you’re a guy.”


“Don’t you think that is contradicting with my looks?”


It seems that he was doing surprisingly fine since he replied impertinently.


“However, after knowing about Melchior’s existence, I think the possibility should not be ignored. And so, I had Oscar investigate where your mother had been sent for ‘work’ but…”


“Oi, don’t leave me hanging.”


“Well, our primary form of information collection was interviewing so it took quite a while before the burden on the people lightened but…”


As I continued with a serious tone, I could see his eyes become still.


……Seems like he is… okay, eh?

We have sure gotten strong, huh?


“–I don’t know how Melchior will recognize you. To begin with, it’s unclear if he even wanted to have you. However, going forward, you might encounter him.”


“Yeah, I understand.”


Ratoka slightly nodded.

He nodded so easily… does he really understand?

Just when I was about to give him the look, his expression changed to a serious one and he continued.


“He’s your enemy for the time being, right? If so, then he’s my enemy as well. And that’s fine.”


He finished saying as if it was only natural.


“I see.”


Well then, the talk is over with that.

Just when I was about to say that, I suddenly realized that there was something I still hadn’t discussed.


“Ah, that reminds me, this kind of confirms that you’re my nephew but–do you want to take on the Kaldia name?”




“What, you didn’t think of it?”


Ratoka froze for a few seconds with his mouth half open.

Then, after blinking a few times, he said ‘that means…’ in a low voice.


“…..If that’s so…… I am……”



It seems this was more shocking to him than the fact that he has Orville’s blood in him.

His mouth opened and then close again. I could see that he was slightly shaking.


“I am…… in form, your…… adopted child then……?”


“Yeah, I guess that’s how it would be. With a bit meddling with the age, it will be like you’re my adopted child and nephew.”


“……I, absolutely, refuse—!!!”


Ratoka roared and then smiled a little.

We are both still childish in these aspects, huh?





“…Oscar. Leave the adoption papers I arranged for another year.”




Seeing off Ratoka as he went back to his task, I gave a small instruction to Oscar who came in later.

It might be necessary later. And it also might not be necessary. Well, I don’t really mind either way. It would be a little inconvenient not having a double but that’s about it.

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