Kaldia’s Budding Spring – Part Ten


Gunther and Nadje finished their talk at about the same time we finished eating and tidying up.
While Nadje was very embarrassed, Gunther unsuccessfully hid his own embarrassment behind a frown. A tall man came together with them and apologetically bowed to me.

“It was not done with bad intentions.” He said.

“It is no worry, rather, did you reach an agreement? What should be done about the marriage registration?” I replied.

“About that… They just sanctioned it.”

“Oh… Ahn… Congratulations on your marriage Gunther.”

It took me a while to reply because it was too much to take at once, I didn’t expect them to accept it.

Gunther curtly replied with a “Hmph.” and then, as if he couldn’t hold back any longer, began to briefly explain the circumstances. The tall man occasionally opened his mouth to supplement a few parts of the story, apparently he is Nadje’s father…..Continue Reading

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