I saw a pretty dumb review. It showed naivety of how someone believes that a company can run without a CEO as long as you have enough skilled workers.

It is a free country.. no… free internet.

You can say whatever you wish but I am also free to listen or read what I wish.

If you cannot be polite, keep your criticisms to yourself.

Since this website is my private property I am free to limit what is on here.

I am not your employee or your parent.

I do not have to do what you want.

I am tired of dealing with entitled brats.

I am very grateful for Insticator Comments since I do not have to moderate comments anymore, so I do not have to listen to the vitriol either.

What I do on this website is not volunteer work and the ad revenue pays for it.

I do not work for free.

To some who may still be confused, the goal of this website is not readers. It is to get as many novels translated by whatever means necessary. And in the real world that involves paying people: the translators. Hopefully, the authors will get paid too in the future. I consider my relationship with readers to be mutualistic. Although some prefer a parasitic relationship which I am not interested in

I wanted to link to the review but I had reported it previously and Novelupdates seems to have taken it down.

If you have the time to write up verbal attacks on the internet maybe you should be using your time to help with the COVID-19 crisis instead. It needs all the help it can get


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