How much should an average person have accomplished after 26 years?



My friend is currently 26. A few months ago, he had a massive cardiac event (read: heart attack). After giving a speech at a wedding rehearsal, he slumped over, unconscious. The trauma crippled him physically for a moment, and the lack of oxygen essentially short circuited his brain. He spent several days in a coma.

I have another friend (wow, Todd, two friends?). By the time he was 26, he’d sold an eCommerce business and was well on his way to building a company which would become London’s largest IPO. He’s connected with powerful people all over the UK, vacations to swanky spots whenever he wants, and is currently building his personal brand to land more speaking engagements.

Now, with those backgrounds, let’s look at each friend’s most recent success:

  • My first friend learned to use a telephone again.
  • My second friend was shortlisted for an “Entrepreneur of the Year” award

Which of these feels more impressive?


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