Chapter split into three(3) pages. Decided against changing the chapter numbers, not worth the trouble. Will get a lot of complaints haha. Chapter was done earlier than planned, a very competent translator I might say, but I won’t have any chapters out until next month while I interview two possible new translators. Magi Craft Meister will also only have one chapter next week as I had to pull the translator to get this one out and some other work behind the scene due to personal changes.




Akuyaku Tensei

Chapter 208 – Kaldia’s Budding Spring Part 4


Oscar, eh? — Upon hearing the name, I recalled that I did think he was the perfect match but, now that I think about it properly, he too has his bothersome circumstances.

After lunch with Claudia, I went straight to catch Oscar and confirm his situation, or more precisely, the Terejia family’s situation.



Oscar, who I had officially appointed as the landlord’s assistance when I had entered the Gakushuuin, had always been working here and there.

He has been doing all sorts of work like handling the papers which I approve and Ratoka sorts, having discu.…………………..Continue Reading

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