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I Reincarnated as a Noble Girl Villainess But Why Did It Turn Out This Way? – 248


Part 4 “Appropriation” – Introduction


Chapter 1


Episode 26 Exciting January


Far from helping me, I ended up just playing with them, and that didn’t help me compose the song…


I was reflecting so the next day.


It seems that Emilia grasped the image of composing music from that duet, and she announced that she had a prototype of the song.


The song she made us hear wasn’t as sad as it was yesterday, it was a nostalgic melody in some way, and a beautiful pain remained.


I had a feeling I had heard that one in some places before. The sequence of chords I played is being used.


I wonder if imaginativeness is important for creative work? Well, I was relieved I didn’t ruin their efforts.


However, the song is too monotonous as it is, so we should better arrange it.


I decided to leave the support to Rachel, who has deep knowledge of both, court music and temple music, and Elise who has experience as a final candidate as a priestess.


I am no longer useful in composing music, so I decided to work on attire making in place of Rachel.


Julia was commanding the attire production.


She is familiar with a lot of garments, and she seems to have collected a number of designs in just a few days. Around here, I’m glad the low-rank aristocrat Elise as well as Rachel from the duke’s house don’t communicate with each other.


… … About me? The basic designs for knight apparel are two, one for summer and another one for winter. There is a tailor who is helping me but I no longer need the attire maker that much.


Those are made of the collected items and further selection and combination of designs and motifs.

I used to leave it to Julia, but I had more knowledge about Rindarl’s peculiar dyeing and weaving, so I asked Emilia and we decided about the final details.


And then there is the work of the seamstress. I hired Yuria and Rachel, each for their own specialty so that once the song is finished, I will have reunited all the people with needlework knowledge.


Then, when half of the deadline had passed, a carriage from the Cardia territory showed up. Oscar received them and Mr. Marshan and Vanita came with their luggage.


Mrs. Marshan had been consulting with Emilia’s governesses for some time, and she was supposed to call her to the dormitory as soon as her grooming of capable people in the territory had been completed. She got here ahead of schedule as Emilia was getting out of hand with her curriculum after becoming a shrine maiden candidate.


“Thank you, Oscar. I’ve been waiting for your arrival, Mrs. Marshan.”


“You haven’t changed a bit, Lady Eliza.”


I’ve had a lot of work as a civil official for the last few years, so I haven’t seen Mrs. Marshan as a tutor for the first time in a while.


As she got off her carriage, I thought that perhaps she had been excited about the idea of being a tutor to an archduchess, since she had dressed about thirty percent more elegantly than usual.


“I’d like to say that I’ve been well and all… But I’ve been doing as well as I could. Could I leave the academic aspects of Her Highness the Archduchess’ grooming to you?”


“Yes, of course. That’s why I’m here. And since Elise had taken more time than expected around this topic earlier, I’ll be overseeing how you all little dears are doing as well.”


Though her face didn’t change a bit, I could still hear Ratoka let out a faint groan as she lifted some of Mrs. Marshan’s luggage.


It seemed that the Madam and Bellway were both aware that she would be hard to deal with.


After Mrs. Marshan got off her carriage, another person, who turned out to be Vanita, came out of the carriage as well. He had replaced his old wooden prosthetic leg for something that he could wear a shoe on, and was dressed in a brand new outfit that was exactly the same as Reka’s.


“Since he has completed his basic education, he’s been brought along so he can learn good manners as an apprentice.”

I nodded in response to Oscar’s report. With our current lack of manpower, having as many apprentices as we could would be very helpful.


Still, only one person? I was sure Bellway said that Mrs. Marshan would be bringing three apprentices along with her…


“Bellway has determined that the other two are not yet educated enough to enter the royal capital.”


“…I see.”


My question was answered before I could even ask it.


But if Bellway said so, there was no helping it. We’ll have to wait patiently for them to be ready.


“Lady Eliza, starting from today, I’ll be by your side as an apprentice. I hope I can learn a lot from you.”


Though his Arcsian was still rather terrible, other than that, Vanita’s greeting was executed at the precise time it was supposed to, and it was very well done.


“For the time being, work with Reka together as you learn how to work as a chamberlain. Assist Mrs. Marshan with her homely needs.”


“Yes, understood.”


His bow was particularly beautiful. His movements were so light and natural that it almost made me forget he even had a prosthetic leg.


“I have high hopes for you. But… ah, don’t push yourself too hard.”


My heart couldn’t be at ease knowing that there was no one else in here who had to suffer being in the same painful position as him.


I had added that last bit with that concern in my mind, but I could see out of the corner of my eye that Ratoka’s face turned into a surprised expression before she turned her face away.


…What’s up with that reaction?


Completely puzzled, I turned towards Oscar, who was standing next to me. He looked down with a dumbfounded look on his face.


Then I looked at Mrs. Marshan, whose mouth was wide open as she stared at my face as if someone had poured a bucket of goo all over my head.

“…Did I say something strange?”


Those words seemed to have made them all realize that their disappointment was being evident, since they all immediately came back to life as if nothing had happened.


Only Vanita was looking around everywhere with a blank look on his face, but the sharp boy said nothing about it and went on his way carrying Mrs. Marshan’s luggage to her room.


I shook my head as if flicking a switch.


One month left until the announcement of the first lesson. Starting tomorrow, I will have to practice accompaniment while Emilia takes lessons with Mrs. Marshan.


I shouldn’t have much of a problem keeping up the standards of the aristocratic culture while playing the keyboard instrument but… Thinking about the musical score that would be handed to me made me feel a little anxious.


After all, it would be a song made by the archduchess and prepared by the duke’s daughter.


I couldn’t help but hope it wasn’t a difficult song.

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