Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta Chapter 212

Dark Theme




Chapter split into three(3) pages

Kaldia’s Budding Spring – Part Eight


“Uuuh… Right, that’s it. Gunther, there’s something I wanted to ask you…”

With both hands around the now moving snow snake that had sprung from the bag, I decided to resume the conversation.

He would probably want to understand the bizarreness of the situation as soon as he could. Gunther responded in the positive, with a small ‘Sure’ and a nod. Wishing to avoid beating around the bush any further, I decided to cut straight to the point.

“Thing is, someone handed in a marriage certificate with your name and Nadje’s inside.”


At that moment, Gunther’s voice and tone had gone soft and low. I could see both Nadje and the village chief twitch back a bit as they restlessly peeked over to Gunther.

Just as I was about to warn him that it was best not to make expressions that dangerous, Rashiok’s head – its owner still fixated on the snow snake – grazed against my side, and my back became recipient to the thrashings of a rather long tail. It eased the atmosphere a bit, admittedly…..Continue Reading


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