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The budding spring at Kaldia Domain – 11



It was by the time when the snow has melted and wild flowers has started to bud when Claudia’s brother, Nathanael, arrived at Kaldia.



After some greetings, I escort him to the village of the new citizens, which can also be seen from the current domain lord’s mansion we were in.


After a while of walking on a suddenly vibrant street while being followed by curious gazes from the citizens,


“…….Hmm, I see. So this is the village that the people from Artolas made. Still, I can’t believe that such  splendid village can be establish in just a few years….., it’s truly amazing”




Nathanael stated as he looked back at the road we just passed with fascination.



“Indeed, it’s one of the things Kaldia is proud of. Because despite of being unaccustomed to their new environment, everyone still did such a great job.”



I nodded with a hint of embarrassment.


In order to retain my composure, I put all efforts to ignore the fact that a girl who was weeding the field on our side suddenly stood up and run elsewhere. Ugh…. I’m sure this will spread all over the village now that I’ve been heard….



“I heard that many of the excellent troops of Kaldia helped with the construction, is that true?”…Continue Reading

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