I Reincarnated As A Noble Girl Villainess But Why Did It Turn Out This Way? – 246

Part 4 “Appropriation” – Introduction

Chapter 1

Episode 24 Announcing the Tasks



About two months had passed since Elise and the other two started their roles as Emilia’s teachers.


Along with the schedule for this year’s advent ceremony, the selection of Shanaku Priestess was announced. That night, the priests of the Shanaku Temple informed Emilia of her first task for the election.


Basically, the candidates were still a secret, but I was informed as well, probably because I was living with her as her guard. It might also have had something to do with the fact that I had been entrusted with her education. Though the reason wasn’t clearly stated.



Apparently some candidates would begin their participation starting from the first task, while others will start from the second task. It seemed that those among the people selected by the academy who had been recommended by a priest or the queen would be exempt from doing the first task.


In the game, I felt that Emilia would be starting her participation from the second task. Though I also felt that she could start from the first task under certain circumstances. The subjects from the second year and third year might be different. To put it simply, I didn’t quite remember how it went down in the game.



At any rate, the first task was set to begin after two months.


The subject was singing, but it wasn’t just about the act of singing itself.


Candidates would be required to create a melody complete with sheet music, and prepare all necessary accompaniment instruments and their players, as well as arranging for the costumes for the day.


Accompaniment instruments could be rented from the temple. Candidates would need to apply for them at least half a month in advance.


Players for those instruments could be nominated not later than a month before the first task. Candidates would need to prepare their costumes as well.


Candidates would be provided cloths and threads for confectioning their costumes. They were to tailor the costumes themselves into an adequate shape.


There were other small rules regarding how songs should be created.



Was this something someone could achieve in only two months? All while being able to juggle through their everyday lectures and assignments?


It was a lot of work. It felt pretty rough.





“We seem to be given less assignments than other years.”



Then, as she quickly asked for Elise’s help with scheduling, she confirmed the details of the task, and replied…



“Costume production is a task that would usually be combined with tea ceremonies, but since it’s rare that cloth and thread are being handed out for this… We’ll discuss the elements that constitute a tea ceremony task when we go over other tasks. I think that the reason it’s done this way is because candidates are expected to prepare the costumes for the players of the accompaniment instruments, which means that the combination of men’s and women’s clothes is being tested in this task.”



“Do the candidates themselves have to think about the design and do the actual tailoring?”



“No. Normally, you could have the seamstresses who live in the dormitory make them for you. But if they’re not around, then you’d have to fend for yourself.”



It was only during very special cases that the seamstresses weren’t around.


Dresses were part of the specific dress code set for the academy’s female students. Even though they wouldn’t be as big as those used at evening parties, seamstresses still needed to be there to help students with any adjustments on their everyday clothing, and with decorations such as corsages.



“…In other words, Lady Emilia will have to do them all by herself, huh?”



Emilia didn’t have a personal seamstress. There is no Emilia seamstress. For the convenience of escort, such work could not be left to the servants who supervised Mrs. Heidemann, so it was left to Tira instead.


However, Tira was also working as a maid for both me and Emilia, and had no time to tailor clothes.



“But Lady Emilia has to put lots of effort into the song. You can talk to the master musician about the arrangement, but she will still basically have to think about the composition and lyrics.”



“So that’s the main idea, right? They’re measuring how much time you spend on which aspect of a particular task.”



Saying “Yes”, Elise nodded and covered her cheeks with her hands as if she was embarrassed. Even though they were thin and delicate, her lady-like fingertips were sinking softly into her cheeks.



“The degree of perfection of the performance is important, but what is valued is what kind of songs are made and how they are sung. Fortunately, it seems that the young lady is fairly enthusiastic about musical compositions, so we kind of know where to start.”



“Her interests in musical compositions…”



For Emilia, that could be either anThat could be both her forte and her weakness.


If she were to compose something in a style that was too unfamiliar to those of Arkshia, she could come across as eccentric, rude and illiterate. However, her composition could be made to fit into Arkshia’s style, it could evoke a sense of creativity.



“If we think about this normally, it could be a disadvantage…”



“That’s right. That’s why, in order to save time, we’re going to give up on the search for an accompanist.”






Elise’s words came without any hesitation.



“The accompanist for the duchess. I think that the number of students who would agree to take that position is quite limited.”



That was certainly true. At the very least, the children of the earl’s family would be a good match. IAt least the children of the Count family can be said to be in balance. Ideally, the crown prince would be desirable for the role. Or any of the two archdukes. So, what was the plan then…?



“Lady Eliza. There is someone among Lady Emilia’s collaborators who has the highest status in the school next to the crown prince, right?”



A broad grin appeared on Elise’s face. Realizing what she was trying to say made me blink twice.









It seemed that Elise could also see that I hadn’t thought about that possibility in the slightest, and so I couldn’t do anything but feel like running away as I stared at her sarcastic smile.

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